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  • Amanda


  • klynneann

    The colors are pretty but the shapes – meh.

    • Edia


    • pe.riche.

      I have to agree. The totes look impractical.

  • abigail

    those would have to be the most hideous, boring pieces i have ever seen

  • Sandra

    I don’t think that they are boring…I like some of the colors quite a lot. I can see myself carrying that sunny yellow shoulder bag or the tote.

  • K

    I really like them, but after trying them on, I’m not feeling it. The canvas, the interior, and the feel of the leather handles turned me off. Not to mention that after tax it’s almost $3,000 for the bag. I’m feeling that the canvas is too thin and will wear out easily.

  • I think it would take me a while to warm up to some of these. I like the look of the convertible tote though.

  • apparently Nicholas doesn’t have the last word. A big no from me

  • Nan

    Those prices are ridiculous for what you get – a canvas bag with leather straps. I would much rather buy an all leather bag at Dior, Gucci, etc.

  • I like Gres and would like to see it on a Speedy. I like both clutch styles, too. Does anyone else wish LV would come out with a new print and something other than their standard blingy brass hardware?

  • louch

    No matter how pretty the colours these are ridiculously overpriced. I could name a dozen decent leather bags in the same range that I would rather buy any day.

  • Toyzi

    No. Just, no.

  • Rashida

    I am not wowed by the pieces… I don’t see anything that I have to have, and the prices are a bit much for coated canvas… If I purchase a LV, it will be a leather bag.

  • kleon1613

    this is definitely Louis Vuitton’s first attempt to go head to head with their biggest competitor, Goyard.

  • ValleyO

    The shapes are nice, but pricing is obscene- the Element clutch is basically the same as a Poche Toilette but costs more than twice as much. How do you justify spending $2.5k on a basic canvas tote when that money would buy you a top-shelf, full-leather bag from Gucci/Prada/Chloe/Balenciaga?

  • LinLin

    I’m just not feelin it. These bags are boring. Now if you want some awesome bags, I have some that would put them to shame and they’re from Coach!

  • Judy Norwood Jones

    I have one that is quite old and never been used . Has two butterfly’s on the front with a magnetic catch. The tag is still on it with a bar code but my I phone can’t read it If you can help
    Thank you

  • Larry Seiden

    The Quetsche is on outstanding color and perfect for year round in California

  • Tiffany Oakes

    Pretty but NO WAY would I pay a premium price for this! I am getting less and less fond of Louis Vutton.

    • Tiffany Oakes

      Please bring back Marc Jacobs! I can not bear the way LV is heading

      • Steffi

        I totally agree.
        Although I do not completely dislike the quetsche colour, they are absolutely overpriced.

  • Willow

    Disgusted! Good bye Louis Vuitton!

  • ivy

    Overpriced for canvas. With 2k, i could easily see myself buying fendi2jours, or the sexy givenchy lucrezia. LV should research the market before they priced their bags in the competitive handbags market.

    LV used to be one of the most powerful brand for high end market, but time has changed so much and so does people lifestyle and preference. If i want a bag that i can use as an everyday bag, with 2k price, i’ll choose saffiano or caviar over canvas.

    LV no longer in my wishlist.

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