Lambertson Truex Florence Handbag

Last week, while in NYC, we had the great pleasure of meeting John Truex and Richard Lambertson from Lambertson Truex. We will be posting the interview, along with pictures from the upcoming Fall 08 collection next week. However, I can not pass up sharing Megs’ new loot tonight!

After meeting the two designers, we promised them that we were going to visit their store on Madison Ave, directly across from the flagship Hermes store. It was of no surprise that we were going to see a lot of fantastic creations, unique shapes and exquisite craftsmanship. It was this one piece that completely struck me when I saw her sitting on a table near the stairway in the rear of the store. It is usually Megs that gets excited about beautiful bags. I am usually just the tech nerd who appreciates bags, but doesn’t love them. In the case of this Lambertson Truex Florence though, I was completely blown away. This bag excited me for Megs more than her Birkin did last November. There, you heard me say it.

Lambertson Truex Florence in Croc, Ostrich and Lizard

To me, the bag has the perfect shape, perfect size, perfect colors and perfect materials. It is an exotic combination of croc, lizard and ostrich leathers, gorgeously combined with LT’s signature light-blue suede lining and ostrich trim on the inside.

Congratulations Megs on your first dive into the world of exotics!

Lambertson Truex Florence in Croc, Ostrich and Lizard  Lambertson Truex Florence in Croc, Ostrich and Lizard

Lambertson Truex Florence in Croc, Ostrich and Lizard  Lambertson Truex Florence in Croc, Ostrich and Lizard

Lambertson Truex Florence in Croc, Ostrich and Lizard  Lambertson Truex Florence in Croc, Ostrich and Lizard

Lambertson Truex Florence in Croc, Ostrich and Lizard

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  • Marissa

    Thats a hot bag! :razz: How much is it?

  • purseinsanity

    Congratulations Megs! It’s gorgeous!

  • Laurie

    That bag is beautiful! nice to see you’re getting good use out of that D300 :wink:

  • Vienne

    What a beauty! Good for you Megs!!

  • shushopn

    Gorgeous Megs!!!

  • Lura

    Love that bag! Is something up with The Purse Blog? On My Yahoo, I haven’t seen any new info for 2 weeks. The only way I got to this was to click on the title. Otherwise, the ones in the box are old. I tried refreshing but nope.

  • thepreppycowgirl

    WOW!! That is one smoking hot bag!! :mrgreen: Love it!! And it’s ‘silver,’ which is the best IMHO! :lol: LT bags are great, they have the wonderful leather…or in this case, wonderful exotics!

    Congrats Megs!! This is a great summer bag!

  • Cindy Maher

    It’s amazing! Congrats Megs, what a beauty!

  • GeorgiaT

    That is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen! My heart literally skipped a beat! Congrats Megs!

  • tine

    wow…holy smokes…what a stunner! i love love the different array of exotic leathers all in one bag…

  • 2manybags

    BEAUTIFUL BAG!! I am drooling right now!

  • savvygal @ savvymode

    Ostrich and Croc… drooling. It just look darling but LT bags are classic. A gal just can’t go wrong.

  • LucianaW

    Wowwwwwwww….Very nice bag! Its lovely!!!! :shock:

  • Oh darlyn!!

    what beurifulnes its ugly!!!!!!

  • ChooBlue

    Wow, that’s gorge. Total bag envy!

  • AEILoveU

    Congrats! That bag totally blew me away!
    Wow, Vlad, I’m deff impressed.

  • Thanks everyone!! This is truly one of the most stunning bags ever. It incorporates three exotics, which gives it a little bit of edge, and the shape is timeless, the color is perfect, I just LOVE it!

  • nayyyy

    i think it’s ugly too!!!

  • morgan

    im not alone in not liking it!
    :neutral: i dont know, i think its too much exotics, i like when its only one exotic.
    birkins are still my favorite.

  • devlo

    Fugly. Sorry but I feel while the bag’s design and structure had some merit — the mishmash of luxe leathers gives it a frankensteinish look. The big oval label with the designer’s name also isn’t appealing to me. I’ll pass on this bag.

  • valentina

    It’s great that there are as many people out there as there are opinions…still, I am stunned that this bag may not be liked by someone! It is one of the most beautiful bags I have seen, the classic structure, the neutral hue and the array of skins give it something to be liked by everyone, whether seeking a bit of funk or a timeless piece. Congratulations Megs and Vlad!!!

