Jessica Simpson

Time has not been on my side lately. But I am going to try to find more of it. Today’s posts are late but they are here! For today, let’s live vicariously through the celebs. I catch myself checking out celebrity style all the time. For starters Jessica Simpson has been seen sporting the Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM Bag. Some are fans, some are not, but either way I know that Jessica has a much better collection that I can ever dream to have. Check out all the Louis Vuitton bags at eLuxury. And PS- Dear Jessica: why did you cheat on Nick?

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  • Milly Anderson

    OMG! I have that handbag in my closet but it only costed $1770.00.

    • Nae berry

      Where did you buy it?

  • Angela Goodwin

    I think i’m in love. But can’t tell..would you be able to use that as a shoulder bag? I’m so sick of having to carry my bags. I need a good shoulder bag! :)

  • kayla

    I have that bag, in fact i baught it at the lv shop in london wich is double the price of your stingy 1770.00 eh.

  • Trizzle

    Wow.. I feel sorry for the men you girls marry.. It’s truly sad..

  • Neeni

    Trizzle, Whats truly sad about this situation is that you felt the need to type in “louis vuitton manhattan bag” in your search engine, then when this site came up you suddenly felt the need to bash others that have the income to afford these beautiful bags. Keep drinking your hater-ade, oh and i heard target has 20% of this whole weekend, probably more in your price range!
    By the way i have this and i only payed a grand!

    • Molly

      I totally agree with u Neeni. Where did u get it for 1g? I got it for 2K! Damn, you got a great deal!

  • Jennifer

    I agree with Neeni about Trizzle. Just cuz you’re a have not doesn’t mean you should hate on those who have. Everyone has their guilty pleasure and this guilty pleasure will last you years!! I’m a louis vuitton fan and this purse is so on my list. Angela:::: It would be a tight shoulder bag…but slighly do-able if you don’t have much in it

  • HulaGirl

    Please help!! I found this exact bag on ebaY. Someone from England is selling a brand new one for $200. Of course from the price, you must know it’s a fake. How can you tell it’s a fake or not??

  • GiQue900

    ALL LV on ebay are fakes. Don’t kid yourself, Even when they swear they aren’t fake, they are. I bought one off Ebay for about $220.00. When I got it, I could tell it was fake, but since I liked the style, I carried it anyway. After a few months the strap started cracking all over. Now it just looks like well…even for a $20 bag it looks terrible. Don’t buy anything off ebay. Just flush your $200 down the toilet or put it away and save for the real thing. JMO

    • elle


      Not ALL LV bags on ebay are fake. Of course an allegedly “brand new” LV bag for $200 is likely a fake bag (btw-it’s illegal to sell fake bags thus as the buyer, you are entitled to a refund…dispute it w/ebay and your credit card co.). I purchased two LV bags (Batignolles H & Manhattan PM) and the pochette cles from the LV store in Paris. After carrying my Batignolles Horizontal for a week, I decided it was too big. I decided to sell it on ebay since it had be carried and could not be exchanged. Just perform your due diligence prior to making the purchase, only buy from reputable sellers, and NEVER buy from someone who doesn’t offer a full money back guarantee on authenticity. My point is there are some legitimate sellers on ebay w/authentic LV bags..albeit we’re probably the minority. :-)

    • Tiffany

      Hey i found out today that i also have a LV for my bday (which is next month) its a tad smaller then i dreamt of but its from the bf so still special. i then later found out it was from ebay. I know… is it a fake. No its not. I also think you can find real LV’s on ebay.
      i do also love this bag that jess is holding.
      i think every girl should have a LV or two =) x

  • watergirl

    I saw this LV GM handbag at LaPerle website for about 65% off the retail price. Has anyone shopped at this online site before and what is their reputation for authenticity? Appreciate it….

  • angela

    Louis Vuitton never goes on sale and the only online shop that sells authentic lv is eluxury, so this one is definetly fake!

