Proenza Schouler Bags

Proenza Schouler has been in the industry since 2002 and was founded by Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough. The brand, which designs a high-end line of women’s apparel, recently delved into the world of handbags and shoes. Their handbag line is so extraordinary that we know you will love it. The reason I am raving is because these styles cater to my exact style, want, and need, when I am looking for a handbag. Proenza Schouler Bags have started to make a name for themselves as the fashion world has been going nuts over their designs. It started with Mary Kate Olsen carrying the famed Proenza Schouler PS1.

The overall feel of Proenza Schouler Bags is what really has my attention. I am not a couture, designer label from head-to-toe gal. I am a jeans and tee shirt kind of girl. I believe in a great pair of jeans and the right bag. A little laid back, but still timeless and elegant. I am not always into super structured bags, I typically prefer a bit of a slouch to my bags. And this is precisely why I am in love with the Proenza Schouler PS1 bags!

Proenza Schouler stuck to the PS1 line by offering a convertible satchel in medium and large and a pouchette. Both are available in a variety of colors and leather, python skin, and suede. Prices start at $895 for the pouchette and go as high as $4,250 for the large PS1. My only problem is narrowing it down to which bag I must have from their line. Suede is hard to clean, but the mustard suede PS1 looks stunning. And I love the midnight blue. So many choices. But I will make a choice, and dub this bag a holiday gift from Purse Blog to myself. Buy Proenza Schouler Bags at Barneys.

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  • Sarah

    I DIE!! These bags are amazing! Great article. I need one too!!!!!!!

  • dimon

    You might regret the mustard suede Megs. I have a light green suede Prada bag and it gets dirty very easily even though I don’t wear it with dark leather or ever let it touch the floor of the car or the floor of anything. I REALLY like the shapes of these bags. What is the inside lined with? Are there compartments? Can they be bought in Europe? Where are the bags made? I would love to buy a Made in America handbag. MORE INFO NOW!

  • Cindy

    These look really nice! Never heard of them until now. The Purse Forum is killing my bank account!

  • Dimon – I would regret mustard suede. I wish they had mustard leather!

    I adore the shapes of these bags. We are trying to find more info right now on production, inside, etc, etc. Once we know I will update you all!

  • Otter

    They look yummy. They also have a great line of sunglasses — also at Barneys.

  • Ms Cav

    I have been in LOVE since this bags unveiling!!

    Ms Cav of

  • Evster

    i have been waiting for youguys to cover these bags for a while now! YAY! theyre amazing and i would totally get the black one, if it weren’t for my close-to-empty wallet.

  • KAP

    I just got this bag in Chartreuse leather in the medium size. It’s absolutely FANTASTIC!

    Megs – the inside is black jacquard cloth with a wavy pattern and the Proenza Schouler logo. There is one zippered pocket inside, one zippered pocket on the back, and a magnetic snap-closer pocket and a zippered pocket under the flap on the front of the bag. VERY functional.

  • Kelly

    I am in love with Proenza Shouler bags, they are truly the most chic!

    The one in black would be perfect to go with the chic black dress and gorgeous diamond necklace that I’m wearing at or upcoming Christmas party.

    I would totally feel like a fashion model with any of these handbags, they are the stuff of fashion dreams, thanks for the post!

  • ruby

    any idea where can i buy the bag apart fr barneys online? any stores selling them?

  • bedhead

    Supposedly they will be sold at Kirna Zabete in NYC as well as all Barney’s store locations. In Europe, they’re currently available in Sien boutique in Antwerp, and will soon be available at Harrod’s in London and I think Printemps in Paris. The SA at Sien told me they are the first to carry it in all of Europe. When I was there they had several different ones in stock – no black left except in the pouchette and the python. They also had a small size which is about 1.5″ smaller in width and depth and half an inch smaller in height than the medium. This small size doesn’t appear to be carried by Barneys (online or in store).

  • eliza

    It’s harvey nichols in london, and colette in paris,
    yeah they were the first i still regret i did not buy it when i was in antwerp, cause colette did not have them yet when i returned to paris , i am thinking of going back to antwerp during xmas holiday, hopefully they will still have the one i want.
    seeing this pics again, afraid this is going to hurt my wallet

  • J

    Does anyone know if there are similar bags at the 300-600 dollar range????????? Please????

  • hipnycmom

    Dimon, the inside is lined in leather and fabric and there are TONS of compartments – there is an open compartment in front, a large front zip pocket behind that, a large main compartment with another zip pocket inside, and 1 more zip pocket in the back of the bag.

    I have the small size in Midnight and it holds a lot!! How I wish I could get one in every size….

  • l.m.

    this are truly thenext bg thing!
    pre fall colours include an amazing old but brigt pink.. amust have!

  • Meg

    Do these bags ever go on sale?

  • fashionistaO

    they remind me of my uniform in private school, the schoolbag was mandatory (secretly my favorite design – had someone copy it for me in velvet.) Can never have too many bags.

  • joseph

    i am a handbag designe …. my oppinion … you guys have a verry good creativity ..wish you all the best

    p.s. my expiriance is 45 years making handbags ,patterns, samples,in several countryse …europe, u.s.a ,meadle east

    so again bravo,bravo

  • blondie

    i love this bag got it 1 week lovin it proenza schoeler!!!!!!!XXXXXx