hermes togo birkin detail

What a shame. Having returned from our New York City trip on the 4th of November, Purse Blog resident blogger Megs could barely wait to reveal the goodies she had scored at the Hermes Wall Street to the awaiting crowd on the forums. Sadly, she’s postponed to feature her brand new Hermes bag and accessories on our blog… Finally tonight, I am taking matters into my own hands. We owe it to our loyal readership to share the additions to the family!

With a spicy mixture of luck, patience, perseverance and desire, Meaghan scored her Hermes dream bag, an Hermes Birkin, 30cm in width, in togo leather, blue jean in color, with palladium hardware. The madness did not stop there, a Birkin is only as good as the accessories you adorn it with after all.

We also scored an Hermes Vintage Scarf (Pani La Shar Pawnee – the orange works really well with the blue jean shade of the bag), an elephant cadena, a Dogon Compact Wallet in Orange Togo, and a GM Agenda in Mysore Ardoise with lilac stitching and lilac insides. Enough of the talking, let’s enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to click on the thumbs for full-sized images of this beauty. If you would like to join the 40-forum-pages madness on tPF, click this link.

Many thanks to the fabulous team at the NYC Wall Street Hermes location, our shopping experience could not have been more pleasant and fun!

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  • inavemycloset

    :shock: I have died….and fell and gone to Hermes heaven…ITS BEAUTIFUL! Simply BEAUTIFUL! :mrgreen:

  • I did not get to showing pics yet, because the bag is so beautiful and I could not decide when to post to show everyone!!! I am in love with this bag, head over heels in love!!! It is absolutely stunning, the leather is divine, the hardware is perfect, and the accessories were the cherry on top!

    We def splurged in Hermes, but it was worth it!!!

  • sandy

    lucky lucky girl!

  • christina

    Gorgeous choices Megs.
    Everything is just sooo pretty and perfect for you.
    It must have been a day to remember. All of those Orange boxes.
    Heaven!!!! :grin:

  • merve

    I have the exact same bag goes perfectly with Jeans Megs. There is a truly lovely sales lady in Hermes Rue Faubourg who told me that the best way to keep yr bag in shape is to fill it with books or bricks and hang it up. Totally true. They do get bent out of shape a bit however thats how they are supposed to be anyways.

  • labellabonita

    aaawww… i sooo want one right now… lovely bag..

  • labellabonita

    the elephant is cute! made me look twice!

  • CJ

    i’ve read PURSEBLOG sooo many times and this time I died with A BOOOMM BANNGGG …UGH…-consider me anonymous in terms of baghagness even though i live in athird wold country PHILIPPINES who’d have thought i could afford collecting 6 BRIKINS in just a Year…”

  • bags07

    How lovely the bag is!!!!!!!!!

    I wish I could afford to get one myself.

    Congratulations! Your bag is to die for!

  • Thank you everyone!!! It is truly a piece of art work, just stunning stunning stunning!

  • Jennifer

    So that’s what you got!! Well worth the wait to see that stunning bag. I love everything!! Congrats!!

  • scholastican

    Oh Megs, what a dream! :shock: Your Hermes loot are too perfect! Enjoy!

  • Jane


    CONGRATS!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • knics33

    :mrgreen: oh wow! teh bag is just breathtaking! congrats!!!!

  • knics33

    :mrgreen: oh wow! the bag is just breathtaking! congrats!!!!

  • Margarita

    STUNNING, love the color. Congrats, Megs! You deserve it!

    Everything else is lovely as well!

  • kneehighz

    Finally! and WHOOOOAAAA!! Love the elephant, and of course the color!

  • william

    This is quite the year for you, so much Hermes! Enjoy it!

  • Nope

    Sorry! But for 7K I would have gotten something a lot more spectacular looking than that pale blue excuse of a purse. God! White Croc, Mahogany Ostrich or Purple Calfskin – anything but that lifeless pale blue!

    • Vlad

      It obviously was not enough for you to slam her bag on the forum thread as “Nirodha”, you also couldn’t resist to talk it down on the blog. Stay classy!

  • Candace117

    OHHH Megs, I am STILL drooling, yep :shock: <—-and my eyes are like that. I LOVE HER!!! She looks perfect on you.
    And whoever was slamming you is wrong, Blue Jean is one of the best H colors, and though I would never buy it for myself, I recognize it as one of the best because it is that perfect shade of blue that will brighten up your day no matter what. I am glad you finally got your dream bag!!!!! :mrgreen:

  • Karen

    Yum! Lovely choices, all of them. Isn’t it fun to be awash in piles of orange boxes?

  • Christine

    Oooh too gorgeous! I’m madly jealous. The orange scarf perfectly complements the bag and the elephant is the cherry on top. Congratulations on your georgeous Hermes loot.

  • jessica

    whatever….smurf bag

    • ascq

      bitter much?

