Honestly, I am nothing but grateful that paparazzi do not follow me around and photograph me. Because I guarantee you that I look nothing like Victoria Beckham arriving at any airport, ever. I won’t lie, my attempt to travel in style across the ocean usually involves stretched-out-size-too-big-jeans, a nice sweater, and sneakers. And even if Victoria Beckham changes while on board into something more comfy, I still feel badly for her.

Here Victoria Beckham was spotted arriving in London at Heathrow airport over the weekend sporting her beautiful Hermes Tricolor Kelly. Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of the Hermes Kelly style, as we have seen her carrying many of the versions, including: Hermes Kelly Longue, Hermes Kelly Pochette, Hermes Kelly Lizard Pochette, Black Kelly, and a white Hermes Kelly with orange piping. And while many are not huge fans of VB, I really love her coat with this tricolor Kelly and her Louboutins.

Images via Splash

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  • amante

    I like her coat too! It’s not the typical Victoria Beckham severity we come to expect of her. And it makes her look less like a skeleton.

  • Sarah

    LOVE HER!!!!

  • Granted her legs do look quite tiny under there…!

  • Oliana

    Very chic indeed! I love her hair style, I think it suits her the best.

  • coco13

    Gorgeous bag!

  • Black Beauty

    I love her hair cut and of course her Kelly is tdf…

  • Jane

    I couldnt agree more, i would go INSANE if i had her life, and that amount of scrutiny ALL the time.But she does seem to handle it well.

    This whole look is A+ the Poxie is the best thing she could have done for her image, its just fresh and easily adaptable, i love the whole little Mia Farrow vibe here, they are both tiny and have that sad face.

    The Kelly is STUNNING, and i would love to have it.

  • Sweet Pea

    I Love VB!!!! She looks absolutely gorgeous with her tdf Hermes bag!!!

  • Greg

    Love every inch of Victoria Beckham, from the bag, the clothes, the shoes, the specs, the dress and all. She is an all-in-one package. Contrary to what you think, millions of people adore Victoria….

    The bag is lovely….

  • Betsey

    I love her too! Her style is incredable and her handbag collection is mind blowing. I don’t think she is too skinny at all I just think she has a lot more discipline than a regular woman.

  • dimon

    For the life of me I don’t know how she can travel (back to LA?) like that. I do CDG-SFO couple times a year and when I do it’s comfortable, light, forgiving airplane clothes. You never know if they are going to freeze your ass off or over heat in a plane now. Granted, I am in coach class. Maybe in first class they hand you over some Martin Margiela cashmere leggings with a matching shawl as you board.

  • Tara Sauvage

    I like the mod 60’s vibe.

  • lovely_bag

    she changed so much since the spice girls – totally another person. and she used to be the spice girl with style. (like a black cocktaildress and def no perm ;-)

  • ZAT

    multicolored faces bag, just following YSL Muse II , well shame on Hermes .. can’t they be more original?

  • Caroline London

    You know, I really don’t love the tricolor thing. I mean, I LOVE Hermes, but I just don’t think they needed to do that to the bag.

    And don’t get me started on Victoria Beckham – she learned to dance in the hall of the church in north London I used to go to every Sunday when I was growing up…

  • Reecespieces

    omg i totally thought of that movie Rosemary’s Baby when i saw this pic…

  • Jane H.

    Not a huge fan of the bag but it goes with her outfit

  • dyjann

    Hmm..i wish she’d put on some coloured lipstick, i think she’d look better…oh, and the bag’s ok for me

  • STefanie

    So I may not be able to afford a Birkin like Posh but I love that color. And i know that Lauren Conrad’s favorite Linea Pelle bags are going on sale, and I think she’s amazingly stylish too! On HauteLook they are going to be like 60% off! I can’t wait to get stylish like her! Happy Shopping!

  • M_butterfly

    Adorable bag. I think Victoria can make anything and everything look outstanding.

  • Natalia

    I love kelly bag a lot….I love hermes a lot!!!

  • olivia

    indeed, this is a very Gorgeous bag, I had to save more than 3 years to afford one and finally gotten a chance to recieve a call from the Herme store in vagas, but is still nothing like the crocodile leather she own, maybe someday, wish me luck………. and good luck to all out there as well. best wishes.

  • Alexandra Xu

    Without doubt that Hermes handbags has its own elegance and surely Victoria Beckham knows how to wear one in her own unique style.

  • eloise

    i have had a bi- color kelly for many years …hermes most certainly did not copy ysl!

  • Audrey

    Simply love her and her Hermes collection!! totally the queen of fashion..

  • jc_girl

    Wow!!! Victoria Beckham with Hermes Kelly Bag. That’s so cool. Well Victoria can actually wear any bag with her cause she’s so stylish, confident and gorgeous. So envious! =)