The top New Year’s resolutions, year after year, typically revolve around losing weight, being fit, and eating healthy. It is true that we should all focus on the above in our lives, but doesn’t that get kind of lame as far as New Year’s Resolutions go? “Hi, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?” Answer, “To loose these extra 10 lbs I’ve been carrying for over 5 years now”. Predictable.

So instead of sharing the typical and expected resolutions with you, I am going to focus on my 2011 New Year’s Handbag Resolutions, because this is the PurseBlog. At first I thought this post might be a tad more humorous, but handbag resolutions are serious business everyone. So click below to see what I plan to do when it comes to handbags in 2011!

1) Change my handbags out more often

My collection of handbags has reached an overwhelming number, maybe around 100 bags right now. That means I could switch out my bags daily and if you were to see my every single day of the year, you would only see me recycle each bag about 3-4 times. That statistic is sickening.

I somehow manage to leave many bags stored away and pushed too far back, so much so that I neglect to use them. It is time to wipe off the dust, and give each individual bag a little loving. That means it is time to stop yearning for new and love and wear the old (which I obviously once yearned for).

2) Only buy bags that I will actually use

Sounds silly right? Like, duh, you only buy a new handbag so you can use it. But I have this ‘thing’. It involves me buying something really nice and then only wanting to use it for special occasions. I blame it on my mom (hi mom!). It is not necessarily a bad thing, it is just a ‘thing’.

For example when I bought my first Birkin, I literally probably only carried it about 5 times in the first year. It both sounds and is ridiculous. But I wanted to keep that Birkin pristine so I carefully wrapped it and put it away only to be taken out for the right occasions.

But who am I fooling – these are accessories we are talking about. And they are meant to be used. So in 2011, if I am buying a “special” bag, I will use it. If I think it may be treated with the same fate of my first Birkin in its first year, it is staying at the store.

3) Edit the contents of the inside of my bag

After our first batches of What’s in Her Bag, I have realized one major thing: I need to clean out my bag better. My bag is not a mess by any means, but I need to plan-fully edit. The innards need to be thoughtfully included and this will make my bag carrying experience much more enjoyable.

4) When it comes to purchasing, think and re-think if my collection needs that addition

Again, Captain Obvious here. But sometimes we all need to sit back and take a look at our purse collection. Some people may only want large black hobos, but if you want variety, make sure you don’t start over-doing certain areas. I need to go sit in my handbag closet and decide what is needed. Do I need another neutral colored shoulder bag? No, I need a bright eye-catching exotic.

So dear brain, time to think before I click on purchase.

5) Stop talking about a Balenciaga bag and buy one already

Not only will I love it, but you all will greatly appreciate me shutting my yap about the hunt for the perfect BBag. Number 1, I clearly have built this up a bit too much and number 2, even I am sick of this hunt. My posting about Balenciaga can be found here here here here here here and here

So there you have my 2011 Handbag resolutions – what are yours?

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  • Monica

    Do you have a look book for your bags? I took a picture of each of my bags in the same place in my house next to a magic 8-ball (no reason for that, totally random) so I could see the size of each bag. Then I put all of the pictures in a photo album arranged by size. I use the look book to pick out a bag for the week or day or whatever.

    I also keep all of the pictures on my BlackBerry so when I’m out I can compare a bag I’m considering buying with the rest of the bags I already own. I curb a lot of stupid handbag purchases that way.

    And if I’ve bought a bag I don’t let myself use it for a week. I put it on my kitchen counter with the tags still on so I can see it for seven days. If I still like it, the tags come off. Otherwise, it goes back to the store.

    It sounds like a lot of effort but I kept buying the same type of bag over and over. Happy shopping!

    • That sounds like an amazing set up you have!! Right now my bag closet isn’t so much a closet (not much closet space in NYC).

      My dream is to have a way to set up my bags in an easy way to see them all so I can get to use them more often. But I love the idea of photos!

      • Monica

        So if you had all of the money and space in the world how would you organize, store and display your bag collection? That could be a fun blog entry if you haven’t done something like that already. What do the uber rich do? I can’t imagine leaving them all out to get dusty. Maybe little compartments with glass doors? Would you organize by color? Size? Brand?

