We know you get a lot of Hermes bags on PurseBlog, but typically we show you the coveted Birkin. Today, I want to show you the just as well-known Hermes Kelly in a version you may have never seen before: with outside zipper pockets. This is the Hermes Kelly Lakis, and it first hit stores in 2006. The Kelly was the ladylike predecessor to the Birkin, with a single top handle that gives this structured purse a very high-end feel. Ladies who lunch love this bag, and the Hermes Kelly also comes in smaller sizes – perfect for a formal occasion where you’d still like to be able to fit things in your bag.

Of course, all Hermes bags come in different sizes and leather options, and if you choose a larger size in a grainy, thick leather (like togo or clemence), the Kelly becomes a little more casual. Adding two zip pockets really transforms the look, and that is precisely what the Kelly Lakis was introduced for. Not everyone who carries the Kelly wants a totally structured, box-shaped bag, and this version provides a sportier feel. It’s hard to track down, but I did see one pop up recently on Rue La La for $13,999.

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  • FashionableLena

    I like this more relaxed feel. However I’m not a big fan of outside pocket and usually don’t use them if I buy a bag that has them. If you put something in them, they make the bag look misshapen. I like the flat look.

  • nappy

    i am in LOOOOVVVVEEEE with this bag! i have been tracking this bag for so long now, and yet i still haven’t found one.. my ultimate holy grail for Hermes bags, that’s for sure.

    • Sara Morgan

      I have an extra brand new one and they are about to get even more rare. So let me know if you still want one. I adore this bag–easier to carry than a Birkin and especially great with the outside pockets in front and the long zip pocket in back for travel—airplane tickets and Eurostar tickets fit precisely and neatly so no reason to open your handbag in crowded airport or stations!

  • Guest

    This is like seeing the Mona Lisa “updated” with jeans and a hoodie. I think I’ll pass…

    • Susie


  • jessica knowles

    its looks like my Grandma Bag. Leave it.

  • AshleyG

    “Hated it”- Damon Wayans

  • sable

    Gee whizz …if you think that this bag is for ladies who lunch? then those ladies have very bad taste!

  • klynneann

    I saw it on Rue La La too, and I had never seen one before. LOVE it!! But I like Kellys better than Birkins to begin with. :)

  • sara

    I’ve never seen this before but I really like it. The pockets are the first thing my eyes are drawn to and I had to look again to see that it is really a Kelly. Kind of reminds me of a guy’s bag though it is probably too small for this.

  • Wing

    leave it

  • Goosegui

    I am a 33 year old Man and I have had the Kelly Lakis for many years. I use it as a work bag/briefcase and I love it. I know when you hear the words “Kelly Bag” the last thing you think is… That would make a great Man Bag. But in my opinion the Lakis works great for this working guy.

  • I would like it if the hardware was gold :-)

  • merve


  • LakisLover

    I love Lakis. I have two bags in this design…one box/toile, one full leather. I know Kelly Lakis is a ‘love-hate’ bag…either you really love it, or you hate hate hate it. I am the definitely the former. It is my favourite model out of the various models Hermes offer…It is better than birkin (in my opinion).

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