Instagram has been flooded with both amazing bags from fashion week and new fall purchases, but we couldn’t help but notice one Instagram user in particular, @bibi2cuori.

Maybe it was the pictures from her recent travels that caught our eyes, or maybe it was her extensive collection of colorful Hermès and Chanel bags that caused us to find ourselves endlessly scrolling through her feed. While we know very little about who Bibi actually is, she has no problem showing her identity in her photos.

After scrolling through every single photo (literally, every single one), we’re thinking she might be Italian, based on the fact that Italians often have a way of looking effortlessly glamorous. (Okay, some of her captions may have hinted at it as well.) Take a look below at some of our favorite bags from Bibi’s collection or head straight to her Instagram to see the full feed.

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, we couldn’t help but roundup some of the best bags we found on our Instagram feed this week, including some finds on the arms of our favorite bloggers, stylists and magazine editors. While we love the runway shows and seeing what next season has to offer, the bag watching at Lincoln Center is (dare we say it) even better. We found both classic bags and pieces we’d never seen before, so make the jump below to see what some of NYFW’s most famous attendees are carrying this season. (more…)

Over the past couple of months, you guys have submitted a seemingly endless number pictures of your designer bags and all of their contents. We have so much fun looking at them, we decided to round up some of our absolute favorites. You might be surprised what some people keep in their bags, but one thing’s for sure: there’s no shortage of Chanel and Céline in this roundup!

Take a look at who made our list of the best of the best #PBWIMB pics, and continue to send us your pictures for your chance to be featured! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to follow more of our handbag adventures.

Today marks the beginning of PurseBlog Summer Break, which means that our team is taking a week out of the office to travel, rest and, in my case, move into a new apartment. While we’re away, we’ll have both new posts and some of your old favorites, updated and expanded with new photos, new bags and, in general, new things to gawk at. That’s what we’re here for, after all, even when we’re not technically here.

To get things started, we looked back at our Instagrams for the season and put together a few that showcase our favorite bags enjoying the summer weather alongside us. (Yes, our purses are sentient and have moods. Just another perk of the job.) Check ‘em out below, and follow us on Instagram to find out how our bags will feel about fall.

With the arrival of Fall just around the corner, it looks like most of you are slowly stashing away your bright bags and opting for something a little darker and more seasonally appropriate. From burgundy to black, there were plenty of beautiful bags to pick from this week, not to mention a whole lot of Céline! Take a look below to go inside some of the prettiest designer bags we found on Instagram, and as always, keep tagging #PBWIMB to show us what’s inside your bag.

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Having beautiful accessories will get you well on your way to having a great Instagram collection, but taking great pictures to showcase those beautiful accessories is just as important. This week, we’ve chosen one of our favorite Instagram collections: that of Michelle Wan, better known as @mwanwan. Not only does @mwanwan have more Chanel and Hermès bags than we could possibly count, but she manages to stage her pictures perfectly for an absolutely gorgeous result.

Mwanwan is a style blogger from Hong Kong who has a serious love for designer handbag and shoes. (Our kind of girl). Apart from the pictures of her accessories, you’ll find plenty of pictures of how she styles her bags and jewelry with different outfits, which is something we, as followers, love to see.

We selected some of our absolute favorites (it was really difficult not to pick them all) from Wan’s account, so take a look below and see for yourself. To see more of her feed, head straight to @mwanwan’s Instagram or her style blog, Mwanwan by Michelle.

It appears everyone is taking good care of their skin and rocking bold lips this season, based this week’s #PBWIMB. Not only did we get a peek inside your handbags, but also inside your makeup bags to see which beauty products you can’t live without this summer. Below, take a look at our favorite photos from Instagram this week.

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With over 73,000 followers, it’s no wonder I took one look at @mjsicilia’s Instagram and immediately found myself endlessly scrolling through her feed of designer handbags and shoes. With numerous luxury watches, a variety of Louis Vuitton scarves and plenty of diamond accessories, I couldn’t help but wonder what the inside of her closet looked like. Unlike many of the other Instagrammers we’ve profiled, I loved that @mjsilicia showed us how she uses her designer accessories in her daily life by showcasing her full outfits.

If there’s one thing you’ll notice the second you begin scrolling through @mjsilicia’s Instagram, it’s that she like to stick to a specific color palette of black, grey, camel and white, which makes her a woman after my own heart. So while many Instagram stars enjoy their collections of rainbow-colored Hermès bags, this Instagrammer prefers her family of black accessories.

Check out some of my favorite pictures from her collection or head straight to @mjsilicia’s profile to see all of her 1,000-plus photos!

This week on #PBWIMB, it was clear you all love your wallets and small leather accessories as much as you love your handbags. We’re firm believers that the inside of your bag is just as important as what it looks like on the outside, and what better way to accessorize than to stuff it with designer goodies?

Take a look at our favorite Instagrams of the week, and be sure to keep tagging your photos with #PBWIMB to be featured.

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While most of the time we tend to find collections with an array of different designers, that’s certainly not the case with this week’s Instagram celebrity. It’s safe to say that Instagrammer @leorangebliss has more Hermès than most people can ever dream of owning.

Very little is known about who @leorangebliss actually is, but her identity seems to hardly matter when you’re showing off such a colorful array of Hermès Birkins.

Take a look below to see some of our favorite snapshots from @leorangebliss’ Instagram feed, or head straight to her profile to see her full collection!

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