Lanvin Madame Lanvin Shoulder Bag, $2485. Lanvin Runway Tortoise Bag, $3850. Both via Neiman Marcus.

For me, the most interesting element of tiny, structured bags like the Lanvin Madame Lanvin Shoulder Bag and Lanvin Runway Tortoise Shoulder Bag is the discipline required to carry one. Long have most of us been accustomed to dumping everything we might need into our handbags and lugging that stuff with us all day; the big-bag trends of the last five years gave us that luxury.

Now that things have swung back in the complete opposite direction, you’re required to carefully plan and pack your possessions in order to successfully carry one of these bags. Having shlepped bags both big and small, I can resolutely say that I’d rather carry a little bag with only a couple of things any day.

I used to be of the school of thought that I’d never fit my worldly possessions into something smaller than a Balenciaga Day Bag. Never! But then I realized that when I change my bags, the only things I actually end up moving around are my keys, card case, billfold, cell phone and sunglasses. That’s it. The rest of the junk that accumulates in a bag I’ve been wearing for a few weeks is just that – junk. It unnecessary, and it only accumulates because the giant bags I carried had space to accomodate it.

I realized all of this when I purchased the Alexander Wang Isis Clutch, which is, by my own admission, one of the least functional bags on the face of the planet. It’s difficult to get into, the structure makes it hard to carry anything more than an inch thick, I have to position my cell phone just so inside the interior pocket or the bag won’t fold over and shut. BUT IT’S SO PRETTY, YOU GUYS. So pretty, and I got it for something like 65% off, and I’ve never once regretted it.

Just like with these lovely Lanvin pieces, it requires a moment of thought before I start packing it, and for most of us, that might not be a bad moment to be forced to take. Unless you have very small children, you could probably do without most of what weighs you down on a daily basis, if you were honest with yourself and took the time to plan. Trust me, it’s freeing not to have to stuff a beautiful bag full of things you don’t actually need. In accessories, as in other areas of life, practice self-awareness. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2485 or $3850.

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