In a show with such an astounding number of beautiful handbags, I barely know where to begin. Who would have thought after last season’s tribal tassel disaster that Marc Jacobs would come up with such a feminine, pretty, and functional collection of handbags at Louis Vuitton. I would have been the last one to guess it – in fact, I remarked to a friend last week that I was barely even looking forward to the Vuitton show.

But that’s the genius of Marc Jacobs. Just when you think that you’ve got him pegged, when you think that you know what he’s going to do and how you’re going to feel about it, he veers off in the opposite direction at full speed and gives you the last thing you could have ever thought he would come up with.

This season, he took us straight back to 1940s France, with tea-length tweeds, tailored waists, and bosom-hugging dirndls. The look reminded me of the French farm girls in the opening sequence of Inglourious Basterds, but with an obviously high-end, Parisian twist. It was a beautiful collection, made only more beautiful by the gobs and gobs of gloriously detailed, traditionally wrought handbags in every material that one could imagine: crocodile, ostrich, leather, fur, lace, satin, beads, you name it. Almost all of the bags were plays on the traditional Speedy shape, with a few wristlets thrown in for good measure. Many Vuitton fans have been lamenting the loss of a certain amount of tradition from the staid fashion house – for those customers, this collection is a shot of sunshine straight from handbag heaven.

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  • Bagaholicboy

    Lush! I love them all!

    • bhuvan mathur

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      I plan to conduct a survey for analysis of how customers feel about packaging of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton.
      Could you advice what you think of LV packaging ?

  • mc

    Lovely, there are some particularly beautiful styles in this range, very exciting indeed.

  • Bag Brag

    BORING!! SNOOZE FEST! But the Damier crocodile is yummy!

    • I thought the damier croc was particularly clever myself.

    • gaga


  • Lisad313

    I love them – and I loved the spring season too. They are all so interesting and different from classic LV. Marc Jacobs is the man!

  • Style Revolution

    Amazing bags!

  • Marian

    There are some beautiful bags in this collection. Kudos to Marc Jacobs!!

  • Debbie Rinaldi

    I love them. A wide variety! Props Marc Jacobs

  • Urooj

    OMG! I think I love them all!

  • freshmess

    These bags look amazing! And so were the clothes, very feminine and garden party.

  • fuchsiafury

    The classic E/W shapes and the structured look is alluring in a distinctly feminine way. Fabulous! And the gold-tone push-lock closures are reminiscent of Miu Miu’s hardware. What’s there not to love?

  • Chris

    Most of these bags are just classy and beautiful.

  • Graciella

    Wow! I dislike Vuitton (and that’s an understatement), but these are fantastic! Very Prada-esque (perhaps that’s why I like ’em)…Nice!

  • Nhi Nguyen

    I love all of them :((

  • laur/

    I love it so vuitton, so classy and beautiful. Good job Marc!!!!

  • laur/

    @Nhi Nguyen lol!!! start to save now.

  • Beth

    Very nice and classic. Especially like the first yellow one, but then I have a thing for yellow bags.

  • mary s

    FINALLY the LV that i love!! classic, beautiful and so amazing!!!

  • JenG

    Love, love, love!

  • dieanne

    let me start saving NOW!!!

  • sarafina77

    Ruh roh… danger danger… I am LOVING these.

  • Stacy

    Watching the show, reminds me of Audrey Hepburn-esq fashion. CLASSIC!! I LOVE IT!! (except for the bows on the top of the shoes)

    The croc skins – I oh so love, the plain leather – I love and the logos I can tolerate but what’s up with the furry bags? I just don’t like those at all – too fuzzy –

  • Thewave1969

    Some are lovely, others not so much

  • 2manybags

    Lovely bags!!

  • Diane

    LV finally getting back to the basics of chic that the style became known for “back in the day”.!!!Love the simplicity and essence of these classy new jaw dropping bags!

  • michele

    The speedy has feet!!

  • Beth S.

    Marc Jacobs is the KING! Nobody, I mean n-o-b-o-d-y in this business makes as gorgeous of a handbag as he does. *swoon*

  • Claire

    aw man.. look at all those exotics!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drool*
    LOOOVe the doctor bags too… not too sure about the floral sequined mono though??

  • Josephine

    i may buy my first LV…

  • Channy Burden

    I LOVE them!…Especially the croc clutches, and the frames! I love the large black Dr’s bag-esque frame!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Beautiful pictures to drool over and dream!

  • hect

    finally the spirit of louis seems to be comming back to the walmart of luxury so happy i had divorced this brand because of their non elegant looking bags i loved these ostrich and croc love love love good for louis and marc ……hes back …. for now !

  • Jo

    EW. I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of these bags. Most of them look like a bag I’d find in my grandmother’s attic. The other ones are just plain strange and/or ugly. The colour/pattern combinations are weird. What is with the fur on the handle of some of the wristlets? And the weird colour patterns on the monogram speedy?
    I love Louis Vuitton, but as a 24 year old, I’d be embarassed to wear any of these bags out in public.

