Zagliani Bags
1) Zagliani Crocodile Frame Bag | $6,235
2) Zagliani Crocodile Tote | $11,300
3) Zagliani Crocodile Puffy Satchel | $11,800

The handbag world has been buzzing about Zagliani bags, which are injected with silicone to add a super buttery feel to the bags. We featured the Zagliani Metallic Python Clutch earlier and from the moment I laid eyes on it I was in love. Now my only issue is deciding whether to go for one of their python bags or crocodile bags. Decisions, decisions. The designer behind the bags, Mauro Orietti-Carella, started in the field of dermatology, learning to make patients skin smooth and beautiful. And now this technique is being used on handbags and has everyone talking. It is brilliant though. Why not treat the skin of the bag you are about to buy? If you are splurging on an expensive exotic handbag you want a sturdy bag that will last forever. Zagliani bags are working their way up the handbag chain, garnering the approval and love of handbag enthusiasts and celebs world-wide. So what is your take on this handbag line? Fab or Drab?

“Zagliani was founded 70 years ago as a company that specialized in exotic skins bags. We are not following a fashion moment. We do not make as much as the market demands because we are concerned about the use of too many skins, and will only work in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.” – Zagliani designer Mauro Orietti-Carella

zagliani handbags
4) Zagliani Yume Python Satchel | $2,900
5) Zagliani Metallic Python Clutch | $2,195
6) Zagliani Metallic Python Puffy Bag | $3,385


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