The top New Year’s resolutions, year after year, typically revolve around losing weight, being fit, and eating healthy. It is true that we should all focus on the above in our lives, but doesn’t that get kind of lame as far as New Year’s Resolutions go? “Hi, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?” Answer, “To loose these extra 10 lbs I’ve been carrying for over 5 years now”. Predictable.

So instead of sharing the typical and expected resolutions with you, I am going to focus on my 2011 New Year’s Handbag Resolutions, because this is the PurseBlog. At first I thought this post might be a tad more humorous, but handbag resolutions are serious business everyone. So click below to see what I plan to do when it comes to handbags in 2011!

1) Change my handbags out more often

My collection of handbags has reached an overwhelming number, maybe around 100 bags right now. That means I could switch out my bags daily and if you were to see my every single day of the year, you would only see me recycle each bag about 3-4 times. That statistic is sickening.

I somehow manage to leave many bags stored away and pushed too far back, so much so that I neglect to use them. It is time to wipe off the dust, and give each individual bag a little loving. That means it is time to stop yearning for new and love and wear the old (which I obviously once yearned for).

2) Only buy bags that I will actually use

Sounds silly right? Like, duh, you only buy a new handbag so you can use it. But I have this ‘thing’. It involves me buying something really nice and then only wanting to use it for special occasions. I blame it on my mom (hi mom!). It is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just a ‘thing’.

For example when I bought my first Birkin, I literally probably only carried it about 5 times in the first year. It both sounds and is ridiculous. But I wanted to keep that Birkin pristine so I carefully wrapped it and put it away only to be taken out for the right occasions.

But who am I fooling – these are accessories we are talking about. And they are meant to be used. So in 2011, if I am buying a “special” bag, I will use it. If I think it may be treated with the same fate of my first Birkin in its first year, it is staying at the store.

3) Edit the contents of the inside of my bag

After our first batches of What’s in Her Bag, I have realized one major thing: I need to clean out my bag better. My bag is not a mess by any means, but I need to plan-fully edit. The innards need to be thoughtfully included and this will make my bag carrying experience much more enjoyable.

4) When it comes to purchasing, think and re-think if my collection needs that addition

Again, Captain Obvious here. But sometimes we all need to sit back and take a look at our purse collection. Some people may only want large black hobos, but if you want variety, make sure you don’t start over-doing certain areas. I need to go sit in my handbag closet and decide what is needed. Do I need another neutral colored shoulder bag? No, I need a bright eye-catching exotic.

So dear brain, time to think before I click on purchase.

5) Stop talking about a Balenciaga bag and buy one already

Not only will I love it, but you all will greatly appreciate me shutting my yap about the hunt for the perfect BBag. Number 1, I clearly have built this up a bit too much and number 2, even I am sick of this hunt. My posting about Balenciaga can be found here here here here here here and here

So there you have my 2011 Handbag resolutions – what are yours?

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