    • I should do a post like that – good idea! And yes, behind glass doors sounds amazing :)

    • PhotoGirl

      This is brilliant!
      I am ashamed to admit that I am a professional photographer who has no pictures of her own handbags. Unacceptable. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Monica! Just the kick in the pants that I need to start organizing my closet.

  • Mousse

    In 2011 I am going to add a BV cabat (runway) and large nero veneta or belly to my collection. BV is timeless and the most exquisite handbag design on the planet, in my humble opinion. I have a large collection of bags and plan to sell off many that I just don’t wear. My BV bags are now my go-tos unless it is raining. I try to switch out as often as possible, but find that my mainstay BVs in fever, oxidized copper, and purple work with my wardrobe colors. (ipad)

  • Monica

    Maybe you haven’t bought a Balenciaga because you don’t really want one? There has to be some reason why you don’t have one yet. Personally, I’m not a fan.

    On a side note, the recently released Balenciaga perfume is gorgeous and it’s my primary perfume these days. It smells like something to wear in the winter months instead of the flowery stuff I usually wear in the summer. It’s really nice.

    • You know what, maybe there is some truth to that… I see the bags, I like them, but nothing has truly called my name.

      I need to explore what you said

      • Amanda

        You live in NYC now, what is that, like BBag capital of the US? Don’t stress over it! You’re lucky that you can afford one – I keep telling myself that one day I’ll be out of college and have a great job and will be able to buy all the bags I want. Don’t think or worry about it, you know how you are. I’ve been reading this blog for years, it seems like you know when something truly speaks to you. Just wait around until you see one that totally screams MEGS BUY ME I’M THE BAG YOU’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR. I think you’ll know it when you see it. :)

  • sneezz

    Nice post! My NY resolution is to stop spending $ frivolously! (iPad)

  • annabelle

    Those are some good resolutions. It’s actually good to consider them on other categories other than bags, but I have to say I AM JEALOUS of your collection. I guess I can say I still have the future ahead of me to fulfill my dream in collecting many purses.

    I was also just wondering. When you bought that one Balenciaga bag (and you later returned it correct?) did it really have a great difference in color? I am just realizing how different my computer screen color is to the actual item that comes to my front door. (ipad)

  • Danielle

    I love this post, and can totally relate! I think the issue with changing the bags is you get attached to one especially when you get a new one! I love the feeling of wearing a new one, and getting butterflies every time you see yourself in a mirror or a window display! But changing it up is a must! Also I need to move out of the Box. My last 6 bags are black leather! Please also post about storing handbags and maybe what’s in your collection I am dying to know!

  • Britney Anderson

    My HandBag resolution is to get a Chanel flap! (ipad)

  • nick

    Number 4. (ipad)

  • Tiffany

    I resolve to wait till the bag goes on sale! Not just a <10 % off if you buy it now sale. A real sale with an additional friends and family discount on top of the sale. It made me a little sick to see my handbag on sale so many times this season (though not in the same color). I still love the bag, but the husband gets pretty upset even though he doesn't say anything about it anymore :(

  • 19yearslater

    Bag resolutions, good idea. I try to make resolutions I know I can and will keep, this year mine is to read 52 books. When it comes to purses mine is the same as your 4. (ipad)

  • Julie

    My resolution was to not buy more than one purse per month. Unfortunately I have already broken it and bought two Coach purses this week! But they were both purses that are now very hard to find. The second one that I bought today at Macy’s was on clearance and with my discount came to about 40% off. I was also very tempted by two Michael Kors purses that I found on the clearance table, but I decided I wouldn’t use them enough to justify the purchase. (iPad)

  • cLiu

    like it. a few points is actually what i should do too. for exp, Point 5 – buy it instead of just saying. and point 3 – bag that actually use.

    cuz one year round,there are so many nice bags out there. really need to say a bag resolution myself =)

  • Tiffany

    I love point three, ahah I need to do that! (ipad)

  • Kate

    My resolution is to ditch all the coach bags I’ve collected when I didn’t know any better. (ipad)

  • Andrea

    Rotate my bags more, even though i have less than 10 and to save up for the one bag i lust after. The Marc Jacobs Garbo Camille in Dark Brown (ipad)

  • Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    Sigh I need a major bag purge and it’s gonna happen in February! (ipad)

  • coachwife6

    Your last resolution made me laugh! (ipad) So true.

