Your primer on the iconic brand’s most famous and intriguing bags

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  • I love my epi Alma. It’s one of two bags that I own that I can’t ever see myself letting go of. After many years of buying all sorts of totes and trying to be unique, I’ve finally caved in and I will be getting a monogram Neverfull. The weight and durability of canvas was what sealed the deal for me. Sometimes, a bag is everywhere and too common because it just works.

    • Sara

      Ditto. I love my Alma & Noe & Speedy. A Neverfull is next. I’m sold on light weight and durability.

    • Sparky

      I’m starting to cave in too! For the first time I’m seriously considering getting a canvas Neverfull (though I prefer the Epi). I completely agree with your last sentence – sometimes you have to overlook ubiquity because a prticular product works so well.

  • Canuck65

    Should add the soft lockit to this list

  • Jewish Chick

    Wow I recall when I purchased the Pochette, it was $140 USD at Saks!!! And I still use it as a makeup bag all these years later!!!

    • Holly Stanton

      How many years ago?

  • Jennifer

    I thought Audrey Hepburn was the muse behind the Speedy 25… since the 30 was too big for her?

  • LBReader

    Audrey Hepburn inspired the 25 bc the 30 was too large for her.

  • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

    Amanda, I thought we had cleared the Alma thing, it is not from the 30’s! The bag that inspired the ‘Squire’ bag that latter inspired the ‘Marceau’ that then was reworked to the current ‘Alma’ shape is indeed from the 30’s. Also the Lockit on the photo is the 2012 version, slightly modified from the 2011 runway version which is more minimalist than the suhali version from 2006-7 (L’inviolable, I believe it was called) which was a bigger departure from the other version that was also available at the same time but was more similar to the original ‘Fourré tout’ from the 50’s. And then in 2013 someone at the company decided to curve the opening of the ‘W’ bag and add the classic leather tab to lock it up and called it ‘Soft Lock It’.
    And believe when I say I HATE to disagree with you

  • Levioong

    I am planning to have a twist bag but taken back with the price. I mean no doubt it is gorgeous, but $5000 ?
    Because i owned few from this brand, and as far as i remember the last time i bought my bag (abt 2.5 years ago), the price range between 2-3k for a medium or large size one. What happened? I am so surprised with the price jump