victoria beckham white hermes birkin

To own one Hermes Birkin is a feat in and of itself. To have a collection of over one hundred Hermes Bags is mind blowing. This is said to be accomplished by Victoria Beckham, as if it is even an accomplishment, who has spent over $2 million dollars at Hermes. Most recently, Victoria sported one of her most casual looks, of course paired with a White Hermes Birkin. Her outfit is made up of white skinny jeans, a blue tank, a blue and white striped cropped jacket, Christian Louboutin pumps, and of course her must-have designer handbag. I must admit I am partial to the white Hermes leathers (pictures of my beautiful new addition to come later), which are stark stunning and crisp on their intricately crafted bags, but worry about any spec of dirt getting on the bag. The very light shades, especially white, must be sent to the mother ship, in Paris, and will take 6 months to be cleaned. Lucky for Victoria, she has about 99 other Hermes bags to tote while waiting.

victoria beckham white hermes birkin1

victoria beckham white hermes birkin2

victoria beckham white hermes birkin3
And there she goes in her custom Bentley, with her initials engraved on the seat!

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  • belle

    not fair!

  • Ruu

    does she drive with those shoes :o

  • jada

    She is such a diva!!!

  • william

    Maybe she uses Birkins as grocery bags?

  • Julie

    I like the bag- it’s very crisp. -And it is refreshing to see a celebrity so put together all the time; as opposed to the more bag-lady styles others seems to sport so much… but one has to wonder just how into herself Victoria really is. (Driving with the shoes… I bet she does. -Or like the BMW commericial where the woman cuts her heel off. Oi vey.)

  • llson

    She always looks great, and I have to agree with Julie, it is refreshing to see a celebrity put together all the time….Hollywood style!! I bet she takes her shoes off.

  • Lily

    OMG,can you imagine being that RICH?Jesus she is one lucky lady,and the best thing is at the end of the day her life is not only full of H bags,shoes&clothes but also filled with 3 beautiful children so it makes all of it look even sweeter.You can have it all!

    • Jahpson

      I believe! lol

  • Rory


  • Chloé

    Ugh, she can afford a nose-job. I love her handbags, but I cannot stand her disgusting pig nose. :roll:

  • karolynka

    i can drive with my 12 cm heels! :cool:
    love vb, she has that european glamour class and style..ohh..and the H factor..
    i’m happy for her..

  • nadia

    I am sorry, but VB is to me cheap cheap cheap!!! But the bags are off course beyond WOW!! Does she really have 100 Hermes bags???

  • Alex

    They don’t call her “Posh” for nothing!!

  • Jahpson

    Nobody, and I mean Nobody can touch Victoria Beckham’s style! She is right up there for me with jennifer Lopez.

    Anybody who thinks otherwise of VB is simply jealous and envious.

  • While I do agree that most Hermes bags would be a pleasure to own, I can think of 2 million better ways to spend those 2 million dollars!

    • Jasmine

      Missy, if you can say that then you are on the WRONG website!!!!

  • mj

    lucky thing!

  • I love the Birkin (especially vintage ones), but the white is a bit too bright for me..


  • coco13

    It is completely wrong that someone with so little personal style (100+ stylists) can own so many beautiful Hermes bags…

  • sarah

    she is one lucky girl! how i dream to have a birkin!!
    but for someone that rich, YES she should consider a nose job PLEASE. she would look so much prettier..

  • Jane

    Hmm… there’s a woman on my floor who places her WHITE Birkin on the bathroom floor. Oh the Horror. She may be rich but she should definitely take care of her… (now dull white birkin).

  • littlefab

    I love the birkin too! Own one will make me EXTREMELY HAPPY…cannot imagine if I own 100 of them… :shock:

  • Jasmine

    I hear she gets her Hermes bags especially designed – that mini purple Hermes bag is sooo cute! I so looooove her white Birkin! I’ve got a white Longchamp that I use everywhere. Believe me if you have a white bag you want it to be crisp and bright because it POPS! I know you usually say that for colours but believe me if you want white – go for the cleanest, brightest, whitest white! A muted or off-white bag just looks old and worn. Ugh!

