Last week, I went with a few friends to see the Collection of Elizabeth Taylor at Christie’s in NYC. From extravagant evening gowns to Chanel bags galore, there was a wide array of items to see. But the driving force behind this viewing for the majority of people there was Liz Taylor’s jewels, and boy did they sparkle! I found plenty of items that were gorgeous (but not quite my taste) that I will forever dream about owning. The overall theme was diamonds, as they were found on nearly every single piece of jewelry she owned.

And just as the saying goes, “diamonds are a girls best friend”, I was completely enamored with all of the bling. So I have been in a diamond state of mind for over a week and recently the Lanvin Diamond-Print Canvas Tote popped up on Net-A-Porter.

So this bag doesn’t truly sparkle, in fact all of the diamonds are merely printed on the canvas body. But I like the idea of this bag. I hate the price ($850 for canvas), but the thought of this bag is fun. The design could easily be seen as obnoxious, but again I feel like the diamonds being printed on canvas keeps this looking much more subdued and flat.

There is no great use for this bag, other than a fun everyday tote. The serious problem is the price, that I refuse to pay for a tote like this. If only it were $150, I would totally consider it for a fun option in my rotation. Buy via Net-A-Porter for $850.

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  • Keilit
  • lintmag

    Adorable!! 850$ is insane though. I agree that for $150 I would consider it.

  • Joy

    What a nice bags,

  • Shereen

    The bag certainly seems fun, but the print is way too gaudy and price way too expensive for me.

  • Jennie

    I actually really like this and Im not a blingbling type of girl!

  • ellenbakes

    $850??!! For a canvas tote? Stop the insanity.

  • rose60610

    Cute print, prohibitive crazy price. I’m envious you got to see Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels at Christie’s! I think she was a magnificent lady. I’ve always been puzzled that present day actresses (who are paid 10 million on up for one film) wear borrowed jewels to the Academy Awards. Whenever you saw Elizabeth Taylor dripping in gigantic diamonds, they were REAL and they were HERS. She was one great and generous lady.

  • Dana

    Bit gaudy. Would pay only $50 for it. Meh…..

  • camilla

    Wow !

  • katia

    beautifull! but to expensive for my wallet

  • mochababe73

    I love the bag, and I would definitely wear it, but I wouldn’t dare pay that kind of money for it. MAYBE $85.

  • Mama M

    Forget about the bag. You got to see Liz Taylor’s jewels!!!! How fabulous!!

  • Jenny

    Would definitely buy it for $150, but yes not for $850! I’d rather get a Proenza wallet, and like a See by Chloé tote for that money!

  • Stephen

    Diamond print? just a little tacky.

  • AW

    The print is very well done – looks almost 3D from the pic here but yeah $850 for a canvas shopping tote is way too much

  • Kathryn

    like AW said, the print is very well done. but the diamonds all over is a little tacky