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  • Marnie

    Its cute, I love it.

    Commence the grumbling of what Kim can/can’t do with her money.

    • Sly

      I think it’s cute as well. This doesn’t have to do with money, this is just a lovely gesture.

  • Canuck65

    Please no more articles about Kim or the rest of the Kardashians – they’re boring, vulgar and I could care less about them or their bags

    • Diamondgirl

      That 15 minutes of fame sure lasted a while.

    • Guest

      Is it just me or does she seem irritated to be carrying the bag?

    • FatCow

      Totally agree with you! Can’t stand seeing her and the rest of Kardashian family on media any longer!! Why do we care about them??? Another stupid social media and cheap money maker by selling crazy magazine. Cheers.

    • Angie

      They may be vulgar and boring but they’re further in life than you’ll ever be. Even that bag is. So please everybody shut up with the annoying “stop posting the kardashians” posts because you(the haters) are the reason they get coverage.

      • Chris

        I suppose you gauge “further” based on dollars accumulated? That’s the standard? So truly sad.

      • Hierophilic

        Oh so truly sad :C she’s got money to burn and you’ve got mean comments about her life on purseblog. Get your life before you come for her about a gift her child made her.

      • lol get your life, everyone here needs to hear that.

      • Hierophilic


  • Blonde_Closet

    What I’m really concerned about is how far off her shoes her toes are hanging out. It’s like looking at shrimp cocktails hanging off a goblet.

    • JHH

      Oh my goodness; you are correct. Hysterical.

    • Averil

      Hahaha!!! OMG I’m at work right now and I actually snorted really loudly reading that! Too funny…

  • kindled

    I’m not sure I get Kanya’s love of DIY Hermes bags (but then again, I don’t get much about Kanye) but honestly, I like this better than the other painted one he got her!

  • Amanda

    Isn’t it kind of a copycat from Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress?

  • klaudia

    Can we finally stop to report about lives of those people? They lack of style and class and fun site like pb should not lower to their level.

  • dela

    Would a parent let a child smear paint on an expensive rug or other article in the name of art? It is always lovely when children do artwork for their parents. However, until children understand the actual concept of drawing and painting and can conceive ideas independently, they should stick to drawing on paper. For that do happen, they would have to be much older than North West. Here it just looks like a tacky gesture that is meant to show off wealth in a subversive way. I think hand prints in clay would have been a sweeter gesture.

    • Hierophilic

      Yes. Some parents, with money to replace those articles, would. You see, when you value your child’s creativeness in the realm of having money to replace those things, it’s okay. She understands the concepts of art: Not all art needs to be conceptualized, beautiful pieces. If a piece of abstract art that is literally four holes on a piece of canvas can sell for thousands, then a little girl with rich parents can smear paint on mommy’s bag to make her a present. A tacky gesture is commenting on how a child must conceptualize to make a gift.

      • etta9824

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      • dela

        Even “a piece of abstract art that is literally four holes on a piece of canvas” is based on some concept. I am all for nourishing one’s child’s creativeness, but I still think
        North West’s artistic expression should have been shown on something else. I will stand by my assertion that this comes of as tacky.

        Judging by the tone of your comments, it seems you have a huge chip on your shoulder. I think you have taken every comment as a personal affront to yourself regardless of the tone of the writer. It seems like your sole purpose was to hurl personal insults on other commenters. I would have preferred if you had delved further into to you misogyny claims.

      • Hierophilic

        Read the rest of the comments. Read what everyone consistently has to say about this woman while only having a very rudimentary grasp on what her life is, who she is, and what she is about. I don’t necessarily think she’s a person who is perfect, but it’s sickening to see so many attempting to justify “opinions” that she’s “trashy”. And frankly, hell yeah, I’m going to hurl insults at these people who dehumanize a woman for reasons that are frankly stupid. “She has a sex tape!! She’s a whore!” Do people not understand that even if she was a saint, somebody, somewhere would label her a whore? Do they not understand how many sex workers are murdered for the reasons they’re using to spew vitrol at a woman they do not know?

        An opinion stops being an opinion when it actively plays into systematic oppression and murder. End of story. If you’re sitting back and saying it’s fine to hate a woman because of those reasons, then you’re complicit in misogyny. There’s no excuse.

