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Introducing the Hermès 2002 Bag, Available to Buy Online for the First Time

So far, the brand new runway bag is available in two sizes and four colors


For a brand with as wide a selection as Hermès, the brand debuts totally new designs somewhat infrequently, compared to its aspiring competitors. For much of the luxury bag market, novelty is a must—shoppers want something new, and especially from brands not lucky enough to have one of the all-time classics in their lineups. For Hermès, novelty is merely an added bonus, at least in the form of new bags—the brand is stacked so deep in high-demand classics that new day bags are a smaller part of the overall equation. For Resort 2018, though, Hermès debuted the Hermès 2002 Bag on the runway, and it’s finally landed on the brand’s website for purchase in the US.

Structurally, the 2002 Bag is most similar to the Constance, in terms of current Hermès favorites. Like the Constance, it’s a boxy flap shoulder bag with a leather strap and signature hardware, although the signatures are very different—where the Constance uses a straightforward Hermès H logo in gleaming metal, the 2002 opts for a smaller, more abstract H with rounded edges. If you didn’t know what you were looking at, you might not even notice it was a letter, which makes this bag an ideal pick for Hermès clients who like the Constance’s structure but aren’t into logo bags.

The bag’s body is fairly rigid and structured, with a double-gusset exterior that’s reflected on the inside with two large main compartments separated by a center partition. On the back interior wall, there’s a bag-width zipper pocket, and at the front, there’s a full-size slide pocket that rests just behind the front flap, which is perfect for a phone. The bag’s back exterior is smooth, with no external pockets

Hermès doesn’t list the length or drop of the 2002 Bag’s strap, but it does confirm that it’s adjustable, and photos suggest it will be long enough to be worn cross-body when lengthened. Online, the bag comes in two sizes: a 20 and a 26, which refer to the number of centimeters across the bag’s front. In the available assortment, the smaller bag comes in three colors, while the larger comes in two, all in Evercolor calfskin. The difference in price for the two sizes is $1,000: the 2002 Bag costs $9,200 or $10,200, respectively. Check out all the options available to purchase online below.

Hermès 2002 Bag 20
$9,200 via Hermès

Hermès 2002 Bag 20
$9,200 via Hermès

Hermès 2002 Bag 20
$9,200 via Hermès

Hermès 2002 Bag 26
$10,200 via Hermès

Hermès 2002 Bag 26
$10,200 via Hermès


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  1. Sandy Avatar

    At times I feel like a fashion victim purchasing Chanel, but you like what you like, right? No way am I giving up $10,200.00 for this bag!

  2. Darietta Avatar

    The price is outrageous.

  3. Erin English Avatar
    Erin English

    That price is insane for such a simple bag.

  4. kemilia Avatar

    Craaaazy price for such a blah bag.

  5. ValryianSteel Avatar

    The pink color is AMAZING! Wish I had that kind of disposable income 🙁

  6. Polkadotbird Avatar

    That red!! But that Hermes price point, oof. I would rather a Constance, I think. Provided I win the lottery!

  7. Maya Avatar

    Huh?! Awful design, insane price point! It looks 90’s futuristic cheap…

  8. miChiaroscuro Avatar

    I literally “gasped” when I saw the price points! KInda ugly…def overpriced, even for Hermes. Hard pass.

    1. Passerine Avatar

      Me too! I was thinking, hmmm, fairly plain bag, Hermes, maybe $5k? Then I saw the price and thought, pfffft. Not worth it. Not even close.

  9. Annie McTav Avatar

    I find these very underwhelming.

  10. Tana Avatar

    I saw on Mira Duma with 26 and it is look so awkward. Roulis / Constance look nicer.
    It should call Bat Woman bag, that’s what I thought about when I saw that hardware.

  11. May Avatar

    Oh my goodness and not a classic. I like how you used “Hermes Clients’ lol. I have yet to become a Hermes client, myself!

  12. M Green Avatar
    M Green

    The reality is that Hermès handbag pricing is designed to discriminate against people with a normal income level. The message is “unless you are part of the super rich on this planet, you don’t deserve to buy one of our most popular handbags” The pricing is simply part of the marketing strategy.

    1. Lori Avatar

      I was just at Hermes on Thursday looking at bags and I agree with you. The quality is so amazing and they are all so beautiful, but no way do they NEED to cost what they cost. They are priced based on the customers they are trying to attract and keep, in my opinion. That said, I would totally buy this bag if it had the classic H!

  13. psny15 Avatar

    this is terribly ugly

  14. Sparky Avatar