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scarlett johansson louis vuitton limelight clutch

My eyes spy a subtle metallic hint in the handbag Scarlett is sporting this week. And of course, what fashionable girl’s fall wardrobe would be complete without metallics? I’ve been searching for the perfect fall handbag for weeks, and the color on the new Louis Vuitton Limelight Clutch is gorgeous, but the bag itself it not calling out to me. From the description, this bag has it all: choice of two colors (perle or copper), quilted monogram logo on laminated fleecy wool, satin luster, snap closure, hidden zip pocket, and the Louis Vuitton inventeur plaque. So far so good, but then I see the words unstructured and foldable, and all of a sudden my wallet closes! Maybe it is just me, but this fall season I am seeing a lot of structure and sleek silhouettes in ad campaigns, and this floppy handbag doesn’t fit into the fall image I’ve seen. Therefore, my bank account can breathe a sigh of relief at not having to dish out $1275! And the search for that perfect fall handbag continues.

The Louis Vuitton Limelight Clutch releases in September and wait lists are now open. Call 1-866-VUITTON

louis vuitton limelight clutch pearl
Louis Vuitton Pearl Limelight Clutch

louis vuitton limelight clutch copper
Louis Vuitton Copper Limelight

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  • cherry pie

    twiggers i cant wait to see it IRL. i love it.

  • bargainhunter

    I just started buying LV. I’m not quite hooked yet. I like the new damier in ivory check. The monogram is hard to get used to. The bags above are nice!

    • Milly Anderson

      bargainhunter … trust me you’ll get hooked. :lol: Twiggers! I love this bag. But I wish it had handles to cary instead of having to hold it. :cry:

  • PerfectDesign

    I love it… Will definitely get one :razz:

  • Xenia

    Does someone know if this is a Limited Edition? Cause I went to the LV store today and they told me so.. so they were all gone :???: Did u guys get one?

  • DiorKiss

    Someone of our fellow tPF’ers just bought this beauty :mrgreen: Not telling you who it is though, just take a look at the LV subforum.

  • hhhh

    I just saw one on ebay. It looks nicer in the real pictures!

  • noor

    i bougt one from our store

  • fashionist

    I’m a real gay and i hate it! :evil:
    But I love man! :wink:

  • eveline

    got one for me already, in perle…
    yes, they much much nicer than the picture, but i’ve found it a bit hard to carry since the fabric is so soft and lame. and yes my SA said the lame clutch is a limited edition.

  • princesswrinky

    i luv this bag, one of the best frm LV.
    How much does it really cost? any one knows?

  • eveline

    the price is 850 euro, and you also will get a 12 % tax refund if you shop in paris

  • Maria

    Hello !

    I am a french girl, and like you I realy like the Monogram Limelight clutch !
    Does someone know where I could buy one on the internet, not very expensive ? …

  • handiman

    hi ladies, can anyone help me to give contact info of the shops that still have it , am so crazy to buy it for gift, thanks

  • Helena

    does anyone like the palermo louie vuitton bag. do you think the big one is too big if you are not tall or do you think that it doesn’t matter I can’t make up my mind and there is no small left anyway

  • Helena

    terrible mistake spelling louis incorrectly

  • kaj

    I saw someone last night carrying this brown with gold tread lv clutch, not leather, that I am sure is limited edition. Does anybody know where I get it and how much it is?

  • jennifery