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  • Y Ajayi

    Sold at a premium for bags that have been used…

  • the markup on these Birkins!

    • Guest

      Greedy reseller

  • Pookie

    Heinous prices, less than stellar condition!

    • Imgoingbroke

      The Louis Noe is in pretty rough condition for the price.

  • Mei

    Agreed better deals to be had elsewhere.

    • Imgoingbroke

      I agree with Mei. There are great deals to be had everywhere other than Farfetch. Amanda, please don’t post something like again, PLEASE. It’s an insult to us.

  • Wilma

    Prices are a little steep

  • Lisa

    Prices are higher than other, reputable re-sellers such as Ann’s Fabulous Finds and Yoogi’s Closet, and the bags on Farfetch don’t come with detailed explanations of either condition or what’s included, e.g. authenticity card, dust bag, box etc.

    I’d be very cautious!

    • Sparkletastic

      These prices made me almost faint. No way. Too many other great resale options. And I love Ann’s!!!

    • Imgoingbroke

      I totally agree. I’d much rather, and have, purchased my pre-owned bags through The Real Real with confidence because they list exactly what you’re going to get…flaws and all. Farfetch is bogus.

  • Sorry but some prices are even more expensive than buying new ones… Where is the logic? We have enough alternatives to get better prices for vintage bags.

  • Jdii Mughal

    you have nice
    collections please chekout our Clutches collections.

  • Greenegirl

    This reads like a paid ad. I kept looking for the words “sponsored post” at the beginning and end of the ad, I mean entry.

    Is there going to be an influx of farfetch ads on the site soon?

    • Greenegirl

      Just did a quick search on the site and both the TPF DEALS and the PURSEBLOG user names announced a discount they’d negotiated with farfetch.

      This post is either a sponsored post that PURSEBLOG conveniently forgot to label or the site will get a portion of all sales generated from the link in this blog post.

      Did PURSEBLOG even write this post of just copy/paste a press release from the other site.

      • Lisa

        Disappointing to see sponsored posts like this when we expect impartial news from you guys. The “bags of” women who work for specific brands was bad enough. Please either drop this type of post or be more transparent!

      • We are always very transparent when we have a sponsored post and label it as such. We have shared bags and deals from Farfetch in the past and Amanda wanted to share that they carry Hermes and other brands we were not aware of.

        We pride ourselves in being honest with our readers, always have been and will continue to be!

      • Lisa

        Fair enough. But it reads like a shill for the company and might have been better received if Amanda had put it in context vs. other re-sellers. Many of your readers are interested in buying vintage or pre-owned bags but you really have to know what you’re doing in order to avoid either overpaying or being scammed. How about a future article on what to look for/watch out for, along with resources for spotting common replica tactics — such as lists of mass-produced Chanel identity numbers?

      • This is something we’re working on, but is a much bigger and more long-term project–in this situation, I just wanted to let everyone know this was an option if they were interested, precisely because buying second-hand can be tricky and farfetch has very clear policies about the boutiques they work with, shipping, etc.

        It’s unfortunate that something positive reads like a shill, but I do understand why that is: so many websites are dishonest about what motivates their coverage. That bothers us as much as it bothers you guys and we appreciate your concern about it, so we’re always as clear as we can be!

    • To clarify: this post was not paid for, suggested by or sponsored by farfetch in any way. When posts are, they are clearly labeled, as they have been in the past. Since we write almost exclusively about shopping for new bags, I had never done much exploring of farfetch’s “vintage” selection and was pleased with what I found when I did–nothing more nefarious than that. When writing about anything positively, we understand why people would be suspicious, because so many sites aren’t transparent about when something is a paid placement. We try our best to be very clear and run our site with integrity.

      Many of the brands and retailers we write about, both positively and negatively, have bought ads on the site at some point in the past, which is true for any fashion site or publication. That’s just the nature of covering the industry.

      • Greenegirl

        I am not saying it is a nefarious plot. I am saying the way the post was written –and knowing the reporter has previously written about the company — makes me question the credibility of what’s written on the site.

  • Ghi

    I’ve known about Farfetch’s vintage Chanel for about 2-3 years. However, the pricing is just outrageous. I thought it may have had something to do with customs duties being included in the prices. I’m just not sure why their prices are at such premiums. I really like Farfetch, but in the meantime, I’ll continue to purchase vintage with other resellers.