      • Strangehours

        @ Hieropholic : I’m always reading your comments…but i must say each time a lady comment about something she don’t like in another woman…
        You jump on it and say it is a mysoginist attack
        Relax…inhale, exhale…
        She was just saying she don’t like her taste, she don’t like her bag (you know that do not be mysogine doesn’t mean that you must like and agreed with every single thing Kim Kardashian is doing right ?)
        You can fight for women’s right and still having opinions on some other women’s clothes and accessories
        Real feminist do not fight for women’s right on Purse Forum
        The battle and the fight is in Syria, Iran, India…etc… were womens are killed everyday because they are just womens
        Not here for an Hermes bag

      • Hierophilic

        Sorry, I’m not going to relax, and no, women fight everywhere for women. It’s not your job to tell me when and where to fight, nor is it your job to gas light me and tell me my feminism is irrelevant, when, in fact, yours is.

        You see, by saying that this form of feminism isn’t the same as physical fighting is a. Exploitative of those women in those countries and frankly, racist, colonialist and imperialist and b. ableist, classist, and ignorant as hell as you erase disabled feminist bloggers who cannot protest in the streets, or live in areas where those things are inaccessible, or hell, those women who are stuck in abusive relationships and home lives where they cannot make their voices heard anywhere else. Where they cannot exist as they wish to because they are bound to their oppressors.

        You cannot call yourself a feminist if you’re actively exploiting women as part of an argument wherein you tell another feminist their being too loud, need to relax, need to calm down, need to shut up when they speak about how people attack women they do not know over her body, her choices, her work, the clothes she wears, the man she married, her family, her sex life, et al ad nauseum.

        You can have an opinion about womens clothing and accessories without reverting to talking about what a cheap, tacky person she is. This is not a hard thing to grasp. Really. Stop talking shit about her body, her personality, and start commenting on the garments themselves without relating them to her body. I.E. I dislike that bag. Really. It’s that simple. “I don’t like that skirt.” Not “Ugh I hate her I don’t like that skirt or her ass blah, blah blah,” “Oh my god that top makes her look like a hooker!” Those are opinions that attack her person. Not her clothes. The clothes are an excuse to verbally harm her.

    • Jerri R

      Wow this escalated quickly LOL

  • seres

    In support of Emily, I liked this article. It takes the phenomenon of colleagues putting up their child’s terrible/adorable paper artwork in their cubicles to the extreme. And it would be an amazing gift to North when she turns 18/21.

    • Lynnie

      I highly doubt North is going to want to carry this bag herself when she gets to that age

  • uh no

    these two being f*cktards as usual

    • Hierophilic

      Ah, yes, ableist slurs are wonderful, very good for getting your opinion across if you’ve got the IQ of a hardened pile of cat vomit. A+

  • as

    holy crap that diamond ring though

  • Wilma

    Thank God Jean-Louis Robert Guillame Frédéric Dumas-Hermès did not have to see this.

    • Diamondgirl

      He is probably rolling in his grave. I also think that the label is losing it’s prestige with these clowns wearing it.

      • How do you know if he is really rolling in his grave? You guys take this too seriously. Who made you the guardian of Hermes??

      • Diamondgirl

        And you are a bundle of light heartiness with your comment, not.
        No one made me a guardian of anything but my children, it’s called and opinion. Why don’t you go through some thought process before commenting even on this nonsense.

    • Hierophilic

      Well thank god that old jar of mayo expired then, ain’t it?

  • Wilma

    Thank God Jean-Louis Robert Guillame Frédéric Dumas-Hermès did not have to see this

    • I’m sure you Googled that to get your point across, highlighting how pressed you are.

  • elisian

    Ironically, when I brought my old/well-loved/dirty Herbag to my Korean dry cleaner (who has no idea what Hermes even is), this is precisely the solution she suggested.

  • Flaw

    I can’t down-vote comments without login in so I’ll guess this should have to do:
    I like it, I think the colors actually look nice, which isn’t easy as it might have ended up as a big brown blur, the bag itself would have been utterly boring without it, imho. They can do whatever they want with their money, God knows they can spare the cost of the bag anyways, so why the hell not? At least it’s something she can give use to and have around, not like some hand print in clay, way to think outside the box with that one…

    • dela

      Some ideas are better off left inside the box. Moreover, I would hardly call this an out-of-the-box idea.

      • Hierophilic

        Who gives a damn if it’s not “out of the box”? It’s her CHILD’S ART. It’s important -to her-. It doesn’t matter if it’s a black smear of paint, it’s the importance of who the artist was: her baby.

