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Cozy Up to the New Louis Vuitton Ski Collection

Craving a trip to the mountains? LV has you covered...


Fall and winter mean many things. It’s cold nights by the fire with a warm cup of hot chocolate, holiday shopping for your loved ones, baking apple pies, and so much more. For many, colder weather signifies ski season, and whether or not you head north to actually hit the mountain or you head to the slopes just to see and be seen après-ski, Louis Vuitton has you covered with its new LV Ski collection.

Returning this season as a combined women’s and men’s collection, LV Ski delivers pieces to wear on and off the mountain. Defined by its style and versatility, ready-to-wear is bold and streamlined, offering performancewear that is functional but fashionable. From sleek ski-ready outfits complete with Monogram helmets and ski masks for the winter 2023/2024 season, Louis Vuitton Knocks it out of the park. Outerwear is given a stylish new edge, redefining the traditional ski uniform in stand-out shades of red, deep navy, bold blue, black, and white.

Let’s Accessorize

As for the bags, the collection includes carryalls to take you to the mountain and beyond. Standouts include a soft Keepall that is reimagined from a performance-tech point of view in light, Monogram Storm canvas with an extra side handle, and LV fast-release buckles on the straps for holding ski gear in place. Ultra-functional and ultra-chic, it’s the perfect winter travel companion.

A range of Louis Vuitton classics are also presented this season, reinvented to feel fresh and seasonal. Novelty materials like padded nylon and shearling appear on favorites like the LV Twist, Speedy, Bumbag, Capucines, and more. An exclusive new model this season is made from soft shearling; the Backpack is a true statement for ski season.

Discover more below and shop the collection now via Louis Vuitton.


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  1. Passerine Avatar

    We saw the sheepskin Speedy last week at LV Zurich. Realllly cute. But… that pale off white sheepskin will get stained in about 2 seconds of average use. It has no feet to protect the bottom. It would have been just as cute in a slightly darker color. So, appealing as it is, not buying it.

    1. Adangerousbeauti Avatar

      My thoughts exactly. Never buying a material like this again. I had a shearling vest stained by tomato ketchup. Of all the times I had to anything with ketchup, that was the one time it happened to spill into the vest…Of course, the mark was permanent. I used it only once and idk if I should just trash it or anyone would even wanna buy it.

      1. kalista Avatar

        Is the stain very big? I had this happen but luckily (because of the position of the stain) i was able to use a brooch to cover it

  2. Amy Avatar

    Am I the only one who hasn’t found LV appealing in recent years? Strange collections, ridiculous price increases, decreasing quality, logo saturation everywhere, etc… Haven’t been reaching for any of my bags in a very long time – but I also have been using less of my other luxury bags as well. Perhaps it’s just me wanting to be a bit more understated these days.

    1. kalista Avatar

      Yea, I’m not a fan of the new ones with the giant logos everywhere. Looks so tacky like “hey look at meee I finally have an LV bag!” lol. I have an epi leather neverfull with a small embossed logo in the corner and IMHO it feels more elegant to me.

    2. MomIn4inch Avatar

      I feel exactly the same way. To the extent that I don’t even want to use the ones I have.

    3. Cathy Avatar

      Am with you Amy. Crazy price and quality doesn’t match anymore…..I have now enough of Louis Vuitton bags as well as small leather goods from past collection so I don’t need to add an extra piece. To me Louis Vuitton suddenly became first fashion brand and they produce too many of mass produced products. No luxury feeling anymore…….Apparently their sale has been dropped.

    4. Passerine Avatar

      We still like LV very much. I am planning to buy the Alma PM in Malletage. It is far from “saturated” with logos. The quality of the one we saw in the store was excellent. It’s entirely possible to still find quality understated LV products.

    5. Terri Avatar

      I’m with you! Haven’t bought anything from LV for many years now.

  3. MsFashionista1 Avatar

    I wouldn’t want to spend LV expensive prices on a light color shearling bag to get color transfer on it. The bum bag looks hideous. I haven’t looked at LV handbags in years. I’m just tired of the over saturation of logos or the name splattered across what would have been a purchased item.

  4. Bir Avatar

    Dear Marc Jacobs …………….. where are you……..Because we miss you at LV