Ecosist Eco-Friendly Luna Bar Wrapper Bags

On Thanksgiving Day we should all give thanks for what we have, including fresh air and a healthy environment and of course, the FEAST on our tables today ;-). For our Eco-friendly readers, there is a special treat for you today. My mom, sister, and I are the biggest Luna Bar fans out there. These bars are wheat and dairy free (both ingredients I am allergic to) and taste amazing. Thanks to Ecoist many bags are being brought to us that are environmentally friendly, like the Ecoist Eco-Friendly Luna Bar Wrapper Bags. Ecoist explains that the ‘wrappers that are used are post-industrial waste, typically due to misprints or discontinuation of a line. They are made in Mexico and Peru by workers that are paid fair wages. Once the discarded wrappers arrive from the factories, they are cut, folded into straps, weaved, and sewn by skilled artisans. Each product is 100% handmade. Plus, for each bag that is purchased, Ecoist plants a tree through Trees for the Future.’ These bags are out of the ordinary but extraordinary in their eco-friendly design and fun wrapper appeal (especially Luna Bar due to my addiction!).

Top right we have the Luna Bar Jumbo Coin Pouch which is a mere $18 via Ecoist and is made with an array of Luna Bar wrappers sporting all the different flavors. The Coin Pouch is a perfect size for your ID, lip gloss, and cash while you are in a hurry. Next we have the Luna Bar Small Shoulder Bag which is made with blue Luna Bar wrappers and measures 9 x 4.5 inches. The shoulder bag is available through Ecoist for $58. And last, the Luna Bar Double Coiner works like a clutch and can be bought for $32 via Ecoist.

If Luna Bars are not your favorite, make sure you check out all of the other candy wrapper Ecoist handbags. Also, there is free shipping for the holidays on orders over $100. Make sure you enter freeship for the offer code during checkout at

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  • vegfashiongirl

    This is so cool. Thank you for posting something eco-friendly. I get so excited to see creative designers come up with fashion items that promote sustainability. I know it is possible to be fashionable without harming the planet or ourselves.

  • Designers are rediscovering their heritage and tradition to meet the evolving needs of the luxury consumers. The luxury fashion industry is returning to the idea of craftsmanship and individuality. Luxury accessories and handbags are becoming eco-conscious work of art to be different.
    I have few more eco handbag designers to suggest:
    Pibiones –
    Ting –
    Suitcase –

  • Ida no

    i know how to make the chains, but how do you connect them to make a bag?

  • al

    My friend Alan Yancelson and his mother Melody sell the original wrapperbags. Their company supports low-income mexican women! Check for their website!

  • jewelry maker

    love your bags there so awsome! :razz: :grin: :mrgreen:

  • Nacy

    i like these eco friendly (luna bar) bags. its so interesting how u and ur mother put it together. i want to know how you did it. i am a senior at kaimuki high school, and i’m doing a senior project about eco friendly bags and i have many questions and i was hoping you would help me.

  • Naggy

    I don’t think these bags would fit my sense of hotness. (ipad)