Whenever a bag becomes as big of a hit as the Celine Luggage Tote, other brands are bound to take notice of what made it so successful. And that’s not just true of smaller brands looking to get a piece of the pie or department store or discount labels looking to capitalize on a trend at a bargain-basement price point; other major designers would be silly not to co-opt design elements that consumers respond to so favorably. Not paying attention when trends emerge is a great way to make a brand irrelevant.

That’s why I’m not particularly surprised that the Lanvin Moon River Tote looks like three Celine bags got together and had a baby: the Luggage Tote, the Classic Box and the Cabas Tote. I also don’t blame Lanvin for going this route; the look fits in with the brand’s aesthetic, and not everyone wants to get in line and buy the same Celine bag that everyone they know already owns.

This tote has some of the structural heft and flared gussets of the Celine Luggage Tote, which makes it a more appealing everyday option for longterm carry that the Celine Cabas, even though it shares the Cabas’ unfinished leather edges and minimal aesthetic. The gold hardware at the handle attachment looks a lot like the closure on the Classic Box bags, which rounds out the Celine-esque look. For those experiencing a bit of fatigue with Celine’s particular product line but who like the aesthetic in general, this bag is a beautifully fabricated option that rings in at a lower price than either the Luggage or Classic Box. Plus, it’s Lanvin. You can’t go wrong. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1990.

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  • Marie Martell

    I like this style and I can fit ALL my stuff!

  • camilla

    I do not want a copy of a Celine one (a copy and  more expensive too???). Celine made it famous and that’s it, Celine for me has the market. When Lanvin is so good with its own product I will be very glad to pay for it. 

  • SJ55

    I don’t care for most Lanvin bags. I just don’t get them…I keep trying to like them but nothing gets me and I think they are overpriced! This bag looks okay but it’s NO Celine! Lanvin apparel however is another story….clothes are beautiful!

  • 19yearslater

    Still — black tote. Too boring no matter who makes it. 

  • Jinna

    love this bag for sure !!!! 


  • Babs

    This style is over!