With Social Media taking over most of our lives, there is no reason to think it would not also take over the fashion world. Many designers are using Twitter and Facebook to parlay their previous marketing and outreach strategies into the new age realm. Barneys NY has partnered with acclaimed designer Helmut Lang to launch his first ever handbag, the much anticipated Loki Bag.

The Helmet Lang Loki Bag is exclusive to Barneys Facebook fans in a pre-sale until 2/5, then it will be exclusive to all Barneys customers going forward. The bag itself is inspired by a vintage motorcycle jacket made of black distressed leather. The design clearly stays in line with Helmut Lang’s aesthetic and is a peek into the rest of the handbag collection which will arrive in Barneys New York stores beginning February 5th. You know what else the design is reminiscent of… Balenciaga Planet Accessories which featured coin pouches that look like the front of the Loki bag.

Head over to Barneys NY’s Facebook page for more info or visit Barneys online!

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  • 19yearslater

    It has boobs! That’s the only thing I can see, sadly.

    • Lulugurl

      Ditto on that! Glad to see I am not the only one! It just looks bizarre……

  • Stephanie

    I see boobs too!

  • louch

    Yep, definitely boobs.

  • mochababe73

    Good! I thought something was wrong with me. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing

    A BOOB BAG !

  • suz

    Boobs, definitely….but S & M boobs….or maybe just an S & M smiley face……

  • Lori

    It’s awful looking. Love the leather and simplicity, but those “boob” things are awful, and probably impractical too.

    • StacyEF

      Those boob things could be practical…if you’re a stripper and need a place to conveniently access your pasties without having to dig through your bag!

      • mochababe73

        I literally laughed out loud. Too funny.

  • Stylista

    HAHA StacyEF! Too funny! I really don’t get the coin purses…why couldn’t they just have made them flat, like any other normal pouch? Why make them like a Gaultier cone bra?


  • Candace

    Whew I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw them as a cone bra – reminds me of Madonna’s blonde ambition tour.

  • ac

    that is one ugly bag!

  • Kat

    I am so happy to see that I’m not the only one seeing boobs. Since the post didn’t mention it, I though I had to maybe start therapy, given the first thing that popped into my head was “boobs”. Whew!


  • kemilia


    I have a Rogue Pod I keep on whatever bag I am carrying (it’s where I stash my bubblegum) and I get a lot of comments about it, some nice, and some kinda funny; I can just imagine what I would hear if I was carrying This bag!!


  • Jamesj

    Madonna style BOOBS!

  • Lizzie

    boobs in a bag? bag with boobs? wtf

  • Lizzie

    frog’s zipped up eyes…

  • PurseAdict

    OMG you guys are that exactly what I thought not helmet its BOOB bag … =)

  • Eleanor

    Thank goodness, I’m not the only one who saw boobs! This reminds me of that silly trend (which may have existed only in my first year of high school) of bustier purses (a purse in the shape of the top half of a corset).

  • Vitta

    This is one very unattractive bag!

  • Michelle

    hahah B-O-O-B bag! Horrible!

  • PhotoGirl

    So glad I’m not the only one! Madonna’s Gaultier bustier was the first thing that came to mind!

  • Amy

    Did they steal the Balenciaga boobs & stick them on this bag??

  • Perry Phalla

    Its almost similar to Alexander Wang’s bag.

  • michele wetmore

    Yep, I saw boobs too…very sad little bag

  • Earmuffs


  • Clare (@BagSlut)

    Absolutely agree with comments. False boobs was the first thing I thought. Truly ugly bag.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Well we all saw the same thing with this bag ! LOL

  • bowers

    Boobs here too.

  • Linda

    and the boobie prize goes to…. ;)

  • amy

    This bag reminds me that i need to purchase a new bra lol.