  • raffa

    well said (ipad)

  • Daisy Han

    haha… good suggestions. (ipad)

  • Mona

    I love your resolutions, most of them are true for me too! My resolution is to not buy ANY new bag in 2011, because I have sooo many I can never use them like they deserve, although I love every single one of them. Let’s see how many months or weeks I can stick to that though…

  • lilobubbletea

    lol i loveee your last resolution. :P

  • Loquita

    Great post – my 2011 Bag Resolution is to stick with what I know and truly love: Balenciaga and Il Bisonte. I need to buy one black bag this year because I don’t have one at the moment … anything else is extra. 2010 was all about getting more use out of far fewer (and higher quality) bags, and I truly enjoyed it that way.

  • Shana

    I need to switch out my bags more too. (iPad)

  • Jennifer

    My purse resolution is to really think long & hard about what I buy. I’ve been buying designer bags since the mid-90s & these days I’m short on cash. I’ve recently downsized my bags (from hobos to pochettes) & can get by with carrying a small purse. That, however, opens the door to bags I’d never considered before. But my goal is to stick with what I know & love & not buy frivolously. I need to think about $$ first. (ipad)

  • Kat

    Unfortunately for me, by bag resolution for 2011 is to not but any for the year. I bought three this year (the last was last week’s “unplanned” Prada purchase), and that really is too much, considering I only get to use them on the weekends. Wish me luck in sticking to that resolution.

  • mermaid

    Buy that Valentino!! (ipad)

  • Kat

    That BV clutch is gorgeous, BTW. (ipad)

  • Tonya

    My resolution is to only buy bags I plan to carry (ipad)

  • Mochababe73

    My resolution is to buy a black handbag and actually use it. I have about 3, but I use the sparingly since I often find black ones boring.
    Other than that, I have to buy my kids a laptop, or I would have added a Marc Jacobs Stam to my resolution. (iPad)

  • BLynnT

    These were all great ideas, Megs! Unfortunately, my resolutions this year didn’t relate to new handbags, but maybe next year… (ipad)

  • Justine

    You should totally buy a Balenciaga NOW!! :) (ipad)

  • Tracey G

    Love this post! (ipad)

  • Julia

    I’ve found that I often don’t want to use my expensive handbags because I worry about them getting dirty or losing shape. I saw my friend put her Chanel bag on the floor of a bar once and I almost flipped! So, I tend to use my less expensive (Coach, LAMB, and even just department store finds) for everyday. But, it’s leaves those bags I had to have and spent a lot of money on sitting on a shelf. I like your idea using what I have instead of jumping to buy a new one that “I have to have”. The hard part for me will be finding away to pull them out and not freak out about them getting dirty or ruined.
    A waiter spilt a drink on my $30 New York and Co bag on New Years Eve and I was fine… I can’t imagine if it had been my Dior!

  • eorchid

    This is exactly how I feel! My LV watercolor speedy has not been used more than five times and I feel like I’ve wasted my fiance’s $$ on it. I’m paring down my collection to only bags I need/use and clutches for special occasions. And then maybe I’ll add a Chanel re-issue in there sometime, but that’s it!

  • eorchid

    This is exactly how I feel! My LV watercolor speedy has not been used more than five times and I feel like I’ve wasted my fiance’s $$ on it. I’m paring down my collection to only bags I need/use and clutches for special occasions. And then maybe I’ll add a Chanel re-issue in there sometime, but that’s it! (ipad)

  • Melissa

    I need to switch out my bags as well. I have a problem with buying a new one, then the old ones just sit. I don’t even rotate them either!! I tell myself I don’t want to transfer things from one bag to the next over and over again! (iPad)

  • Sabrina

    I’m moving to London, UK and am really hoping to buy myself a LV or Marc Jacobs bag… I don’t have anything higher end than Rebecca Minkoff and think it would be nice to finally get one! (ipad)

  • J

    I love Bbags! Currently deciding between another city in a darker shade or a PS2…hmmmm decisions!