    • Well, I’m 24 years old, I wrote the post, and I love them. Difference in taste isn’t necessarily a result of age. Gimme a neutral exotic bag in a classic shape any day, I’ll rock it. But that’s what makes the world go ’round!

      • Michelle S

        Agreed, well said Amanda. Oh yeah and I am 21.

  • ……..+Me

    OMG so gorgeous!!!!! and I’m 19 years old lol.
    the pink one is my favourite just yummy and dreamy.

  • theresa

    Wow I definitely want one (love the clasps on these and the lady like style) The taupe stachel is my favorite!

  • pixiedust82

    i love all of it!!

  • sndc99

    LVoe it…wonderful

  • Karin bag4bag

    YEAH ! At last LV has initiated something new and different. Love the black wristlet with the brown LV breaking through in patches. I would love to own that one. Different and edgy design, while still showing their logo that they seem to love displaying. Love the different textures, and change of color. Viva Marc Jacobs! When do you think these beauties will be available – six months?

  • samia

    I love everything!!!!! The speedy is tdf

  • Bagolicious

    I don’t like any of the above bags.

  • ….@

    Whoohoo beautiful, I love them all !!

  • Gorgeous

    omgeee! gorgeous! i think i teared up some looking at these. i neeeeeed one!

  • Fuji

    Pretty! I like all the ostrich designs!

  • Sofia Nolan

    speaking of Inglorious Bastards. Instead of Hitler`s “nein nein nein” I`d go with a yes yes yes when it comes to these bags!

  • Aniko

    I really like these. Very different and new from Louis Vuitton. Bravo! (fb)

  • bonybynatur2003

    While there are some that I hate, there are also some that I love! The one that was used for the feature has me head over heals. And BTW, Im 27 and although my grandmother may have liked some of these bags-I would totally rock out a few also! (FB)

  • swank

    Gorgeous. Elegant and edgy. Lady like classics. Enjoyed the article and all the photos. I see what you mean about being a take on the always desirable speedy — I’ve owned a few over the decades.

  • Elyse

    very classy! way to go LV (fb)

  • Posh



  • kellyx

    fur on bags look really stupid, not to mention very very very ugly. i was reminded of the mop in my kitchen, especially #34.
    But still, most of the other bags in this collection are really beautiful, and I can see myself saving now for #18 . :(
    keep those fur off the bags!

  • Eric

    speedy shape really is a classic, innovative creations gives it a new glamour in more than many ways.. the bags are beautiful, these were the kind of bags i really want to have(but cant afford) the collection was very sophisticated(specially when you see the clothes and the bags they compliment each other)- (fb)

  • Latifa

    What I wanna know is how to get one. I line the 7th bag in the right row, the grey ostrich one! How much is it? And where can I find it HELP? I want to buy an exotic bag other than Hermes which I already have…

  • Joyce

    wow..these has got to be some of the most expensive looking bags. i would love to own one of these (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    I’m not used to seeing so many LV’s with flaps.

    Tag for Linea Pelle (fb)

  • Joy

    omgosh… I LOVE!! :(
    i want i want i want!

  • Sammi

    It’s very lady-like and I love it. Was never one of those people who were into the gaudy bright color/prints. (fb)

  • ginny

    ooo so pretty, so much better than the SS line
    i’ve fallen in love with this line (fb)

  • Lily

    I like the Bag in picture “Louis Vuitton 38”! (fb)

  • Alex

    Total opposite to S/S2010.
    Would have to go for LV 23 and the LV 15 Speedy, we should soon find out more…. I have discovered they change the webpage towards the end/beginning of the month (fb)

  • Colleen

    thank goodness Marc Jacobs remembered the elegance and beauty that surrounds the LV name. I love these bags and can’t wait to see the final product. (fb)

  • Moonchild

    These are absolutely stunning! :-)
    I love them all! :-)
    My favorite LV that I own is my Epi Alma and I’m 37. :-) I love it when LV does “traditional bags”. :-)
    I don’t see why any of these bags would be “grandma bags” :-)
    Everyone has different tastes. :-)
    I think, in the words of the great Samantha, these bags are fabulous :-)

  • Melody

    OMG im so loving these!! havent been quite a fan of LV but this season roxs! Total classic chic! Oh and im 24 btw hahaha!

  • Melissa

    The 4th bag on the left would look soooo much better without the vachetta leather…..would look perfect with black leather handles

  • Baglady

    I have been invited to view a new bag called “the Louis Bag” this week. Apparently you can only buy it if you are invited to. I have been able to find no press on it at all. Any one know anything?

  • Babsy

    When will all these beautiful bags be available for purchase in the US?

  • Jelita78

    handbag heaven > well said! (ipad)

  • jaspreet

    i will love to have LOUIS VUITTON bagssssssssssssss

  • Louise

    I’m seriously considering to buy almost half of the bags here. What are their names, codes and pricing anyone knows?

  • Kitten

    I received a large hobo Gucci last year for Christmas and now I’m looking to purchase a LV bag and have about $1000 to spend, which one should I get….any suggestions?

  • vaughn

    Need help, want to get my wife a Louis Vuitton bag for her birthday, she is very petite, any suggestion on the making the best choice will be most welcome