Lanvin Happy Square Silk Bag St. Patrick’s Day has become every single persons holiday. On this day, everyone is Irish. Not hard to imagine why. It is a day with all the excuses in the world to drink pints of green beer and tell people to Kiss you, because you are Irish. I truly am Irish, although now married to an Eastern European who refuses to wear green today (bah-hum-bug). Meaghan Mahoney. Spelling of my first name is as Gaelic as they come and the last name screams out Irish, although my family has been butchering the pronunciation for years. Tonight we will have our traditional corned beef and cabbage menu, wash it down with green beer, and some clever little shamrock cookies which are divine. As for my green item, I am wearing a green shirt. I do own green bags, but I really would only want a pop of ravishing color if I were wearing a green bag today. A handbag that is not an everyday bag, a bag that makes no sense otherwise, and that I have found.

Every single aspect of the Lanvin Happy Square Silk Bag screams out tacky. There is the green silk, the frayed shoulder straps, the woven finish. This bag is ornate and gaudy, and by-golly I love it! Yes, you heard me right. There is a love that I have for this bag that is not just because it is green and today is St. Patrick’s Day. But this bag will be memorable. It may be remembered by some for being heinous, but it will be remembered. And that is an aspect that many bags lack. If you are going to get a bag that is a little crazy, why not get a full-blown crazy bag. The look of this bag is safe in parts, but together, it is eye-catching. The crayola green I love. And for a gal like me who wears jeans and plain tees all the time, a bright and crazy bag may just be the option. Buy through Net A Porter for $2315.

Are you really Irish too or just celebrating because it seems like a good idea? ;)

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  • Claire

    I’m quite Irish, my parents are from Ireland. I’m a bad Irish person though, I don’t like Corned Beef, Cabbage, or Potatoes! I love visiting there though, and have done so over 20 times!

    That bag though? I hate it!

  • QueenMAB

    I’m 1/25 Irish, and learned how to cook Corned Beef & Cabbage from my great grandma.
    However this looks like a purse that my definitely NOT Irish Great Aunt would wear – and that’s not a compliment. Stick with a shamrock pin, green scarf, or a cardigan, ’cause that purse is REALLY not working out.

  • It is totally crazy right, and totally tacky. And somehow, I love it. Weird, I know!

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    This bag is just ridiculous – and at 2315 USD – no thanks!

  • chloehandbags

    I like green (or, ideally, partially green) bags, I like woven bags and I like satin bags; but I’m really not sure about this particular green, woven, satin bag…

    There again, it sold out almost immediately on US NAP, so who am I to judge? :D

    It is Lanvin, though, of course. Makes you wonder; ‘What’s in a name?’ doesn’t it?

  • Kelly

    No, not Irish, but I still go and have a pint of Guinness with my friends nonetheless :-P cant’ say no to beer!

    Not sure about paying $2000+ for this bag though – from the picture here it looks like some plant growing on me! No, looks too much like a market bag – like, where the fruit seller put coins and bills in. The bag might look and feel a little different in the “flesh” though. :-)

  • Mama M

    It looks like it has upside down green pigtails! :-)

  • PeachyShari

    I’m Irish AND Eastern European – 1/2 Polish, 1/4 Irish, (and 1/4 English for those who are doing the math).

  • hazel

    Lol! That bag is awesome in its horribleness! It looks like something you’d find in a 2nd grade class room

  • Julia

    Too much green for me. I’m not sure why, but this bag reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Ahhh overload

  • Janne

    I’m not Irish, but I do have red hair, and green is my favourite colour! The bag though: FUGLY. Crazy, yes, but not in a good way!

  • Kendra

    Terrific color! (fb)