Louis Vuitton Globe Shopper Cabas MMWe have all delved into the heated discussion of logo bags. To buy or not to buy. We have all discussed and even argued over the who/what/where/when/why/how of logo bags. Are they worn to be seen or out of the wearer loving the style and the brand. Many times I’m a bit in between, because I know many of us have differing opinions, but for this bag I’m going to go along with Bag Crazy and venture to say that this bag will be carried knowing that every onlooker including the man on the Goodyear Blimp will see it. Ok, and exaggeration, but you get my gist. Before you think I completely am ragging on this bag, I want you to know that I actually kinda like it. The Louis Vuitton Globe Shopper Cabas MM is one of the simpler canvas bags LV has but still screams out ‘Look at me! I’m a Vuitton!’. Hey, I wouldn’t mind being a Vuitton myself but I just couldn’t sport this bag.

The Louis Vuitton Globe Shopper Cabas MM shows off the Louis Vuitton logo that dates back to 1905 on a linen patch on top of this cotton and linen canvas bag. The bag is accented with brass hardware which gives off a little antique feel. The logo that you can’t help but miss is actually of the Historic Louis Vuitton Trunks & Bags logo. With that being said, this bag is actually simple and kind of cute, but again, I just don’t like the wham-bam-logo. Trimmed with natural cowhide and sporting two engraved buckles at each side, this bag does have some pluses to it. The inside is lined in polyester-and-cotton Monogram Mini lining and has an interior pocket plus and interior snap=hok closure. Sizing up at 13″ x 11.8″ x 3.1″, I feel like this bag will be a toss up between likes and don’t likes. If you are a liker of the bag, find it through eLuxury for $1280.

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  • rosemarie

    i actually got one of these as a gift, i think its more of a vetro look., i was wondering when did they stop making this type of bag?, thanx, just curious

  • Naggy

    This bag is just a walking advertisement of what you’re carrying, even more so than monogram. (ipad)

  • Bree

    These are so hard to find now they have almost doubled in value on sites like e-bay. Buying one in new condition seems impossible. Many online luxury/designer stores like bluefly and ebags.com don’t even carry Louis Vuitton at ALL. I would really like to know where I can find one in black. All I’ve found is blue, yellow, and pink. Any ideas?

  • Brenda millhollin

    Did they make these bags with brown alcantra suede interior?

  • Wendyhammond


    • Sharky30

      Sorry with this date code fake

    • Arapetti

      Hi, Wendy. I have an authentic pink one to sell if you are interested! Thanks, Ali