  • Kita B

    My bag revolution is to finally get a Birkin. I really feel like it’s so “special” and that it wouldn’t get use, but honestly, I could see a black 35cm being my “everyday” bag. I mean it’s made to be carried, not locked away. So yes, my resolution is to find a black 35cm Birkin bag and give it to myself as a graduation present this summer!

  • ninjaninja

    I need to edit the contents of my bag too (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    This sparkly clutch is great for NYE (ipad)

  • Cate

    I don’t really have any bag resolutions, bought one of my dream bags in 2010-Balenciaga Giant City in Anthracite.

    Buy one already darn it! It really is the perfect color! (ipad)

  • Kori

    My handbag resolution would be to be more gentle… I tend to be a little rough on my bags. Luckily they are well made so they can take it! (ipad)

  • Cathy Fitz

    I love the first post by Monica. I really thank I may try that!

    I also felt that although Megs’ original post is about handbags (duh) it really spoke to me about many things I “collect”. I believe I’m going to actually implement these ideas. (ipad)

  • Marion

    I tend to keep my things in smaller pouches so that when I switch purses, it makes things very easy and organized. I find that it makes it easier to keep it clean and more likely to change purses around. (ipad)

  • PhotoGirl

    I think your first two resolutions are absolutely key, Megs. Very good thoughts for the trying economic times in which we live. I also think you should post your “what’s in her bag” photos immediately. How about a before the “edit” and an after?

  • cl

    i think those resolutions for me happen every year… but when you have your fave, it’s hard to put it down right? (ipad)

  • Renee’

    Fabulous resolutions Megs! I love the resolution of only buying bags that you will use…and using what you have without fear. I too have kept gorgeous bags (and even jewelry) in their dust covers or little red leather boxes, on a shelf in my closet, afraid to use them for fear of them getting dirty or scratched or whatever. No more! Yes, I am using my lamb WOC as a wallet. Everyday. Yes, the chain got in the way. So I cut it! :-o (I know, a bit sacrilegious) and added a bracelet clasp to the cut ends so when I want to use the chain again I can (and I have). And yes, I toss my gorgeous lamb WOC into my huge bag with abandon. A maxi flap bag that is, at the moment, pristine. Until it snows again… (iPad)

  • Sue E

    My resolution buy more bags =) (iPad)

  • Angie

    I can’t agreed more on your new year handbag resolution !!! I also need to go through all Rhodes resolution myself! I have so many new handbags that I haven’t used and I already start to think of buying something new! I totally need to rotate my bag often!!! I hide my handbags so well that I almost forgot hat I have them . Maybe if I am not going to use them any more I should just sell it to buy something that I will use. I am also doing the same special occasion “bag” . But I guess it will be total waste if I don’t use them.

    Yep my resolution is to shop in my own closet before I buy any bag impulsively !!! (iPad)

  • Chris

    I like your no.1 resolution best, Megs. I really have to use the bags that I already own. And not save them for that “special day when my life gets really exciting”. In fact, my new years resolution is to apply this to all my clothes, my whole wardrobe. (iPad)

  • ☆Lola A♏ ★

    To carry the bags that I have that currently have tags still on them. :) (iPad)

  • DTKC

    Ditto! =) However, my main New Year resolution is to lose a few pounds, but from my handbag! I need to edit, edit, & edit the content that goes into my bag to lighten it and hopefully no more handbag straps imprint on my shoulder & arm. (ipad)

  • Tina

    I think everyone wishes they would change out their bags more least I know I would (ipad)

  • Jennifer

    I was thinking about making a handbag resolution too, how nice to see someone else doing it! The picture idea was brilliant, I did that for all my shoes actually so its easy to pick out what pair I want to wear since I keep them in boxes and have over 100 pairs. I started to do it with the handbags but never finished.

    My resolution for handbags is a bit different though. I was going through some of them and came across a handful of fake ones, ones I got a few years ago at thrift stores thinking they were real but since joining TPF learned differently. I never use them anymore but it’s hard to just destroy them and get them out of the house. Some are really good fakes and I paid money for them, at least a lot for a college student at that time. I’ve managed to destroy three so far but there’s a few (mostly the LV) I just need to let go. So my resolution is to get rid of all the knockoff and fake stuff I own.

