Hermes Family Portrait

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  • karen

    omg, too funny; bags really are a work of art aren’t they?? :)

  • Bagaholicboy


  • Anon

    totally crraaazzyyyy….come on they are just bags….(the pic is nice though..)

    • myc

      i have to agree with you…..

      • This is a bag website though, so shouldn’t there be many pictures of bags on it? That is what this site is all about :)

  • wgs


  • Handbag Lover

    In the words of the singer Maxwell “Absolutely Beautiful”!

  • Anna Cooperberg

    This photograph is super wonderful! But poor little Miss Kelly Longue is missing… next time perhaps?

    • Mommy needs a new bag

      Fantastic photo, Vlad! Congratulations Megs on your beautiful addition and family pic. I agree with Anna – I noticed your Kelly Longue was absent. Although, I think the rich tones of Megs’ Hermes family match well with the portrait above.

  • Cherrie

    love love love ……

  • ZzaRaZza

    Ooh! Awesome….

  • kemilia

    Not being an Hermes expert, I don’t know the names, but wasn’t there a lovely white one carried for the wedding? That was a lovely classic look.

    • The Kelly Longue didn’t make it on this trip with us.

  • Nancy Rush

    Love it – absolutely perfect!

  • Blahniks

    I want this same family…how do I get it….it’s absolutely beautiful. Where is the white one??

  • Michael St. James

    gorgeous pic Vlad! i’m not quite sold on these boring bags though…maybe when i’m older?

    • WANIE

      I agree, I just don’t get it!!!

  • dierregi

    Brilliant, clever & funny :-)

  • My Kelly Longue didn’t make the trip with us – I am thinking there will be some family jealousy once she sees this photo. I was bummed once we had the idea of a group shot and we did not have the Kelly Longue. Though that bag got a front and center photo shoot for the wedding!

  • alund

    What’s the color and leather on the “smiling” Birkin on the left?

  • Livia

    Sorry but no; they’re just bags.

    • Kelly

      Why are you looking at this sight if you that way? You clearly don’t get it. :)

      • Livia

        Excuse me? I DO get it.

      • dangster

        I’m with Kelly on this one. I don’t think you get it either :)

      • Abbi

        Livia talk about being a buzz kill….

  • Terri

    Blahniks said it all!! I can’t add anything else!

  • QueenMAB

    So GORGEOUS! And indeed with the craftmanship that goes into them, they are art.

  • SaraDk

    Aww.. They are beautiful..
    Congrats Megs.. :-)

  • freshmess


  • denim53

    Portrait says: “Oh, dear…If I only had arms…”

  • Jane

    I think it is an adorable and totally warranted family photo. If I ever have the ability to buy one let alone I would take photos of them as much as I wanted. Bags of this quality are a work of art and deserved to be displayed with pride and joy. People don’t understand sometimes that your handbags are always with you on your daily adventures, they can remind you of wonderful nights out, a first date, a wedding, or going shopping with some friends. So I say yes take photos of those bags everyday on your adventures. They are a work of art.

    • Thanks Jane! Our taking photos of the bags I have also is a good way to show everyone a different look at them.

  • Tillie46

    Spectacular picture. The display of Hermes with the Portrait is soooooooo perfect. Vlad…….You outdid yourself!!!!!

  • Sweet Pea

    FABULOUS!!!! I love the Elizabethan period and with the Birkins…pure classic!!!! This picture would look amazing in my library!!!! This is definitely your best work Vlad!!!!

  • kelly

    Great bags & wallet! Great photo! Beautiful!! Congrats on your new addition Megs!

    p.s. lol no need to “get it”. In my opinion it is just a bit of fun – no need to take it seriously. :)

  • Charmaine

    NICE!!! hope form my own family too!!

  • LAltiero85

    AWESOME pic!!! What gorgeous, classic bags!!! You are so lucky, Megs!!!

  • winnie

    Omg…They are so Gorgeous! I love them and wish I could have a Birkin in blue, black one day ^^

  • sndc99

    Vlad the pictures are just getting better and what a color combination. I love the orange and the black…..maybe a picture with a pumkin…lol

  • serene

    I thought that the smallest bag what you were using at your wedding was white (??) :O

    • Yes, we didn’t take it on our trip to NYC. But she is white (and amazing!!)

  • Merve

    Oh thats so funny fabulous. I think you are gonna get a call from Hermes soon Vlad.

  • Nelly Chai

    What only 2 birkins? Big deal! I know someone with more than 10 birkins and I don’t see her boasting online! Jeez!!!

    • michelle

      then don’t read the site!!!

  • Jennifer

    Love it! Great job making them ‘art’! Congrats on such a beautiful Hermes collection!

  • thegraceful1

    Simply Gorgeous!!!!!!

  • michelle

    Why all of the negative energy???

    • MissG

      I was just thinking that…what are ppl like!..showing handbags is the whole point of the website…obvioulsly jealousy is far too strong to keep at bay!!

  • Lori

    Ha ha, I love how the black one is unbuckled, like a pic of an old uncle putting his thumbs in his suspenders after a large meal. Classic!

  • Dawn

    I love the pic! so fun!

  • Lourdes

    what else can I say? Awesome…. Love it!!!

  • bunny

    the WHOLE photo looks like a painting. the colors just look unreal somehow, really nice effect.

    and yes nelly, gosh, we know vic beckham has like over 50 birkins too, and she isnt boasting abt it either! omg! therefore megs n vlad are so wrong for doing this! =.=

  • Jess

    I don’t know whats more beautiful, Mary Stuart or your collection. This pic is a work of art on its own. Amazing. My two faves, History and purses.

  • Nina

    This picture made me sigh with contentment. It feels like a dream world. Love this Vlad & Megs!

  • Livia

    @ dangster
    Well, it is very important to me what you think so I shall rethink my comment.

  • OrangeLover

    Great pic!!!!

  • Mochababe73

    Love, Love, Love. I am inspired to take a picture of my entire bag collection. It’s eclectic and fits my mood.
    One day I hope to own just ONE Hermes bag.

  • Her Royal Highness

    Awww.. What a Beautiful Family… Bliss


    If only you could breed them….

  • hect

    the true royal familly hermes

  • Angeline


    can anyone tell me where to get hermes is cheaper? uk or europe?

  • me

    i love handbages and i love hermes but i’m not sure if i’m ready to spend this kind of money on them, :(