The Plaza Ceiling Detail

There truly is something magical about New York City. Whether it is the constant commotion, the noises, the history, or the people, New York City remains an epicenter of the world. Our trip to NYC in October was for business. Lucky for me, our business revolves around shopping, and that we did.

Hermes 35cm Clemence Birkin at The Plaza    Hermes 35cm Clemence Birkin at The Plaza    Hermes 35cm Clemence Birkin at The Plaza

After not lucking out with a Balenciaga bag, we took a trip to the Hermes store. I must preface this because a couple of months previous to our trip I had a dream about a black Birkin. In my dream I owned a 35 cm Black Birkin and it was perfection and I spent every mili-second of that dream telling everyone how perfect the bag is to me. Fast forward to our NYC trip and my dream came true. We left the Hermes store with a 35cm Black Clemence Birkin, a personal holy grail.

Hermes Kelly Wallet with Plaza Detail    Hermes Kelly Wallet with Plaza Detail

As with most expensive designer brands, prospective Hermes shoppers want to know whether the money for their products is well spent. For me, the answer is a definite yes.

We decided to splurge this time and stay at one of the most recognizable hotels worldwide. The Plaza Hotel, located in the heart of Manhattan on the corner of 5th Avenue and 59th Street, ranges among the most famous hotels in the world. After being closed for renovation, the Plaza Hotel re-opened with a star studded bash and a newly designed and refined interior. All this new luxury comes at a high cost. As with Hermes, is it worth the price? We like to believe that it is.

Blogging with my Birkin

Celebrating this opportunity, I took my Hermes collection to NYC, sans my precious Kelly Longue which was greatly missed. Not only did The Plaza offer fantastic accommodations after a long day scouring bag designer showrooms, but also the perfect canvas for photos of my Hermes babies. Venturing throughout the hotel, we quickly discovered the many special touches that were incorporated during the redesign process. From the doorknobs to the hallways, to the elevators, the hotel offered plenty of Shutterbag opportunities.

The Plaza's Champagne Bar Chandelier     Cocktails at the Champagne Bar

We spent an hour each day exploring the hotel and tried to take in every aspect of it. The first time I knew I wanted needed to stay at the Plaza Hotel was after watching Home Alone 2 many years ago. If you happened to visit during the same week we were, I am sure you saw us walking around with my three Hermes bags, posing in hallways, snapping in the bar, by the pictures, on the chairs. In the end, we created one of my favorite photos ever, A Family Portrait.

Hermes Family Portrait

We promised more to the story of my new Hermes Birkin and many more pictures, so here you have it. To win your own Hermes Birkin, make sure to enter our giveaway.

The Plaza Detail

Until the next Hermes purchase…

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  • birkel

    thankyou for posting love the bag love new york love everything about it, do continue to theese posts it really brightens up my day and yes hermes is in the heart of it all and in the hearts of us all

  • sndc99

    I love the pictures and I bet it was wonderful

  • cookiecrazy

    how did you get your hands on one? I’m always told they don’t have any. Is there a secret handshake or code at the store?

    • No secret handshake or code! We have a relationship with a Hermes Sales Associate that we have worked with on buying other items and had been looking for this bag for quite some time.

      Also, if you walk into Hermes and you like a bag on display/on shelf you can buy it!

  • Handbag Lover

    These bags are just wonderful.

  • ol1010

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics and congrats on the beautiful addition! I am also looking to get the same bag and was told the same thing that there was a waiting list. How did you get your hands on one? Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • There is not a wait list anymore. Anyone can walk into Hermes and buy a bag off the shelf. When it comes to wanting a specific bag, having a Sales Associate that you have worked with and bought from before it helping. It really all just depends

  • Michael St. James

    beautiful pics and lovely commentary about nyc!

  • Jane

    Beautiful and stunning.

  • 19yearslater

    You’re right, New York City is just magical, and your Hermes look beautiful. I immediately thought of Eloise at the Plaza. I’m glad you had such a great time and got your HG bag.

  • Alana

    A new Hermes bag and a stay at the Plaza!! Sounds like a dream!!!

  • Sher77

    I stayed at the hotel before the remodel. Always wonderful. I enjoyed your pictures.

  • gpc

    Megs, I don’t know you, but you seem like such a doll. I am so glad you got the bag of your dreams – literally! :)

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Stunning photos – congratulations on your gorgeous Hermes collection!

  • Bridget

    Looking forward to see your Hermes family members grow!

  • MizzJ

    Wow you are so lucky to have a Hermes collection! Even just writing those last words seems absurd to me, it’s so unlikely to ever occur in my life haha. I live vicariously thru your bag collection!

  • MissG

    Ok Megs so please give us some help, you say that knowing a SA really helps…now what for those like me that wants to buy a specific bag, but am a first timer (and probably a last timer too!!!) so never bought Hermes (except scarfs,bangles etc)? Do we just walk in and ask? Or will they think “Who on earth is this, what is she thinking!?” Love your bag anyways Luv Gx

    • weaslgrl

      Just walk in & ask — they won’t judge. I’m no socialite — just an overweight, middle-aged woman in elastic waist pants ;-) But I met with a nice SA at the NYC Madison Ave store, & told her the style/colors I was looking for. She explained about availability, when they get shipments, etc., and took my info. About 2 wks later got a call from her saying that something very similar had come in, and did I want to come take a look at it? I went back, and that’s how I became the proud owner of a gold Lindy.

      • MissG


    • Hannah

      Hi you don’t have to know them… On my first visit I was able to order two birkins ( ostrich and crocodile). 8 months later I have an ostrich one and now I’m waiting for the crocodile one… Maybe you should try different stores too. Cos ur bound to get lucky somewhere.. hope ur dream comes true. Xxx

  • abbi

    i was just wondering whats that little clutch called??? i want one desperatly!

  • Abbi – Thanks for the kind words!!! I truly adore every bag I have and the Hermes collection is included. Each bag gets a ton of use and I really wanted these exact bags :)

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  • Lucy

    Hey Ladies,

    I’m having trouble tracking down a Birkin. I live on the west coast (CA) and I’ve already tried the store in Las Vegas as well as Beverly Hills. Any suggestions on likely stores and or SA I should contact? Any pointers are appreciated! Thanks.

  • hanahula

    My NineWest Vintage America Collection tote . . . brown leather and 100 percent cowgirl cool.

  • MulberryGirl85

    Beautiful photos! Cannot wait for my NY trip in November now!

  • hamda

    really touchy photos,reminds a lot of memories.hopefully have another visit of NY to buy great stuff from there:)

  • mystic889

    Megs, I have been working with a SA out of my store and he is on the lookout for the same bag for me. I know this is nus, but I don’t even really know just how much it is going to be. I just know I will get it no matter what. If you don’t mind sharing, how much was your purchase?

  • Duplicate handbag

    Hermes handbags are always nice I want to get it. Such a combination of elegance and style. and its good to have duplicate handbag.