victoria beckham hermes kelly lizard pochette

While her choice of outfits may be in left field, Victoria Beckham picks her style and goes all the way. She could wear a plastic bag and make it look amazing, giving off all the confidence in the world in any piece she adorns her svelte body with. She and her husband, David Beckham, spent Saturday night out for dinner at Nobu, where they were swarmed with paparazzi on their way in and out of dinner. Victoria sported a couture green mini dress while carrying a Hermes Kelly Lizard Pochette in her hand. The color of her Kelly Pochette is a stunning green hue, Vert Amande (note that colors in the lizard family are not the same name as that of ostrich or croc). We already knew she had the Hermes collection that any fashionable woman would pine for, but it is such a pleasure to have her tease us and show off a new handbag every outing.

hermes kelly lizard pochette

victoria beckham hermes kelly lizard pochette1

victoria beckham hermes kelly lizard pochette2

victoria beckham hermes kelly lizard pochette3

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  • Lily

    AMAZING,her H collection is unbelivable.And i simply adore the fact that she is never afraid to wear something edgy and funky.The Marc Jacobs dress she has on?!Perfection,she pulls it off with such ease.

  • NancyCP

    I love that she takes chances and risks with her clothing. Some may love her or hate her but she is never boring. That is what I love about her.

  • fashion in the making

    Beautiful Stunning Gorgeous

  • anni

    love her style
    love her bag — so cute :grin:

  • tt

    i do understand that she’s one of the best fashion icons right now… but what is she famous for other than being a spice girl? what’s her occupation these days? :???:
    it’s amazing how much attention one can get just by dressing nice and having a gorgeous husband

  • Huiying

    I adore her bags.. Hermes and all.. But does beck make that much so that she can have a new bag everytime?!!! *wonder**

  • kks

    slightly off trackkkk – but DAVID’s style is awesome!! i love how he wore his sweater with his shirt and baggy jeans. it’s kinna preppy, but kinna street in a way. LOVE IT. But yes… V.B.’s style is original & flawless. Only she can pull off that dress, anyone else would look ridiculous in it.

  • Lisa

    Victoria’s occupation is business owner and designer for their company, DVB, which markets their own line of jeans and sunglasses.

  • Angelblake

    I wonder why she never smiles. She seems unhappy all the time.

  • bagwatcher

    Okay, the bag is cute, the dress is horrid. I don’t think anyone can or should attempt to pull this dress off. Its just ugly – reminds me of a bunch of post it notes sticking out of a book. Anyway, I don’t get the attention this girl gets. She looks like a science class skeleton with skin, her face & boobs look like they were carved but hey, I guess some people out there think that sort of stuff is attractive. Angelblake is right, she never smiles – why do girls look up to someone like that?

  • em

    I have to admit that she used to be my fave Spice Girl, but, wow, what an important celeb she is now… being a business owner and designer like everyone else :roll:
    and i agree with bagwatcher… i don’t think i’ve ever seen her smile

  • they look like brother and sister! the greens don’t match. it’s a great bag too

  • marilyn

    Beg to differ – VB looks like she belongs to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Jahpson

    this woman has impeccable taste! and an amazing collection of Hermes bags.

    I dont care what anybody says, Vicky is a fashion icon. her and her adorable husband.

    I love the way her dress fits her and I love how she matches with natural tone shoes and a green bag.

  • Frugalfashiongirl

    LOL! That is so cute….AnyKnockOff is featuring a knockoff for 20 bucks!

  • Frugalfashiongirl

    Oh..the homepage, sorry :)

  • mallan

    If any of you watched Jay Leno many months ago, VB told Jay that she also wonder why she never seem to smile in the photos.
    She was funny and fun during her interview with Jay. Totally different from her photos.

    Off topic a bit. Sorry…

  • lathan

    The colour of the bag should have gone with a plain black dress like the one she wore on her first official day in LA. Hermes will disown the bag, I’m sure.

    As for the dress, the circus called and Toto wants it back.

  • Irene

    I really love victoria!!
    that purse is perfect and I love beckham
    he looks so sexy in that outfit!!

  • Laras

    Uh, love the husband!

  • de sartriges capucine

    :oops: this woman is so ugly, and too proud, and je continue en français, si antipathique !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MissLoveChanel

    Love the bag-hate the dress :shock:

  • cathy yasuno

    what could i say stunning beautiful,god i hope i would be her…lol

  • Zizi

    That bag seriously makes me want to motivate myself to get an expensive lunch bag. Seriously, quite a pretty lunchbag.

  • Renier (clearstatic)

    oooooooh. :razz:

  • Jelita78

    oh goshhh..
    i bet she can rock even the garbage bag!
    i mean, seriously, if u look at the square-layered-green-leafy-dress, who would wore that?
    but when VB paired it with kelly lizard, BAM !
    it is a masterpiece! (ipad)

  • Zoe

    Epic clutch…Green and lizard is very versatile…