  • Abbi

    I think this might have been better if North was old enough to conceptualize and draw something free hand but having said that I actually like it…i like painted canvas bags – didnt like the HAC she got though.

  • dnfl

    this isn’t even too bad. since they have the money why not? i believe the main reason ppl are complaining is not because of the bag itself, but that it is in the hands of kim k. it’s not as bad as people make of it

  • Joshua

    I’m just glad it wasn’t a Birkin or a Kelly they had North paint on!

  • Shanelle

    Stop. Covering. Kim. Kardashian. She is not an icon of anything: fashion, style, taste, class, motherhood, nothing. When is that going to be acknowledged?!

    • Mya Wilkes

      Never! And who made you the judge of fashion, style, motherhood and the rest? This is a freaking PURSE blog! PB can and WILL feature anyone they want to so far the post is relevant to the site and in this case, it surely is. You need to step down from whatever you’ve climbed on.

      • Shanelle

        I never said I was THE judge of anything. I have a right to my opinion. She. Is. Completely. Fake. Her face, her hair, her figure, her pseudo parenting is ALL FAKE. She contributes nothing to fashion and does not deserve a place on this blog or any other for that matter. Remember, you attacked me, not the other way around. Maybe you are the one who needs to step off the high horse.

      • Yoshi

        She may be fake according to you but her bag isn’t and that is all that matters on this blog. It’s PURSE-blog, it is about the handbags and thats it. She is a celeb that has great bags that are iconic so she does deserve a place on this blog even if she isn’t loved by a lot of people. The main priority is the handbags. And Kim’s collection of handbags is probably the best I’ve ever seen. The so-black Birkin and the Balenciagas, and the Celine croc phantoms are stellar handbags!

        This herbag is really cute and I love the idea. Totally adorbs!
        It definitely beat the vase a painted for my mom in second grade LOL!!

      • Shanelle

        Fake according to me? Seriously? All those pics she desperately pays to have taken every day detail how fake she is. She deserves no fashion credit including her handbag collection. And I say that as a huge luxury handbag fan. Fin.

      • Erika

        Amanda: You couldn’t have said it better!

      • Mya Wilkes

        I take it you were there in person when she was paying them right? You really need to get over yourself, seriously. Enough with this gibberish you’re spewing. You don’t like her, that’s fine, i’m not her fan either but I love her bags and her bag is what we’re here to discuss like the lovely Yoshi pointed out above.

      • Yoshi

        Okay fine but again her handbags aren’t fake and she is classified as a celeb so she WILL be on the forum. This is PURSE-blog which emphasizes handbags and nothing else.

      • madison

        get over it. find something else to “tackle”

      • Hierophilic

        The only thing you’re tackling here is a dead horse. She contributes a lot more than you. Please find somewhere else to wank with your Kim hate please.

    • Guest

      I agree. If it weren’t for the sex tape, we wouldn’t even know who she is.
      Stop making stupid people famous.

      • Hierophilic

        She made that sex tape for herself. it was stolen, and exploited. But hey, of course you’d target her for having her sex tape leaked, but when J.Law’s nudes were leaked it was a cryin’ shame and a sex crime against her and woowoowoo. Kim K.’s sex tape gets leaked, someone actively tries to market it, without her consent, she takes it back, makes money off of it from all the creepy fucks who bought it, and she’s virulently hated across the internet. Do you think sex work isn’t a legitimate form of work? Do you think you have the rights to hate, nay, DEHUMANIZE sex workers by calling us stupid when we’re exploited? Do you think people who have their nudes, sex tapes, ect. leaked on the internet deserve the backlash, the sex shaming, the misogyny they get? If you do, Kim isn’t the bad person here. You are.

        Your excuses for hating her are BORING. Stop. Find a legit reason, like, say, her being a racist, or a homophobe, or a misogynist, or a transphobe, then come back.

    • Hierophilic

      Who. Actually. Gives. Any. Shits. She is. You’re not the only one who views this blog. I like Kim, even on just a base level because she’s a woman of color. That alone makes me like her more than Taylor Swift being featured, mind you, when she is featured, I don’t hop into the comments to whine about how much I hate her on every damn post.

  • highrider9o9

    I like it, I think it’s one of a kind, and definitely holds some sentimental value to both of them. What actually disgusts me is not Kim K (although not a huge fan of hers) but how vicious some of you can be.

