hermes togo birkin detail

What a shame. Having returned from our New York City trip on the 4th of November, Purse Blog resident blogger Megs could barely wait to reveal the goodies she had scored at the Hermes Wall Street to the awaiting crowd on the forums. Sadly, she’s postponed to feature her brand new Hermes bag and accessories on our blog… Finally tonight, I am taking matters into my own hands. We owe it to our loyal readership to share the additions to the family!

With a spicy mixture of luck, patience, perseverance and desire, Meaghan scored her Hermes dream bag, an Hermes Birkin, 30cm in width, in togo leather, blue jean in color, with palladium hardware. The madness did not stop there, a Birkin is only as good as the accessories you adorn it with after all.

We also scored an Hermes Vintage Scarf (Pani La Shar Pawnee – the orange works really well with the blue jean shade of the bag), an elephant cadena, a Dogon Compact Wallet in Orange Togo, and a GM Agenda in Mysore Ardoise with lilac stitching and lilac insides. Enough of the talking, let’s enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to click on the thumbs for full-sized images of this beauty. If you would like to join the 40-forum-pages madness on tPF, click this link.

Many thanks to the fabulous team at the NYC Wall Street Hermes location, our shopping experience could not have been more pleasant and fun!

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