    • Jennifer

      Forgot to say (iPad).

  • Tameka

    One habit that I got into years ago was giving aways some of my handbags. I call it buy one give one. It simply means for every handbag that I buy, I am forcing myself to edit my collection and keep the bags that I truly love.

    By doing this I am able to save space in my closet and help out someone in need. I feel good knowing that one of my friends or family is truly going to enjoy that bag and carry it longer then I would.

  • greenpixie

    I have to echo “only buying bags I will use” – I did this all through last year and I am so glad I did! I am making that a priority again this year. Too often I bought something because it was gorgeous, only to have it be totally not functional for my lifestyle. Great resolutions! (ipad)

  • Miriam

    Only buy bags that I will use pretty much sums it up for me(ipad)

  • Naggy

    1.) Mine would be to continue to not buy any handbags or handbag accessories with the exception of something magnificently extraordinary, which is unlikely. I have not bought a bag since June of 2010 and before that since October of 2009. I have not felt any withdrawal since.
    2.) Another one would be to continue purging the “extras” in my collection- really those that I don’t like, those that I like only a little, and those that are too similar to what I have already. I’ve already purged 3 by selling one and giving the other 2 away and will purge a fourth very soon. I’m now down to 28 from 31.(ipad)

  • Ruhee

    I like the second resolution.I plan on applying it to my clothes.Wear all the stuff I already own before going out to buy new ones.(ipad)

  • Angie

    I think it is a good idea to take pictures of all the bags we have. It really gives you an idea of what we have and remind us that we news to use them. And yes the pics need to be handy with you all the time. So u can refer to it when we want to buy something. (iPad)

  • nadia maria

    wohooo shoot..
    that is spectacularly gorgeous!! anglina jolis bag i love it must see how beauty full collection leather bags

  • churameru

    Great resolutions! I also have the problem of “saving” handbags and accessories for special occasions. (iPad)

  • jillybean307

    1. Keep my bags clutter free! I’m guilty of keeping crumpled receipts in my bag & all sorts of nonsense. I want the contents of my bag to be simple & minimal.

    2. Be better about using more bags in my collection. I get lazy and don’t switch bags often enough. I think I used my LV Speedy only once last year. That’s a waste of money & a perfectly good handbag. (ipad)

  • LDJ

    I like this post! My handbag resolution is to (I so agree with you, when you stated) “Edit the contents of the inside of my bag”. The bigger the bag the more stuff I carry. Lord knows I need to clean mines. I have everything from receipts, school transcripts, medicine, eye glass cleaner, business cards,etc. I could go on. But Im trying. And I have a bin full of bags that I forgot I even had. Then there is this one bag I can’t let go…My very first hobo bag by Nine West, and I guess thats I can’t let it go because its my first bag. And my mother is no help, because I tried to sell some at a yard sell and every bag I wanted to sell, she was like “Nah, keep that, cause I might wear it.” lol…But one thing I can say, I haven’t purchased a bag lately, so Im doing pretty good. I just need to make use of the ones I already have. (ipad)

  • Kelly

    My resolution is to buy same amount of purse for every season. I have much more winter and fall bags than summer and spring.

    • Monica

      Good idea!

  • Kelly

    My resolution is to buy same amount of purse for every season. I have much more winter and fall bags than summer and spring. (iPAd)

  • petra

    I can completely relate to your resolution. If I was a better person I would make the same resolution, but I guess am brave enough to admit that I would not follow it through. I have a closet full of bags (but not as many as you have), but I am constantly carrying one that certainly needs a few days off :) But I have managed to control myself and not buy bags that I would save for special occasions, although I do admit that I occasionally crave and buy a bag that is later safely stored in the closet just in case that one day I go to a ball and need a bag for it (but not a normal clutch). (ipad)

  • Pam

    I know I carry too much. I will try to carry less and make my bag weigh less. (ipad)

  • nini

    I like your 4th resolution. (ipad)

  • Stacy

    I like #5 myself. (ipad)

