Hermes Evelyne

One of my absolute favorite websites to browse is Hermes. The design and clever interaction and photos on that web site somehow mixes the perfect dose of fun while staying classic and elegant. The website shows that Hermes wants you to enjoy their brand, and enjoy we do.

While their site brought many fun ideas and photos, the shopping was lacking. Yesterday when I found myself lost in the web world of Hermes I found they have extended the amount of leather handbags they have listed. And now you can buy one of my favorite everyday chic Hermes bags from their website, the Hermes Evelyne.

I have always loved the Evelyne. The long shoulder strap makes this bag work well as a shoulder bag or cross-body bag. There is a perforated leather H plaque on the front of the bag. Many people that are thinking to delve into the world of Hermes but not sure where to start, this would be a good place. The price of the smaller size, the PM, is $2,450. While that is not inexpensive, for Hermes it is a very reasonable price for a leather handbag. There is also a GM version which is larger for $2,750. The leather is clemence which is super supple grained leather and will wear beautifully with time (same leather as my new black Birkin).

To be honest, seeing that they have Raisin, a very coveted deep purple hue, I am itching to buy the Evelyne now as well. I must remind myself of my recent purchase and hold back. Buy through Hermes online.

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  • Cathy

    Kinda boring.

  • amante

    eh, not worth the money: the style is so-so and if you just want the hands-free functionality, there are plenty of other messenger/cross-body bags. Hermes is just toying with the obsessed, knowing that they’ll take whatever Hermes tempts them with.

  • Sweet Pea

    Not for me!!

  • Bag Brag
  • Kelly

    Love the Evelyne! Such a practical bag – so easy to get in and out of!! Glad it is on now! :)

  • roni

    that is an ugly bag if I have ever seen one….

  • Penny

    Hermes leather is the finest leather used in production of handbags. One would have to experience the leather IRL to understand. The price point may be high and we that are called “obsessed” may be viewed as such, but one who has a true appreciation for high end luxury goods knows Hermes tops the list.

  • Allison

    this is super ugly. i know hermes is a coveted brand, but who wants a bag with a perforated H on it? looks like a scarlet letter or something. i would want something fabulous for $2500

  • cathealey

    Hermes quality is tops, but this bag looks so ordinary. They even have a canvas version online. All the bags available for purchase online look less than you expect from Hermes. I didn’t see any of these bags in their store.

  • Merve

    I’ve wanted an Evelyne for ages but cant decide what colour.

    • abbi

      i think u should go orange (cliched i know) for a bold look orange really goes with anything and its classic! if u want subtle however id go the dark chocolate colour. My friends mum has one (in dark brown) and its looks amazing! its really plain but just beautiful and great for everyday use! you can fit just about anything in the bag along with everyday stuff but small enough so you dont over do it like i tend to O.o

  • Claire

    I like the Picotin better.

  • hect

    love hermes love all the bags any one who calls them ugly is because they do not understand the concept of beauty it is not i agree as perfect as the kelly or the birkin but i love it for being hermes and having that divine leather that only hermes can offer

  • Ostrich Birkin Fan

    Not a fan of this bag’s style but it elevates the Birkin’s greatness even more.



    I just do not like this bag. To plain jane for me.. The colors are gorgeous though.

  • steveniceberg

    it is just so so. I don’t buy it at so high price .Pls visit my blog to check more.

  • marion

    they are too cheap for me!!!o.m.g!!!does anyone know the real price???

  • Michelle

    This bag is amazing, it is made from the finest leather, comfortable and looks amazing on. It’s Hermes end of story a classic piece forever !

    So stop hating because you can’t afford it.

    • Lisa

      Michelle, don’t be such a snob. NO one in their right mind would buy this ugly bag, at any price.

      • Leah

        For that price I would much rather spend on a Chanel or Cartier purse. So much prettier….

  • hamda

    i would really like to buy it as it got my initial on it:b,..o i checked the price now,its really expensive,it would be affordable if all 4 comes in that price togather:D

  • maybell

    Hi, can anyone please tell me if the evelyne has a serial number insise the bag?

  • Beth S.

    OMG, so much hate for the Evelyne? I own the GMIII in Raisin Clemence (purchased 2nd hand, but in perfect condition.) It’s an easy, wearable, luxurious and yet casual, “under-the-radar” Hermes bag. Not all of us can carry off a Birkin or a Kelly. This is the solution!(If only it didn’t have that damn strap slippage problem!)

  • Chakchooka

    I heard people talking about an MM size, although on their website there’s only a GP and a PM. Is it bigger than GP? I’m a college student and looking for one that would fit my A4 notebook.

  • Chakchooka

    Sorry, I meant a GM not GP.

  • fei

    i just bought today in orange colour, and i love it so much!!!…


    Just ordered 2! In orange and taupe, they just got available on-line in UK. Seen some around and really wanted this style for every day comfort and style. Have Troika Birkin and gold clemence Jipsiere that are a bit complicated to handle and have “look at me” attitude – thus use them once a year of so! Can’t wait for 2 Evelynes to arrive from Paris any time now :)) DON’T HATE EVELYNE, PEOPLE. TASTES DIFFER..

  • Jeannie

    Pleaes let me know all the colors and where I can see them of the Evelyne bag.

  • Bellbonne

    Love the Evelyne GM–I’ve got it in Blue Jean and it is perfect for California-casual life style. Birkin and Kelly , although gorgeous–give a more formal feel.

  • Justin Bieber

    dude wats wrong with ppl =.= its a hermes  n its simple n cute

  • Ariodante2k

    The bag is not showy at all … the problem is most people carrying the bag with the H perforation facing out… and they are meant to be facing your body instead.

    There is a history behind this bag… Évelyne Bertrand, who held that position in 1978, had decided to spare a thought for grooms who are also riders in love with their mounts. It was to enable them to carry brush, sponge, currycomb and other stable items soaked in horse-sweat, but without causing any damage, that the bag which now bears her name is constellated with air-holes. The holes are there to air the wet items and meant to be carry AGAINST your body.

    unfortunately.. most people flaunt the H… to the point even some of the H stores display their bags the “wrong” way so the customers will recognize the bag…

    The bag is actually quite nice and elegantly practical… The other side had a nice snap and an extra pocket… I use Evelyne for work daily (GM and TGM)

  • disqus_rOhWPEShEF

    Does Hermes Evelyne bag come with Serial Number? Where does it place on?

  • mccarthymom

    I saw a bag that looked like the Evelyne but with a smooth leather and NO H , it was a similar shape, and had an outside pocket but no closure. Any ideas ? IT was a hot pink color

  • christine

    does every Evelyne III bag have the serial number under the flap?