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  • Lilly

    I’m no high end bag expert, but her Kelly looks a bit fake.

    That said, my curiosity got the best of me, so I watched her “docu-reality” as I like to call it. And what a hot-mess she is. Lindsay blames everyone for her problems except for where the finger should really be pointing to:her. It was an hour of watching a 27 year old act like a bratty 5 year old. She doesn’t own up to anything, breaks every promises, feels entitled for her behavior, and has no self awareness. At the beginning of the episode from her Oprah interview, she was asked what was her drug of choice, she answered it was alcohol. She should have said attention. The girl thrives on it, she needs it. I can’t feel sorry for someone that has been given more chances than she deserves, and she has frittered away all of it. This was my first and last viewing.

  • Kim

    Somehow this photo perfectly depicts the shallow practice of carrying expensive “statement” handbags to, well, make a statement. It just makes me cringe… Of course, that’s a completely cynical view. The Kelly is a beautiful bag.

    • ElainePG

      The Kelly is a beautiful bag, but she carries it as though it’s a brown paper sack! Do you see the way it’s rolling at the top? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… she shows no respect for the people in her life, so why should she show any respect for the high-end objects in her life? This little girl doesn’t DESERVE to own a Kelly bag!

      • dnfl

        who are you to say she doesn’t deserve to own an hermes bag?? if she has the means to afford one, then she deserves one. people are so quick to criticize and judge this girl

      • Mya

        What a ludicrous statement to make! Who decides who “deserves” to own a Kelly? me thinks its only your bank statement that can make that decision, and as you can see, the decision was to own one. Its just a bag you know (albeit a beautiful) but still just a bag, sheesh!

  • Louise

    That poor bag seems to have been through a lot!

  • Guest

    She has been through a lot for someone so young. I hope she’s able to put her demons in their place and get on with her life. She has talent, and it’s sad to think it might all go to waste. She’s young yet, so I have hope and I wish her well. As to the bag, why not? Who “deserves” an Hermes bag? The person who can buy one! Nothing more, nothing less. While others her age had the luxury of being children, Ms. Lohan was already hard at work. She just may have paid for that bag with her sanity. I hope that’s not the case.

  • Finally the Lilo we knew she look much more stylish this way. I think she had to stay independent. She got so much ahead of her

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