    • Mya Wilkes

      Co sign! So much venom for someone they don’t know.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Looking at the bag from afar, it actually looks kinda cute. More importantly, it IS their money and they can spend it however they choose and like someone mentioned the sentimental value it would hold for Kim, is not lost on me. What gets me the most with this post is the people saying PB shouldn’t feature her or her family, who made you judge??!!!! Yes, you don’t have to agree with some things she does ( I don’t a lot of times), or how she spends her money or how she lives her life, but to day in day out, call someone trash and all kinds of hideous names is just unnecessary.

  • Any irritation over our Kardashian coverage can be directed at me; I’m the one who assigns these posts. That being said, coverage of the Kardashians is extremely and consistently popular based on how readers interact with posts about them versus posts about other celebrities, so while it may not fit your personal taste, there is certainly a huge interest in Kim and her family overall. The best way to discourage us (and any other website) from covering things you don’t like or aren’t interested in is not to click on the posts! That sends the clearest message that can be sent to people planning editorial coverage on any site.

    Also I think this bag is really cute and I’m generally in favor of making the things you buy more personal or meaningful in whatever way suits you.

    • Mya Wilkes

      Well said Amanda!

    • Marnie

      Exactly. What wasted energy to come on a site over and over again, just to complain.

      • madison

        the “haters” secretly obsess over the kardashian’s.

    • londonhermit

      Read: The Kardashians have me on their payroll. You said direct irritation but I thought the truth was better.

      • Man, I wish that were even vaguely true. The Kardashian payroll would be a pretty sweet gig.

    • chris

      Ergo, Amanda… a pitifully transparent excuse for making money from click-throughs versus setting and abiding by “editorial” standards or taste. Oh well….

      • Our editorial standard is to cover interesting designer bags that we think our readers will also be interested in, and this more than meets that standard on every front.

      • Yoshi

        Oh please…honey sit down.

    • I actually think it’s really cool that Kim is carrying a bag decorated by her daughter. As much as we love bags, isn’t your daughter more important? I’m not a big Kardashian fan either, but I’m voting with my clicks on this one because I think it’s the first genuinely lovely story I’ve seen about this family in a long time. Thanks Amanda!

    • madison

      team kardashian’s.

      • londonhermit

        Kim go take care of your two children.

    • Rashida

      She has a awesome collection… I am a fan of her bags…

    • Winn

      I admire this site and so much of what you (PB team) do. You write well. You interact with your readers. You keep us updated on new collections and trends. You let us into your lives and your personal collections and purchasing decisions in a way that’s really enjoyable and fun.

      This comment from Amanda is the definition of “selling out.” Merriam Webster defines selling out as “to betray one’s cause or associates especially for personal gain.” Wikipedia defines it as “the compromising of integrity, morality, authenticity or principles in exchange for personal gain, such as money.” We all know selling out means doing what’s going to make you popular instead of what you’re really about.

      Apparently creating posts that drive traffic is a higher priority than irritating your loyal readers. Look at the comments and the likes on those comments. At the time I’m writing, 41 likes on Amanda’s post and 80 on Canuck65’s post pleading to stop posting about them. TWICE AS MANY of your readers agree with the statement that the Kardashian family members are “boring, vulgar and I could not care less about them or their bags” than those who agree with you to keep posting.

      Please don’t sell us out to drive traffic. Please don’t betray us with this garbage just because its more popular and profitable. I empathize that as a business it is extremely difficult to choose between (selling out for) popularity and profits or remaining loyal and authentic to your audience without appealing to the masses. There IS a market out there for a tasteful and well-written blog about purses. It might be smaller than the pool of Kardashian fans, but we exist.

      • Then why bother commenting if this is annoying for you?

      • Mya Wilkes

        Oh man! Enough already, dammit. Amanda did not ask North to doodle on the bag and beg Kim to strut out to a meeting with the bag. Kim did this herself and the photo agency captured it and Amanda RIGHTFULLY identified it as being news worth and decided to do a post on it. (A very popular one at that). What exactly is the issue here? Everyone knows Hermes is extremely hotly debated on PB and is a popular favorite, the fact that Kim stepped out with one looking desecrated (as some feel it is), of course that’s gonna be hot news, duh! Your last paragraph is just laughable to say the least. I can’t even deal anymore.

    • Amanda, I enjoy the Kardashian bag posts so please keep them coming. The hypocrisy is annoying here.