  • wendy

    I identify with so many of your resolutions, Megs. My resolution is to get rid of bags I don’t use and pare down my collection to consist of only bags that I love and actually use. (ipad)

  • Nikita

    Good suggestions! I’m totally with you on #2. I’ve only used my ‘higher end’ bags a handful of times; such a waste of money! (ipad)

  • Bettye

    My resolve this year is to save up for an expensive handbag and actually buy from the actual store instead of ebay (maybe). (ipad)

  • starqueen_78

    Love it Megs! You will find the right Bal bag eventually! I’m like that with coffee tables………. i’ve tried 12 with no luck….. my husband wants to kill me! My NYE resolution was that this is the year I find the perfect one too! (ipad)

  • louch

    Yep, to save up and only buy bags I use – yep, say this all the time but I need to focus on this. Have done well during 2010 – sold over 25 bags!! Now I am down to about 7 bags (but just bought a couple in the sales) and the only bag I really want is a ladylike shoulder bag – can’t decide between the Celine Box, Hermes Constance, PS11 or YSL Chyc. Tough choice but someone has to make it!!! (ipad)

  • Elizabeth

    Your #1 hit home with me, even though I have fewer than 10 bags. I seem to “cycle” with my bags – i carry my newest one for a year, but a new one then end up ditching the last! I think I need to put my “purse essentials” into a pouch to make changing bags quick and easy – plus i won’t forget anything! (ipad)

  • Elizabeth

    ^”buy” a new one, oops! (ipad)

  • tony

    my is to buy a balenciaga too! maybe a weekender (ipad)

  • tony

    i m always in search of the right bag, haven’t find it yet… (ipad)

  • Tina W.

    I agree with Resolution #2 and 4. I clearly have a very bad case of #2, especially with my designer shoes! But then again, I end up neglecting the beautiful Lauren Merkin clutches I scored from sample sales (I live in NYC) since it’s not my most practical bag.

    As for Resolution #4, I own too many large bags (I have the Givenchy Nightingale, Mulberry Bayswater, and Burberry tote) that I need to add some medium sized satchels or hobos that couldn’t (and shouldn’t almost be the size of a body bag; I’m a petite woman). (iPad)

  • susan

    Happy new year and I love this bag. (ipad)

  • kate w.

    I think Birkins are actually meant to look a bit beat up…I remember seeing this one clip of Jane Birkin going on a talk show, the host giving her one of her famous bags, and her taking it and stomping on it to show them how to break them in!

  • Donna C.

    My handbag resolution is to get a bag that is not in a neutral color. That’s if I get a designer bag at all this year since there are so many other things I need to purchase (ipad)

  • Lianne

    Other than #5, these are all things that I’ve been working on. I try to avoid buying most of the new purses that grab my eye (in my price range) because I have so many already, and since I’ve been having back problems, editing down to the minimum is a requirement. But I still have to buy the occasional bag. It’s just a overwhelming need. (ipad)

  • shannon

    happy new year! resolution 4 is definitely a good one- i’m working on using that for everything i buy… not just bags! (ipad)

  • Naggy

    I want to get down to 17-18 bags after purging the ones I know I don’t want. (ipad)

  • Sherry

    get more baga (ipad)

  • Sherry

    no resolution if it means less bags

  • Sherry

    no resolutins if it means less bags (ipad)

  • Cindy

    I need to stuff stuffing receipts automatically in my bag, LOL. That is my resolution…or perhaps if I didn’t shop as much, it wouldn’t be such an issue. :P (ipad)

  • window of happiness

    my handbag resolution is to purchase one that I don’t have but in terms of the use according to my lifestyle. I want to have a good buy and will not stock on my closet just to have it.:) ( ipad )

    Happy new year and best regards to your blog on 2011!

  • Joyce

    I agree. I resolved to think about my handbag purchases more carefully as well. (ipad)

  • Adrienne C

    i wish i had 4 of everything so that i don’t have to “switch out” the stuff. Just add the wallet to each and go! (ipad)

  • Jacki

    Definitely #1 happily/joyfully/thankfully enjoy the bags I have. Stay away from sales, they always suck me in. OK I admit I will not stay away from sales! (ipad)

  • Ken Vien

    Good idea!