  • Dawn

    :arrow: you CAN buy real LV on ebay, just email the item number to an authentication service like mypoupette. I have bought TWO LV bags online that are certified real rec’d them in the mail and then authenticated them again with my own photos. $5 bucks an item to certify authenticity with somebody who has 25 years experience, totally worth it.

  • kristina

    i like LV bags but they are wayyyyy too expensive. i think i will stick to coach and maybe when i have enough money get an LV

  • ibis42

    I like LV and own the Manhattan pm, but sometimes, i feel like the whole logo thing is so ‘in your face’… :neutral:

  • Mina

    beautiful bag ! i love the mahina but this is also a great bag :grin:

  • marc

    It’s not Jessica Simpson, it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  • poop

    Its Jessica Simpson. Right click on the pic and see the name of the .jpg

  • Tonia

    No Poop, the pic is wrong! That is Sarah Michelle Gellar!

  • Jessica

    To hell with Trizzle! I’m with you Neenie! Boys who don’t want to pay for our purses get left on the side of the road, like shopping bags after I take my mahina home… I go out with guys and buy bags until they’re broke, and then I dump their sorry asses until they get more money. :lol: .. What else is a girl to do? I have no other hobbies, interests, or goals in life but…bags! bags! bags!…mmmm….who’s with me?

  • yazmin

    I am buying this bag! I’m happy I saw this page and read through it cause I was wondering about ebay. Now, if I guy doesn’t want to buy a purse for his girl, then he’s not into her, trust me, if he’s into u, he will work hard, overtime, whatever, to get u what u want! So, on that note, I’m using my hubby’s credit card…lol
    thanks for the advise.

  • yazmin

    I got my purse!!!! :razz:

    and he paid for it with his bonus… :twisted:

  • asda

    no thats definitely jessica simpson…

    looks too much like a marc jacobs bag. the gross monogramming tainted his designs.

  • vanessa

    hey i love ur collection n u omg lol :razz:

  • chesca

    OMG. its all sold out. :sad:

  • asda, you’re an idiot. Did you forget that Marc Jacobs works with Louis Vuitton too? He is the Creative Director for LV. So it’s not a coincidence that the Manhattan bags look so much like his own creations.

    The only gross thing tainting this page is your comment and your face. Retard.

  • opalyn Balingit

    i have this louis vuitton manhattan GM from my fiance for my birth day, he paid $500 :smile:

  • pooky

    i have the manhattan gm and i got it for 100$ and i know what your thinking that it is so fake but ive look and the id number says it so real ive had it since june and i love it

    • kathy

      WHERE??? I am interested in this bag…do you like it? Not too big not too small?Please let me know……..Thanks!!!!

  • Cynthia

    Yes , some good seller on eBay selling real Louis Vuitton, I’ve bought 1 from there and the seller is english girl….nice bag I’ve :) Check theirs feedbacks & theirs seller’s history then go for it!

    Good luck

  • michelle

    I just got the manhattan and the front strap is wrinkling, is this supposed to happen? I just buckled it in and the extended part like after the buckle is wrinkled.

  • Zonster

    Visit for 100% Authentic Designer Bags, shoe and sports memoribilia

  • Che

    I have this one…and I love it!!!!

  • AG

    there is a reason that LV is soo much more $$$ than coach, fendi, etc. The quality is so much better. You won’t ever get frayed edges, clasps or handles that break. The quality is better than any other product I have seen. I have used and abused one of my LV bags for 20 years and it is still in great shape!

  • martina ratay

    Ich liebe diese Handtasche, trage Sie sehr gerne!

  • hannah cabanero

    Hi i like this LV MANHATTAN BAG..can i ask if how much is this?

  • Naggy

    That wouldn’t be my LV of choice if I had to pick a few, but Simpson seems to have a ton of LVs (ipad)

  • DM

    This is a question for anyone who owns this bag. I have had this handbag (Manhattan GM for about 3 years) and I’ve noticed the pocket flaps are starting wear. Anyone have this problem? I paid over $1900 for this handbag and I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I own several LVs and my other handbags seem fine.