  • Liza

    I will never understand why some people so passionately hate on the Kardashians. Personal opinions of what constitute a “real career” aside, they are freaking geniuses if you ask me. They built an empire and are living their lives the way they want to despite what anyone says/will continue to say about them. Laughing all the way to the bank… And let’s be honest, people love to hate her out of sheer jealousy over what she has access to and hate how she got to where she is. This is life people! Let’s stop the hate for no reason at all. If you don’t like it then don’t read it/view it/waste your time on it.

    That being said, she can do whatever the heck she wants with her belongings. Who gives a crap if it’s Hermes or friggin Walmart. It’s her stuff! Why do people feel the need to judge? Is the fact that her daughter painted over a herbag hurting anyone? No? Let’s move on.

    • Guest

      Jealousy has nothing to do with it. I dislike fake people as much as I dislike fake bags. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Hierophilic

      Bless you, Liza.

  • Diamondgirl

    They need to stop messing around with the Hermes bags. It looks as though Nori took
    a paint brush to it, but I guess that is the look they were going for because these two are
    “Soooooooooo Creative” and original.

  • Aline B.

    Even if your kid paint your Hermès and you think it is cute… it is not… it’s just a crime to do that !! So ridiculous

  • Marnie

    Some of the comments are hysterical, in a sad, sad way. To hate on someone you don’t know takes too much energy. Move on.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    I think what’s painful about these kinds of posts is that there is so much poverty, tragedy, sickness (ebola anyone?) in the world and this is what these people choose to do with their money. With that said I’ve let my toddler draw all over my legs with her non-toxic, washable markers! Its ok for children to do these kind of flagrant displays of destructive wastefulness, they are after all children and don’t know any better. Their parents however should.

    • Flaw

      It’s not Kim’s job to fix poverty or sickness, the right to health, education, a decent standard of living and so on are duties for the state to fulfill, not celebrities. She works for her money, whether you like it or not, and has a right to do whatever she chooses with it, besides this clearly has a sentimental value, it´s hardly the most fragrant desplay of wealth you can accuse her of…

      • Flaw


      • Aliza Zibkoff

        I guess if you don’t believe that you were placed on G-d’s green earth to make it a better place than its ok to spend at will on every frivolity under the sun. And placing the burden of doing charity and social well fare squarely on the government shoulders has never been a good idea. Individuals DO also have an obligation to their fellow man especially if they are gifted with wealth. Of course that is just my opinion which I am entirely entitled to.

      • Flaw

        I’m a social worker in latin america, I have busted my ass of daily for five years to get an honor degree and work to make my city a better place daily, but I do not see AT ALL how is it that she should not spend all her hard-earned money in whatever frivolity she should choose if she wanted to. You are not going to fix poverty with charity or throwing money at the problem, it needs to be a state policy, otherwise you are attacking the consequences of the problem instead of its causes, so, no well meaning individual will change such huge issues by themselves. The moral implications or upper class guilt or whatever are for her to consider and not for us to judge

      • Aliza Zibkoff

        I’m Colombian and I can tell you in no uncertain terms that the government DOES NOT HAVE THE BEST INTEREST OR ANYONE IN MIND OTHER THAN THEIR OWN!!! With that said;
        It MY opinion and I’m entitled to it.

    • Hierophilic

      Yes, place all of that on a brown woman who happens to have money she garnered from her sex tape being exploited. It’s not wasteful, she’s using the bag, it’s special to her, but I mean… why understand that when you can put women down instead of uplifting them, especially women of color. You have no idea what this woman does in terms of philanthropy. You have no fucking clue. She could be privately giving boatloads of money to various charities, but because she’s “trashy”, because she doesn’t stick her nose up in the air and act like an entitled ass, it’s okay to make assumptions about her personality, her humanity. I see you.

      P.S. Before crying about how she’s got “first world problems”, iirc her family dealt with the trauma that came with the Armenian genocide. Ring any bells? You’re entitled to your opinion, but others are allowed to call you out on it if it’s a shitty opinion. Just sayin’.

  • anon

    Now that she’s worn it and shown the paparazzi, we will probably never see it again. It did its purpose. Although, purse-wise that is quite cute. Maybe one day I’ll let my baby do that on a much…much less expensive handbag.

  • realitytvjunkie

    When Angelina Jolie has her kids paint all over her wedding dress, she’s praised. When Kim K has her daughter paint all over her hermes, she’s ridiculed. Isn’t a wedding dress more “sacred” than a bag anyway?

