The Recent Hermès Purchases of PurseForum Members

'If you can't beat em, join em' they say

When it comes to Hermès, so much chatter happens surrounding all aspects of the brand. Price point, availability, exclusivity, wait lists, how to get a bag, reaching quota, and much more. I am lucky to own a few bags.

I purchased my Hermès bags pre-kids (aside from my Mini Evelyne) and didn’t have any sort of hoops to jump through (plus my most sentimental bag that was a gift from the community!), and now, while I am still a big fan of the brand, I find myself more of a backseat shopper.

I am someone who absolutely feels that infatuation when I see a bag that speaks to me while also recognizing that I don’t want to be part of what feels like the carnival ride at times. Don’t be fooled; if a SA offered me a bag I wanted, I’d jump at it!

How do I fix this? Well, I don’t buy any bags, and instead, I join fellow Hermès shoppers in delighting over their purchases. Enter our PurseForum, the place that feels like this little slice of handbag home – our community that has been part of my adult life and there for every major bag purchase I’ve made.

Hermès Offers Turned Purchases

If you want to see insane collections of Cartier stacks, Louis Vuitton Bags, Chanel newness, Hermès rarities, and everything in between, this is the place to hang out. I find myself delving deep into the depth of the PurseForum, or tPF as it’s loving called by members, to see what they are up to when it comes to purchasing.

A thread that truly delights me is seeing the bag offers people have been given at Hermès. Not only are they purchasing beautiful bags, but they are also turning down bags! This goes against the idea that you can’t turn down an offer, and some of the bags being turned down are very lovely but not what that shopper was looking for!

Here are some of my favorite purchases I’ve seen made by our Hermès members recently.

Hermès Green (with Envy)

On my list of color families that I adore from the House of Hermès is its greens, namely its lighter hues. This was the summer of many green bag offers because you can see a plethora of bags offered and purchased by our members!

Hermes Shadow Clutch in Yuka

Mini Kelly in Vert Fizz

Mini Kelly Vert Criquet Ostrich

hermes mini Kelly in vert fizz

Birkin 25 in Vert Comics

The Timeless, Classic Hues

When it comes to colors that will stand the test of time on bag shapes that are some of the most iconic, Hermès also covers it. These bags are instant wardrobe cornerstone staples, and it’s easy to see why.

Hermes Birkin 25 in Togo Etoupe

Constance 24 in Graphite

Birkin 25 in Gris Meyer

B25 sellier craie x gris asphalte

Birkin 30 in e?toupe

Mini Kelly in Etoupe Ecore Noir

Kelly To Go in Craie

Kelly 28 in Gold

Birkin 25, PHW, Toile, Beige et Cuir Chai

birkin 25 togo leather in etain

Herme?s Birkin 20 Faubourg Sellier Black Alligator Bag

The Others

Hermès can never be called boring when it comes to its wide variety of colors and leather options. Plus, sometimes, an extra special and rare bag sneaks in and just makes you stop directly in your tracks for a minute to appreciate.

Kelly 28 in sylvestre mauve

Mini Kelly Blue Celeste Epsom

Mini Kelly Lizard Touch Rose Pourpre


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9 months ago

pretty bags, but still confuse why people loves tiny bag. but it’s still breathtaking tho

9 months ago

Vert D’eau is also a great shade of green <3