Cameron Silver 40 cm Birkin

With a croc vest on and showing off his 40 cm “Mirkin” (man-Birkin), Cameron Silver is the ultimate Hermes Aficionado.

The shopkeeper of L.A.’s A-list-only vintage boutique, Decades, keeps plenty of mint-condition Birkin bags for his private stash. Get a tour of Silver’s collection in our exclusive video.

Next on his list, a custom made Hermes Croc Tie. Those are the kind of items you special order when you are super tight with Hermes and own a few too many Hermes goods, although it can always be argued that there is never enough when it comes to the House of Hermes.

Watch the video here :-D

Thanks to Japster for finding this video on Style for us all!!

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  • anonymous

    Not to ruin his party or anything, but a Merkin has a different meaning. I don’t think its what he has in mind:


    mer·kin (mûr’kÄ­n) Pronunciation Key
    n. A pubic wig for women.

  • Ah yes, we had this discussion in the thread on tPF. Pretty funny if you ask me!!

  • Joe

    hahah thats what I always think of when i see a Lauren Merkin Clutch!

  • Naggy

    It looks so huge, but I guess some businessmen really do need that room. (ipad)

  • Sinead

    His collections of Hermes is incredible. Been googling everything about him since I saw his closet interview on and his story (and wardrobe) is completely fascinating!