  • seirc

    This is gorgeous. The colour, the shape, the use of exotics to create such visual appeal. I love it!

  • lightblue84

    i’m sorry, but it’s ugly :???:

  • hola

    Honestly I think it looks a bit garish and cheap :???:

  • Jo-Ann

    Love the bag, shape, style, different, but I’m not sure of the color. I’m not a blue person perhaps that’s why, otherwise I truly love it! :wink:

  • dela

    I like the shap but that ostrich oval logo is the deal breaker for me. Ostrich in the background looks sublime, but the oval looks like they are trying too hard. Compare image 6 with image 1 and you’ll know what I am talking about.

  • Sohini

    Where to be get and how much????

  • shevy

    Did you buy the bag or was it given to you by Lambertson Truex? Just want to know how objective your interview and assessment of their styles will be…

    • I bought the bag, it was not gifted. This bag actually was on discount, and you can call the LT store in NYC to ask about it.

      • shevy

        Thanks – I appreciate you responding. I’m just getting a little uncomfortable with some of the coziness between some purse bloggers and some bag designers…It’s making me wonder if certain designers get more blog time in exchange for providing certain perks, i.e., free bags…
        I know, for example, to discount anything you say about Rebecca Minkoff bags, because as you’ve advertised all over your blog, you have a great friendship with her…

      • No problem Shevy, and I understand where you are coming from and appreciate you voicing your opinion.

        I wish I got free bags from everyone I spoke about! But we do not get free bags often, if at all. I pay for my bags after researching what I like etc. But I can promise that I will not write about a bag positively that I do not like. Many designers contact me to have my write about their bags, but I will not plug them just because I am asked.

      • shevy

        Thank you for clearing that up. I’m glad to hear it and I believe you.

  • hola

    ^^ I agree, the bag was probably gifted to her as there’s now another one to be given away for the April giveaway.

    • The April giveaway is a completely different brand. April Giveaway is a bag from Bird Handbags, this bag is from Lambertson Truex.

  • GeorgiaT

    Wow Megs, you’re being raked under the coals! Hope it doesn’t affect your enjoyment of your new totally fabulous bag! I don’t see how it’s anyone’s business whether it was purchased or gifted. I personally don’t feel like you ever “plug” any specific bag over another, but rather that you showcase a variety of designers and always give honest opinions, if any. Besides, every job comes with its set of perks and problems. I’ll take a little jealous questioning for a great new bag any day!!!

    • shevy

      It wasn’t my intention to rake anyone OVER the coals. I was simply trying to understand how objective the advice on the blog is and whether I could put any faith in it. It is absolutely my business if I am reading recommendations to understand whether those recommendations might be biased. If I, or other readers, were to think that the recommendations were not genuine, we would stop reading, and I don’t need to point out that no readers = no advertising $. So, yes, it is my business if as a reader I am driving dollars to a particular site.

      By the way, there is no need to impute jealousy to my motives for inquiry. But I suppose it’s the most facile and simplistic way to insult someone…

      In any event, Megs has responded to my inquiry and I am satisfied with her response.

      • Shevy it is no worries. I appreciate people just asking what they are thinking. I would rather someone inquire than not, this way there is no need for speculation. I have no problem answering any questions. Also, you can always email me if you have any thoughts etc {megs @}

        My collection is great, but it is nothing super expansive by any means. Actually, many people own many more bags than I do. But I go to stores, study them, ask questions, find information. I think meeting with a designer only helps to learn more about their background, design aspects, etc. The designers are all very nice, but it is not set up that if I write about their bag I get a free bag.

      • GeorgiaT


        First of all, I didn’t name anyone in my comment so I don’t know why you assumed I was talking about you in specific. You weren’t the only person questioning how Megs aquired her bag.
        I intended the comment as lighthearted, not insulting, and the fact that you took it so personally, and attacked my intelligence, only speaks of how self-absorbed you must be.
        I guess acting entitled and rude is the most facile and simplistic way of showing how cultured and intelligent you must be.

  • Erica

    Ummmm…they are bags, people, calm yourselves. Time for a little perspective.