  • Jaz

    My handbag resoulution is pretty much the same. After I got my HG (Chanel GST) I only found myself using it for “special” occasions. Well, no more! Here’s to me using it daily! (ipad)

  • Bee

    Cosign on #3! I carry all sorts of things in my bag. It’s tough because I always like to have odds and ends “just in case”… (ipad)

  • Kate

    I have tons of stuff I need to work on this year however strictly talking about my handbags here goes:

    1. I need to get rid of all my crummy old “no name” bags. I don’t use them anyway so why should I let them take up space…?
    2. Get some kind of purse organizer (& actually use it) You know, the kind that goes inside a bag to keep all your stuff in order.

    I also agree with all of yours. Good luck to all of us! (iPad)

  • creighbaby

    Stop buying bags that are on sale and just buy bags that I really want. I could have bought a few chanel bags or even a kelly had I not gone crazy at a bunch of sales. (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    I also need to stop stuffing stray napkins into my purse. (ipad)

  • spanish moss

    good resolutions! (ipad)

  • nini

    I need to clean out old receipts. (ipad)

  • quimerula

    I agree, I should change them more often and edit their contents (ipad).

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    Only buy bags that I’ll actually use! Yes! (ipad)

  • Mel

    I need more structured handbags! (ipad)

  • kris

    So which special bag we are talking about? Meg, is that special bag you are buying after the special bag that you just bought or that is the special bag we are talking about??

  • Linda

    I can relate! :) (ipad)

  • Caroline

    I have big problems with the first two as well. (ipad)

  • michele wetmore

    Great resolutions Megs, I can totally relate!(ipad)

  • Deana

    To treat the bags I have better and create some sort of filing sytem for them so they are easy to find. (ipad)

  • Jelita78

    u know, i hate to make resolutions because most of the time it will not happen as planned.. but wow, thanks for the kick start on HANDBAG resolutions! this is the first time i heard of such! and i’m liking it! (ipad)

  • PurseAdict


  • Tracey G

    Great resolutions! I need to find a better way to store my bags (ipad)

  • Kat P

    Someone equated our purse collections with playing with Barbie Dolls when we were younger. I thoroughly agree. You don’t have to put Barbie in every outfit everyday, but it’s wonderful to have all the outfits (bags). So love the bags you have, but don’t say no to more bags. (iPad)

  • ariancita

    My is better organization within the handbag. I have this terrible habit of just throwing things in my bag; it’s a miracle that the insides do not have stains or ink marks. But it’s only a matter of time. I want to keep pouches for everything and develop the discipline to be consistent with putting things in them, like putting my lipgloss in the cosmetic bag and not be caught out wrestling in the bottom of my bag in a frantic search because of a bare-lipped emergency. (ipad)

    • Ivyw

      i would suggest a bag organiser which you can transfer from bag to bag. You definitely will know where you put your stuffs in your bag organiser.

  • Lauren

    1. Only buy bags that I will actually use
    2. Keep my bags more organized
    3. Properly store unused bags in dustbags and/or boxes (ipad)

  • nicole

    i agree with number 2! i have a couple of bags i purchased and i used it once or twice.

    my handbag resolutions?
    – start buying some more bags perfect for work (i need to stop going with my unique prints and styles lol)
    – buy a classic chanel bag by the end of the year
    – buy a small shoulder bag that will carry my basic stuff like wallet, phone, and small cosmetics. i have so many clutches but it is a pain in the butt to carry it with other stuff


  • Julia

    these sound like good (handbag) resolutions! i need to work on item one more this year. (ipad)

  • Gevans747

    Take some time to photograph your bags and wallet. Upload them to your PC and Smartphone. this way u won’t omit any bags from being carried.

  • Sheila

    Great resolutions! I really need to buy bags that I will only use… I’m bad at that! (ipad)

  • Candace

    My resolution is to take better care of my bags, and to buy only bags that I loooooove. I find that when I buy only what I love (and this doesn’t just apply to bags), I feel more fulfilled, and my wallet thanks me too! (ipad)

  • Lynda

    I would love to see your collection too!! (ipad)

  • Stephanie

    To start off, to finally accept the fact that I will never be contented with just one single bag of one single brand.

