Did you answer the Proenza Schouler PS1 or Mulberry Alexa? Me too. Looks like everyone is digging the rugged schoolbag look. We have covered the similarities between the PS1 and the Alexa, and we have brought you looks for less before, but this time DKNY takes a stab at the trend and adds quilted leather.

The DKNY Quilted Leather Messenger Bag offers more of a structured look with very similar finishes. I know we have the constant debate here about a design looking too similar to another design, but in this case, it is a trend that has proven it will outlast its trend-om. And because of that, we will see many similar designs. Further more, it is hard to change up the schoolbag + messenger look without it being similar to other renditions. If you are looking for a PS1 or Alexa look for less and like the added structure, DKNY has you covered. Buy via NAP for $295.

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  • Jen

    After seeing this, I’d love to see Chanel develop a really luxe lambskin quilted messenger bag – maybe as part of its Chanel 3 line. I can’t imagine that messenger bags will ever really go out of style – they are way too functional.

    • Actually, I love that idea too!!! Has Chanel done anything like that before?!

  • Stylista

    I said PS1 and Chanel. This is a nice bag with a good mixture of inspirations!


  • louch

    I love it. I thought PS x Chanel x Alexa. I think Chanel would rock this type of bag. I used to have a DKNY bag which I sold – I regret it as it was an awesome bag, amazing leather and gorgeous shape. I think they aren’t given enough credit.

  • Nee

    am i the only one who thinks that this bag looks like a hot mess! dont get me wrong, I love DKNY, but this is too much of a mash up of chanel x alexa x ps1. looks like they couldnt decide who to rip off:(

    • Fiona-Brasil

      It makes two of us!!!

    • sally

      haha- Im not a fan.

  • Sarah

    I thought the black was Chanel, but I like that there is a chic alternative at a much lower price point.

  • Kellyx

    Kinda like it actually.it reminds me of ps1 but softer, less bulky

  • Demi

    I said Chanel and Alexa. I love quilted leather, but only when it is designed by Chanel. So, I’ll pass.

  • queenbrat

    This is what girls would loves to wear…

  • edoardo

    It’s terrib le that Donna Karan through her “young brand” copies two brands: Proenza Schouler and Chanel. Because she copied the PS1 bag and also the matellassè form chanel. that could use from toher designer (for example Jacobs use it in his stam bags…) but at leat not black and, however, not in the same bag where you copy yet PS. I end with the “lock” (chiusura in italian…) of the bag that is so simialr with Chanel….


  • Sher77

    Copy is all I think, but maybe it looks better in person.

  • Emma

    It looks a bit like a Miu Miu bag I’ve seen

  • Blo0ondi

    well PS1, mulberry n chanel!!

  • kemilia

    Too much going on and it looks cheap in the pic, maybe it would look better IRL.

  • sana

    reminds me of chanel because of the quilt, mulberry alexa and proenza schouler because of the flaps, handle and strap

  • samia

    A little of both PS1 and Mulberry Alexa.

  • samia

    And Chanel too!

  • Mochababe73

    It looks too much like a school bag which is why I am not that fond of the PS1 or the Mulberry Alexa.



    Before looking into the blog article, It immediately reminded me of an Alexa Mulberry….Well for me I like the design idea but will not go for the bag as I think its originally a Mulberry them or maybe somehow a proenza theme…..

    The quilted look also combines the marc jacobs touch….

    The colors seem to me that its from the autumn/winter collection, is it?

  • siteler ankara

    thank you friend nice post

  • somethingbags

    no originality whatsoever

  • CesA

    ps1, chanel and mulberry alexa! :-)

  • Irra

    PS1/Mulberry Alexa + Chanel

  • James Michael White (bagpoor.com)

    This bag is a knock-off of everything…tragic!

  • natalia

    totally thought it was chanel!! hum, it has some kind of cheap look!!

  • karen

    do not like, only for CHANEl . can DK not find anything on own .

  • Bagolicious

    Love it! Glad it was posted here as I haven’t seen it in the stores. I’ll be buying one next month if I can find one. I need to see it and try it out before buying it. I adore school bags. I bought a Carla Mancini PS1- look alike-some months ago.

  • Stephanie

    I’m not much of a fan of combining the look of quilted bags with the school bag. It seems disjointed somehow? I’ll stick to the Alexa. (ipad)

  • helen

    Yes, it reminds me of school. (ipad)

  • Jen

    It reminds me of an ugly bag. (ipad)