  • Lori

    Congratulations on your beautiful handbag. You trip to NY must have been so much fun. I just returned from there this weekend it is the best shopping ever. When you order you hermes bag do you get to pick the color or take what you like when they come in. I always hear there is a long wait. I am interested in ordering one, just wonderering how it works.

  • Daisy

    I was in Ladurée on the Rue Royale, Paris last month. A pretty girl came breezing into the store. She wore blue jeans, a cream floaty top and ballet flats. A simple outfit, but she had a blue Birkin just like this one hanging in the crook of her arm. She just looked so fabulously chic! I confess to having thoughts of mugging but I resisted the impulse. :twisted: I’m sure it helped to have a certain je ne sais quoi that only les parisiennes have but the bag helped too! Enjoy your bag!

  • mskellybag

    :shock: ohhhhh it’s so beautiful…Hermes Birkin, 30cm in width, in togo leather, blue jean in color, with palladium hardware….this is my wishlist bag.

    congrats Megs :wink:

  • Black Beauty

    Hey Megs! Love your bag! Someday I will have my own, but until then I will stare lovenly at yours! :oops: :lol:

  • Black Beauty

    Sorry “lovingly” :oops:

  • misswhitelily

    This was almost to much to take, for a wednesday! =)
    Absolutely fabolous…speechless! Congrats!! I could have done with just the boxes! :lol:

  • GettinPurseonal

    Makes me think dropping $2700 on a Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit MM is nothing. It is actually very similar in style to the Birkin – hope I don’t offend any Hermes enthusiasts!! I am thinking it would be a good alternative for me since I will remodel the kitchen with the difference! What is it about a Birkin? I have never seen one in person. How does it smell? What does it look like inside? Should I go for it with the Louis???

  • Kiki

    awww…i looooove it. Ur sooo lucky. I love Birkins and this color is just to-die-for! Young and classy.I remember seeing this petit lady wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and she was carrying this bag ( but in a bigger size). That was when I was 18 and still want that bag sooo bad til today!!!

  • Conchita

    Hermes… still just a dream for me. :roll:

  • sarahsar

    Stunning, stunning bag. And the pictures are terrific too! It’s so much fun to get to see such great shots of beautiful bags!

  • marclover

    Wow Megs! This is gorgeous! Congratulations!!!

  • cgr

    simply gorgeous!!! :wink:

  • Love for CocoChanel

    Oh my goodness! J’adore the bag Megs! I love how you just pulled off the bag with the scarf, wallet, elephant charm, agenda. I mean everything just goes perfect with the bag. I love everything can’t pick which is my fave. I would love to get a birkin bag but it will be last on my list. I wonder if Hermes makes it in dark denim too? It would look nice also. Plus from what I remember in art class in middle school was blue and orange are a perfect set of colours along with red & green and purple & yellow!

    Seriously I love everything congrats on the major purchase!

  • cutie blueberry

    Megs, CONGRATS !!!!! YOUR BAG IS SOOOO FAB !!!! I WANT ONEE !!!!! :roll: :razz: :oops: I’ve been dreaming to get my first birkin too, and I always content that i want a red birkin (red anything I cant decide yet) but YOUR BAG IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL, now ‘m getting more and more confius which colour to decide!!!!

  • merve

    Love for CocoChanel..they have a new dark denim or navy colour which is just amazing.

  • bazzbag

    j’adore! je taime le birkin……lucky, lucky meg…..GOOD FOR YOU………well desrved, i’m sure. Otherwise, how would Karma reward you with one, right? Put out those good Birkin vibes for the rest of us……!!!!

  • Haydee

    i know i can only afford one maybe in this lifetime, so the color choice is so critical for me……..ahhhhhhh, love your bag Meg. Please help me how to decide, i love the red as well as the cognac/orange. I crossed the black and brown even if they are classic. I can always get another black in different brand. But oh my oh Hermes, i will just from a distance at the moment. I am on the list and they called me twice, for a red bag. I just can’t decide!!!!! so skipped it was.

  • Alizee

    comparing to the birkin crocos this one is rather modestly looking.

    and the orange scarf is looking very china-esque, pas de parisienne.

  • Brooke

    That’s so beautiful! Good for you!! I am leaving for Paris myself in a few days and I can’t wait to go to the Hermes store!! Enjoy it!

  • Sarah B

    It is beautiful – I wasnt so sure of the colour when I saw it on ebay but in your photographs and with the scarf it is perfect. I hope you enjoy using it and don’t hide it in a closet like some people. :grin:

  • PL

    I am not usually an “orange” person but your scarf is heavenly and oh the bag…the bag…i’m like one of the previous bloggers..i’m in Hermes heaven for sure.

  • Gina

    I have that. Its one of my favourite bags.