    Second, to keep my bags in great condition and to buy the bags that I really, really, really love and want. This also applies to diaper bags. ;)

  • Lanie

    rediscover old bags in my collection rather than buying new ones (ipad)

  • Cathy Fitz

    Been thinking about this post a lot. I need to go through my bags (and accessories!), take pictures, and rid myself of the items that I am not using, but are taking up space and burying the items I would use. I’ve never sold items, don’t know if I would be bothered, so I may donate. But I really need to be rid of the unused. (ipad)

  • Chandra

    I like the post!! Good points. I would like to get rid of the ones that I won’t use and buy a LV damier speedy before 2011 is over. (ipad)

  • Ivyw

    Good resolution. Instead of bags, maybe consider a try on waist pouch.

  • HandbagAngel

    Absolutely love this clutch, and stunning photo too! (iPad)

  • felicia

    love the photo!! it looks like straight up from catalog (ipad)

  • helen

    I must organize the contents of my bag. (ipad)

  • mango

    i agree with all of these resolutions, i plan to follow some myself. thanks megs (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    I came back to this post to lust over the pic. (ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Need it! (ipad)

  • mrsjones

    i agree with purseaddict. megs, you should do a post on your handbag collection (ipad).

  • sharebear

    Agree, i need to bring my bags out to see the sun more (iPad)

  • sharebear

    By the way, is it possible to do some sort of an article on bags that look nice, is iconic and still does not kill your shoulders?
    I love bags but some of them are just insanely too heavy to carry for prolonged period of time. (iPad)

  • GorgeouslyAwesome

    i need several new additions to my collection, stop letting my 3 year old stuff her toys and snacks in my purses, and clean them out at least once a week cause they tend to be a bit chaotic. (ipad)

  • Kim

    Great resolutions. I’m also guilty of not using what I buy and not switching my bags enough! (Ipad)

  • cheapthomassabo

    Attending Sabo Thomas making classes will surely allow you to learn how to make your personal jewellery. Nonetheless, if you are like attending classes on jewellery making could be more of a hindrance for you than an edge; you shouldn’t hesitate to review on your own.When you will decide to look at up Thoma Sabo Charms jewellery producing as a significant hobby, with all the goal of making money from the jawhorse, one of many questions that would probably pop Thomas Sabo Charm in your head is actually you ought to require a class on jewellery making.

  • Christine

    great resolutions! (ipad)

  • Nikki_B

    My resolution is to actually start buying bags that I always admire from a far. I’ve been eyeing the Givenchy Nightingale. My only problem is making sure the bag I select is a timeless classic because by the time I can afford to purchase it the bag will be out of season (LOL) (IPAD)

  • KY

    Great resolutions! (ipad)

  • Elaine

    My recent resolution has been to start making some of my own bags! I’ve gotta say that first trip to the leather store really gave me an appreciation for the fine leathers handbag companies use and the skill with which they make their bags. Good leather is pretty expensive. (ipad)

  • Ces

    100 bags? Oh, how I envy you. (ipad)

  • Deborah Curran

    I can’t afford the bags but come here to drool – ipad

  • Desaria

    it’s too tiny

  • nini

    How are the resolutions holding up? (ipad)

  • Heidi

    I’m on board with your #5..crossing my fingers that this will be the year for me as well! (ipad)

  • susan

    I have way too many bags and this became very clear when I moved. I had 7 35 gallon tubs I put purses in to move. I started going through the purse and realized I have too many.
    1. To buy no more then 5 bags this year
    2.To sell the one’s I don’t use or won’t use. I have several with tags still on
    3. Make it a point to to carry all my bags for at least 2 days to make sure I don’t want them before I sell them.
    4. Finally buy the bag I have been thinking about buying for a year.
    5. Stop have OCD about my bags and buying bags.

    • susan

      stop having OCD….

  • labag

    I want to change my bags more often-use them all! and buy and enjoy a bag purely for its beauty and not by who makes it!

  • Jess

    This came up in you may also like… after reading the 2016 resolutions. Perhaps you should reply to yourself about the resolutions? Even though it was 5 years ago. To my five years ago self. How’s that Balenciaga? I bet you have at least 2 now! :)