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Louis Vuitton Damierlicious Offers a Colorful, Maxi Take on Classic Damier

A seasonal treat to delight collectors...

Every year, in addition to its new collection of seasonal runway bags, Louis Vuitton delights its avid collectors with a warm-weather capsule collection that is wearable and less formal. Known for putting a themed spin on its fan favorites, these capsule collections have become increasingly popular and highly sought after, thanks to their limited-edition appeal.

These new iterations of the Maison’s classics generate buzz and drive demand, pushing loyalists to rebuy bags they love in fresh iterations year after year—a collector’s dream. And if you need a reminder that Summer is indeed coming, Louis Vuitton is here to oblige.

You heard that right. The Summer 2024 capsule collection just hit; fans will eat this one up.

Trendy Takes on the Classics

While Louis Vuitton has focused on its iconic Monogram print in seasons past, revamping its classic LV logo in bright new hues and maxi print, for the 2024 capsule, Damier is having its moment in the sun. Damier, which is actually older than the brand’s ubiquitous Monogram Canvas, was designed in 1888 as a way to combat the brand’s highly imitated striped canvas.

While back in the early days, Damier was synonymous with the brand’s trunks, in modern handbag history the classic print appears on everything from handbags and accessories to shoes and more. Louis Vuitton Damierlicious reinvents a classic, offering an oversized version of Damier in a range of colorful hues that are perfect for the coming season.

Damierlicious OnTheGo MM
OnTheGo MM, $3,150,
image via TPF member mzbaglady1

Introducing Damierlicious

The Damierlicious print combines four pastel shades of Damier Giant Canvas juxtaposed with natural cowhide leather. It arrives on various silhouettes like the Alma BB, OnTheGo MM, Neverfull, and more. The collection sees two colorways—one features shades of blue and green, while the other combines pink, orange, and yellow.

Fun details are the finishing touches, like a colorful, shrunken-down version of Damierlicious that appears on an interior pocket of the Alma BB or the detachable zipped pochette included with the Neverfull. Check out more shop now via Louis Vuitton.


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