    I don’t care, either way. I do think the bag looks slightly better than that wedding dress though. Jolie and Kardashians are both “MAKING STATEMENTS”. We’re the suckers for continuously caring.

  • helen

    who care’s what kim does with her bags? Let her baby paint it if she wants. Not a defender of the kardashians but if it doesn’t affect you/hurt anyone, why hate? regardless, the first thing i thought when i saw this was that she’s trying to copy Angelina who let her kids draw on her wedding dress.

  • pambrun

    Kardashian(s) is why I sold my Birkin. Ugh.

  • Marissa

    With so many “new rich” people able to afford Hermes, it does lose a bit of it’s old world panache and glamour. Unfortunately a lot of trashy, new rich people will buy Hermes because it is a status symbol to show off excessive wealth. It no longer signifies the understated elegance of wealthy days of yore.

    • Hierophilic

      Ah yeah, we all miss those days of rich white people owning brown people as their maids. We all long for the past, I mean… if you’re white, rich, and healthy. Ugh. “Understated elegance” my ass.

  • chris

    Hmmm… looks better than the “art” from the “artist” who decorated (defiled?) her birkin! Trash… proves money doesn’t equate taste.

    • Hierophilic

      Sooo… if your child made something for you, you’d think it was trash? P sure the only thing that belongs in the garbage is your opinion. Just sayin’.

  • Divnanata

    I find myself drawn to glamour and artistic expression. Figures since I am a shoe designer and an artist myself. I love this personalization of this bag. The Kardashians don’t matter so much to me beyond what clothes, accessories, makeup and hairdos they are sporting. But I will also be scrutinizing any of you as well should you be gracing my screen endlessly with fashion drama like they do. Like it or not the Kardashians in all their incarnations from the baby on have captured the imagination of all the heavy hitters in the industry and they get our eyeballs. That means huge bucks for them and the brands they interact with. More power to them. All we have to do is ignore them but we can’t.

  • Denise

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this is a purse blog. I don’t really see what a person’s character has to do with their bag collection. You don’t like this purse -completely acceptable (I personally am not a fan of this bag as well nor do I care about Kim), but why the extra unnecessary hate? You guys are acting like she kicked your dog or something.

  • Sandra-Canada

    Please no more Kardashians in purseblog and her unfortunate spouse, they appear to have no respect for the craftsmanship or the art of one the most coveted handbags ever made . Shame on them !

  • HermesGirl

    The HerBag is a four-figure, not a five figure bag right :P
    Makes it ever so slightly more bearable as a canvas.

  • Xoxo

    Fun bag!

  • Rashida

    I think it is sweet…

  • ellavanw

    The bag’s adorable. Not five figures or anything close, though, right? I thought a Herbag was like $2k.

  • Spoof


  • Hierophilic

    I really actually love this! the colors are beautiful, it’s her bag, and it’s from her child. You don’t have to like it, I’m p sure she doesn’t give a rats ass, because it’s special and important to her.

  • Hierophilic

    P.S. Sorry not sorry I am all up in these comments because misogyny pisses me off a lot.

  • Liliali

    The couple has been thinkingabout this kind of ART since angelina jolie’s wedding !!! I suppose ! Even if this is intersting it’s for the first time! Know it’s just show off ! Boriiing!

  • Giselle

    I don’t care for the Kardashians, but I guess they are genius, by evoking all kinds of emotions from people and making money out of it. Btw I like the colors and baby’s artwork on the bag.

  • Kim’s ring >> Hermes bag.

  • Guest

    North is their child. If they choose to let her finger paint and expensive bag, while exercising her artistic side, so what. These people are wealthy and can afford to let their child do such things. I’m sure North isn’t the only child of wealthy parents who has done the same and more, per play time. Certainly the bag is expensive, but we are not asked to pay for it. It’s really their choice and none of our business. I’m sure their are many people that other people feel are not using correct techniques in their child rearing, but none the less, it’s not our business. In my opinion, it’s just another excuse to bash people, who don’t even know you exist, and could care less about what your opinion is of their lives.

  • VivArti Designs

    What i was wondering is does an original fine hand painted design on a well known designer bag lessen the value of the handbag? I hand paint small design accents on leather purses and i was wondering about this aspect..if designer purses should simply be resold with no artwork..

  • Joana Richard

    I looooovvveeee the bag, costumized or not!!!!! And be honest, I would love my doughter to make the same to me ;)