Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit PM The Louis Vuitton Suhali line costs a pretty penny but appeals to the crowd that loves Louis Vuitton and is not keen on logos. While goat leather is heavy, the simple style of the Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit PM catches the eye. Smooth leather trim with contrast topstitching are perfect alongside golden brass hardware. For those who do not want to carry a heavier handbag, this may not be for you. Because the only option for carrying the bag is with the rolled leather handles, your arm may get tired easily. But it doesn’t mean that this bag is not gorgeous to admire. I would hope for a more luxurious lining, when the price is so high, but this handbag is merely lined with monogrammed textile lining. While I am not willing to shell out my credit card for this handbag, I do love it. Dimensions are 11.8″x 9.8″x 5.2″.

Buy through eLuxury’s exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique for $2320.

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  • my new bag

    Too heavy, too much money, looks good, but so does a postcard.
    Sending one may be better on the piggy bank.

  • Nancy

    I just recieved my new stephen sprouse rose speedy and I also bought the dress debbie harry had at the party but mines is pink. I have so many louis vuitton purses. I have the watercolor collection. I have this winters speedy cube. I also bought some patent leather red flats two weeks ago. I bought my suhali in august at the paris louis vuitton store in champes elyse. I love that store. I also have a speedy 30 that i ordered with my initials on it. Tell me how did you like the murakami collection last year? I bought the jeans instead of the purse. They fit so good. I bought those in the milan store. I am going to take a photo real soon with all of my bags shoes and jewelry. I will email them to you.

  • Linsey

    Wow Nancy, either you are a very stupid yet wealthy person, or you are a very sad poor person who purchases a lot of replica handbags and is very educated on the real thing. Who actually brags about all of the Louis Vuitton bags they own? Like, OMG I totally have the Mini Lin Speedy in black and gray and white and gold and I even had the company produce them in colors they don’t even come in, because like…I’m that rich! And then I own the Richard Price limited edition bla bla bla. Good God.