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Louis Vuitton Celebrates the Holiday Season With LV Colormania

Bold iterations of Louis Vuitton signatures are here


Louis Vuitton Monogram is one of the luxury fashion world’s most recognizable motifs. Now, in celebration of the Holiday season, the Maison unveils a colorful, modern take on the classic Monogram.


Embodying Louis Vuitton’s storied history in travel, the Colormania collection was inspired by the Maison’s iconic City Guides. The collection includes a wide variety of Monogram bags and accessories graphically accented with bold, bright hues of every shade of the rainbow.

Louis Vuitton’s City Guides cover an expansive range of destinations from around the globe. The detailed guides include places to see and be seen, restaurants and bistros to try, places to shop, stay, and more. This year, the House celebrates 25 years of its City Guides, and in celebration, the new LV Colormania launches just in time for the Holiday season.

Celebrate the Art of Travel

Consisting of seven royal hues, the bright colors chosen to accent the Maison’s classic Monogram are an emblematic tribute to the coding of the City Guide series. Pieces from the collection are meant to be mixed and matched, allowing a personalization of sorts to your travel collection.

Pair a bold yellow-trimmed Keepall Bandoulière with a pink-accented passport holder or a blue-hued luggage tag. Pieces from the collection are finished with colorful linings. The LV Colormania capsule collection is available in stores and on LouisVuitton.com, discover more below.

Louis Vuitton Colormania 2

Louis Vuitton Colormania

Louis Vuitton Colormania 4


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  1. SonShownu Avatar

    tbh, i like the Keepall, especially the yellow one and the dolls also cute.

  2. Fabuleux Avatar

    This is long overdue. People have been begging for classic mono canvas with color leather details for decades. We had black with Macassar and then some limited offerings over the years—but this is awesome! ❤️

    1. Vlad Dusil Avatar
      Vlad Dusil

      Oh hey Fabuleux, welcome back!

  3. Sandy Avatar

    This is great!

  4. Mrs BSK Avatar
    Mrs BSK

    The keepalls are wonderful!!! Tho my 20year old one is so gorgeous and has many many years left in it so I won’t be indulging. I hope these are as well made. If so whoever buys them will love them. Best travel bag ever!!!

  5. Lauren Avatar

    Wow I love this collection! Is the 50 keepall the largest size that is still allowed as a carryon by airlines or is it the 55?

    1. Jerri R Avatar
      Jerri R

      It is 55, which I chose by mistake. On my tiny frame, 55 is way too huge and its weight just about destroyed my shoulder when I carried it through a huge international air terminal:( Now I carry a Daiso reusable tote and am much happier although not stylish.

  6. Amy Avatar

    I’ll give them credit for finally offering what has been requested for a long time, but I personally find these shades too loud and almost cartoonish with their primary colors. Monogram with black accents appeals to me much more – or better yet, Ebene with the brown leather.

    1. Mia Avatar

      I thought I was the only one who found these to be tacky. I guess not.

  7. A Joy Avatar
    A Joy

    I snagged a Fuchsia keepall. Felt like a fun take on a classic I can have for years. Happy I saw the post!

  8. Jerri R Avatar
    Jerri R

    So, just travel stuff and not handbags? I would love a shoulder bag or three in some of these colors.

  9. JAG Avatar

    Imagine purchasing a travel bag 🛍️ for 3K to go on vacation….then not being able to go on vacation because you paid too much for the travel bag you needed to go on vacation 😭😭😂👎🏾 Thanks, LV

  10. Terri Avatar

    I’m not usually a fan of monogram, but this collection is fantastic. What a lively burst of color!

  11. Keren Avatar

    LV Colormania is a colorful and modern take on the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram. It is inspired by the Maison’s iconic City Guides and consists of seven royal hues. Pieces from the collection are meant to be mixed and matched and are available in stores and on LouisVuitton.com.