  • Gina

    100??! OMG

  • Tarez

    What is that size of that white fabulous birkin?

  • Honey

    Just want your advice,what do you think about sites like ebay letting women swap bags they have?just a thought

  • Marcelynus

    :grin: Victoria is the real Hermes woman, She also brings her super duper precious birkin bag.

    • Who cares

      Is a real Hermes woman supposed to be emaciated? Just asking!

  • jethro

    euyh..she’s pretty in those photo..but o my GOD..when she take off that big glasses, she looks really..OLD. and she IS NOT a real hermes woman.but the birkin bags good.. :lol:

    • jaslene


  • nicoledicocco

    If she has $2million can she not afford to eat? She looks like she is about to fall over with the wind :-)

  • jaslene


  • Molly

    :razz: I’ve recently bought the same bag and I LOVE IT !!!!

  • lala

    geez theres ALWAYS someone who has to comment on her body. just leave her alone.
    i love victoria and her sense of style

  • cathy yasuno

    i love her and bag too, they both lovely, i hope i can have a bag like that too.

  • susan

    Im Jealous!! I still have along way to go to achieve 100 Birkin….no way i will ! She is the queen of Birkin!

  • susan

    I still have along way to go to achieve 100 Birkin….no way i will ! She is the queen of Birkin!

  • sue

    :razz: omg i luv her bag and outfit, and woah her car has her initals on her headresdt. woah i want that! hhaha :!: :!:

  • lyndsey

    I think she is cool but she is too skinny and why is she so hated? She sure knows how to spend her hubby’s money!!!

  • rach

    i have gt like 2 hermes bags but havin 100 wooww

  • rach

    ive gt a black jpg birkin nd a white kelly bag
    nd there fantastic i love them

  • rach

    yyhthe two comments ive put before there oh so true n im only actually 15 nd ive gt two with my own money nd i mite be gting the white birkin soon yayy

  • alice

    omg im supprised she doesnt drive the buggati hermes edition :eek:

  • era

    is.a.bediful :grin:

  • victoria


  • jilah

    she’s so gorgeous! omg. like wow. im getting my hair cut like hers soon. :grin:

  • chris

    youd think a fasion designer coudl think of somthign a littel more creative than her initals to have engraved into the seat

  • emille

    Im Twelve Years old And Every Birthday I Get A Hermes Bag For One Of My Presents Its My Birthday Soon And Im Goin To Get My 13 One But Not Sure Which One To Get Any Ideas ?

  • Samantha

    I can’t get over how cute her outfit is with the bag

  • Yasmin

    Hi guys… without boasting… I have 83 birkins and 48 kellys in all the colors including 8 crocodile birkins 35 and 6 kelly crocodiles… My husband is buying me a tri-colour birkin 35 in croco with diamonds as my 30th birthday present.. any thoughts on that…

    • Who cares

      Who cares! Youre probably lying.

    • Not a hater

      Where are your pics?. Sure you own them. Keep telling yourself that.

  • Nurulhuda

    I’m really happy for her, but seriously i can’t be like her because i lobe to eat! (plus i don’t even own A birkin :P)

  • marie

    yasmin, good for you. Though you do sound like you’re bragging. Oh well.

  • Jelita78

    i’m purely jealous of her!
    and her courage to carry a white birkin!! (ipad)

  • animal_god

    Em! harlo missy so-called posh – Victoria Beckham + others! do you know how many animals you have killed, and how many are coming to die for you!! My gosh! You should use your money to help those who need it, the poor, the endanger animals, promote ECO, etc. Wake up….goes around comes around, I hope you sleep well at night! :(

  • michelle_mybelle

    …love her!  she is so awesome, quiet and yet extremely sosyal ;)