  • SandiZ

    Oh my…Congrats….I have wanted one for soooo long. Could you share with me how you ordered it and how long it took. Where there many choices to make? and Are there Birkins on the shelf to choose from? :smile:

    • Hermes Monkey

      To SandiZ:

      The Hermes gods were shining upon me this past week. I was able to get 2 Birkins at the Hermes stores! I know, can you believe?? One 30cm Bluejean with Gold hardware, and one 35cm Gold togo with platinum. I am a bit short and think the 35cm is a bit big for me. I have the receipt and would be willing to part with it. Contact me if you have interest.

  • NurseMiko

    I love orange! So nice with the elephant lock *drools*

  • mashaal

    i like it :grin: :oops: :wink:

  • Angels4

    Congrats on the stunning Birkin! Total SHOWSTOPPER! Life is so short you should carry it and relish every moment! I have an interesting story to share. Purchased what I thought was an authentic gold togo from ebay. The pictures shown and the bag I received were two different bags. Took the bag to an Hermes store for authentification. As some of you may or may not know Hermes does not authenticate bags not purchased in their store. That very day they just received the most magnificent chocolate brown togo 35cm w/gold hardware Birkin. I was DYING!! The SA was kind enough to point out the differences in my fake bag against the one they just received. The seller would not refund my money saying I was trying to send her an unauthentic bag and that the Hermes SA didn’t know what she was talking about. Now disputing w/my credit card company. I was furious!! The SA wrote me a letter and i also went to my local police dept. Anyway the silver lining is…I miraculously was able to purchase the choc brown togo from the Hermes store!! I could not believe my luck. They had to go down the waitlist but somehow nobody on the waitlist wanted it! I felt like I won the lottery! Just wanted to share!

  • Hermesmonkey

    I know the feeling. You feel like it’s there and you have to buy it!!! Congratulations. The Brown with Gold is stunning. Sorry to hear about your terrible experience on Ebay. I think people really take advantage.

    • Angels4

      Thank You! There are some pretty unscrupulous people out there.

  • tulip618

    Big congrats to you Megs!!!!

  • iHave3birkins=]

    i have a kelly in that colour.
    and a red brikin like the one victoria has.
    i love them! they had the kellp in the store for 6000
    bu i had to wait 3 and a half months for the birkin!
    ugh it was hell for me! lol.
    well im glad u ladies like hermes too!

  • MissBantry

    Stunning, gorgeous, ohs and ahs..
    How did you get it?
    I’ve been waiting forever and still nothing..
    I really want a blue jean birkin..
    oh envy envy.. you lucky girl..

    • Gina


      Just wanted to let you know that I do have the purse that you are interested in : BIRKIN TOGO BLUE JEANS MATTE WITH SILVER HARDWARE. Let me know if you are interested.

  • Ella

    I also have a bag I am willing to part with if anyone is interested… Perfect condition Hermes Kelly in Ostrich (gold) – one tiny interior pen mark but Hermes sent it in for me and you can not even notice it anymore. Let me know if anyone is interested!!!!

  • Jon

    I have just purchased a Hermes Birkin 35cm in Blue Jeans for my wife for Christmas , I am suddenly not sure about the colour and wonder if black or brown would have been the better choice.

    This is the first Birkin she has , any advice ??

  • assi

    I want it. All of it. Beautiful choice of colors. Lucky gal.

  • G. Gonzalez

    Anthing in Hermes is a must have, but the Blue is great. I love the Togo Blue Jean Birkin. The color and style.

  • Lisa

    I have a question…Does the orange Birkin Bag come with black on the edges like this blue one does. If anyone knows? Thanks

  • Julie

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Might be that it’s pas de parisienne, mais it’s quite scandinavian :) And it just helped me make up my mind on wich colour to chose. I love that this bag is a classical Birkin but yet has a nice, fun and somehow discrete colour! Almost as practical as black or brown, but still fun! Perfect. I love it.

  • Say whaaat?

    OMG!!! IM IN LOOOOOOVE WITH HERMÉS!!! Its just one of those great quality brands i mean you can get some really classy things in hermés but everything is so bright and cheerful and…GAAAH why must i continuously splurge on other brands when i could just buy this bag!

  • sara

    i have an original berkin 30 cm brand new gold color my wife didnt like it and i need
    to sell it ? if anyone interested please email me at

    i have the hermes reciept with it as well

  • jan

    Brown leather birkin size 30cm with silver hardware; did hermes ever make that one or could it be a second (i doubt hermes would sell seconds), or a “replica”? Thanks for any advice from anyone out there who knows more than I do.

  • Jane

    i am..sadly..selling my beautiful birkin. Its 35cm Gold with palladium hardwear. im asking for about $10,000 for it but of course its negotiable. if any one is interested please contact me

  • Nikita

    Absolutely stunning! (ipad)

  • Christine

    gorgeous! (ipad)

  • Hermes Berkin

    yeah,it is right.more fashion and sexy hermes bags here

  • loloo

    What is the color Code for blue Jean ?