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I’ve been a little quiet the past couple months, and if you’re wondering why, a major reason has to do with the fact that I’m pregnant! Unlike with my pregnancy with Millie, this little guy took us completely by surprise. I always knew I wanted more kids, and since it took us so long and we needed help with Millie, I assumed it may be the same with future babies. But life has a funny way of working out, and one day several months ago when I felt really queasy, I took a pregnancy test and it was quick to let me know that I was pregnant.

I am already close to the halfway point, and we found out that he’s a boy, which I am SO EXCITED about! I have actually felt really good compared to how I felt with Millie, but I’ve been put on rest a few times now because I’ve had some bleeding problems. The specialist is following me, so I have been having to lay low — no exercising (that wasn’t a problem as I had yet to start exercising post-Millie, whoops), no lifting, and trying overall to take it easy and rest more. It’s hard having a young and busy toddler at the house who doesn’t understand why I can’t pick her up as much or go for long walks, but we are making it work. Sometimes this worries me a bit, but I try to stay busy and not let my mind wander. Hoping that things are doing better by the next appointment!

I am so excited to add to our little growing family, and though Millie has no clue what she’s in for, I think she’ll be a great (and very jealous and confused) older sister. I’m due in the first week of January, so come the new year, we’ll have a new member of the PurseBlog family! I’ll share a bit more with you all along the way, and of course have my Dear Millie updates coming soon. Can’t believe our little lady is nearing the two-year mark!

♥ Megs, Vlad, Millie and baby boy Dusil

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