hermes kelly mini pochette lizard

The Hermes Kelly Pochette is the perfect clutch from the Hermes family, offering a small structured bag that can be hand held and offers a sleek sophisticated punch. Available in various leathers, this pochette is also available in suede, lizard, and crocodile. Victoria Beckham has sported both suede and lizard, which are both stunning, but the lizard has a very special touch. One of our members of tPF, Sus, is the new lucky owner of the Hermes Kelly Pochette in Ombre Lizard. Only two of this specific bag were circulating the world at the time, and Sus scored big with this stunning Kelly Pochette! The price is $5,350 at Hermes. Inquire at your nearest Hermes boutique.

hermes kelly mini pochette lizard  hermes kelly mini pochette lizard

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  • NancyCP

    Congrats Sus! This bag is perfection.

  • Lily

    Oh man this post made my heart skip,how stunning.Congrats to its new owner.

  • Jane

    I like the Kelly Pochette but this type of lizard color way just looks, creepy?

  • Margarita

    Congrats Sus, the bag is STUNNING! LOVE the lizard on this bag…adds an all new level to an already gorgeous Hermes!

    And not really a bad price at $5K. I expected a lot higher, honestly.

  • dela

    Stunning. But, I wouldn’t carry it by the handle the way Beckham is carrying it. That just makes it look like a kid’s luch box.

  • my new bag

    Ymmmmmm. Love it, lucky Sus!

  • Nirodha

    That’s nice. But, 5 grand worth of nice? Hell no!

  • becks

    I like the bag as well, but the print turns me off. Waaay off. I love the colour of Victoria’s lizard Hermes. I’m sure it would look a lot nicer in croc.

  • skyblue

    this bag is gorgeous!

  • mette

    It is beautiful. Wish I had the cash to get it. Am not sure where I´d wear it,but I could just place it somewhere just to look at it.

  • bags07

    Very gorgeous!!!! CONGRATS!!!

  • arman982

    omg omg!! what a Hermes!!! im all green w envy now. :mrgreen: congrtas Sue!!

  • GeorgiaT

    I keep coming back to this blog to stare at this bag. It is gorgeous!

  • Liz Elisa

    Hermes Lizard Wow Super Gorgeous Super Lovely Awesome!…

  • ad

    whenever i walk in front of hermes boutique, my heart will go faster. it is js soo exciting thinking that maybe in their storeroom at that time there is a beautiful birkin waiting for its owner. am i crazy? heh
    and this particular piece is wayyyy beyond awesome. it is absolutely gorgeous. i can’t stand exotic skins made by other brand but hermes exotics? oohh i loveeee em (fb)

  • Conscience?

    C’mon, this purse just says “I don’t give a shit about anything except my crude sense of style.” Killing animals doesn’t make it better either..

  • nancy

    love it

  • Sherry

    Lizard?? Unbelievable it is possible to produce bag out of that!!! I’m definitely not going to get this even if it is for free.