L.A.M.B Love Handbags

Gwen Stefani is sexy, has a hot hubby, adorable baby, amazing voice, her own clothing and accessory line, and can pull of red lipstick. Really, what more could you ask for? Her recent release of the L.A.M.B Love Handbags are sure to be a big hit with their grown up appearance which reflects this Hollywood babe’s ever maturing and changing life. Top left we have the L.A.M.B. Love Capri Satchel which features leather and logo velvet and is finished with gold-plated hardware. The satchel has a zip top closure, logo stripe lining, and an interior zip pocket. Buy it through Nordstrom for $550. My personal favorite is the L.A.M.B. Love Venezia Satchel which I adore in white with its gold plated hardware and gold detailing on the handle. Logo velvet inset is paired with this chic leather satchel and sports a hinged frame closure. Buy it via Nordstrom for $725. Last but not least we have the L.A.M.B. Love Catania Large Clutch which rivals for a spot in your hand for a night on the town. Like the other accessories from the Love collection, this clutch features logo velvet insets around the leather clutch and gold-plated hardware. There is a magnetic snap closure and the clutch is available in black, stone (brown), and white via Nordstrom for $375. Wind it up and grab some L.A.M.B goodies!!

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  • LAltiero85

    I’m not sure I like them very much…I guess the white one is okay…

  • ccgoddess

    The white one looks like a Gucci bag. I think that they need to be more original with their designs.

  • anonymous

    They seem uninspired to me and very tame. The “L” doesn’t really work. I don’t feel like they are integrated or well thought out. Her Harajuku Lovers bags are awful too. Not a good line. Because she’s Gwen, she’ll probably make bank on them, but I wouldn’t give her a cent for them. For seven hundred bones, you can get a much better made bag on sale. They look cheap and tacky to me.

    • Kt

      I love The Lamb bags and Harajuku lovers
      These aren’t my favorite but i have a HL bag I loveee so muchhhh! Once I can afford one Im getting a LAMB bag.

  • april

    i don’t carefor this line … the most current is a lot better. check it out.

  • Angelica

    These bags definitely take on the mix of punky-hip-hop chola that Gwen Stefani captures in the entire L.A.M.B line…I don’t like the rasta-color ombre pieces, but the classic colored bags are so gangster in person, and the hardware is great (love the 5th middle studded foot on the Capri satchel and the nailhead details). I think it just takes someone with a little bit of edge in their style to pull them off.

  • William

    The L.A.M.B. handbags have undergone a HUGE change in style, since the first series of bags through LeSportsac. Having bought my girlfriend a couple of those bags two years ago. But they do look high-end the way the rest of the L.A.M.B. clothing line appears. Mass market appeal is the simple fact Gwen is more than a pretty face,she has evolved into a fashion icon of sorts. Can not deny the fact she has taken a lot of ques from previous pop/sex/style mavens, but she has come into her own. These bags borrow a lot of what looks good and what works, but also adds flare and character where other designers sometimes lack. Either way if simple nylon bags have turned into leather with studs and velvet can’t wait to see what next season brings from L.A.M.B.

  • SO CUTE perfect for winter

  • Andrea

    you guys wouldn’t know good bags if it hit you on the back of the head!

  • Kimberly Jones

    I have a boutique in Pittsburgh and we carry LAMB handbags. If you love them please go to http://www.shopkarmafashion.com, click on “what’s new.” If you see one you love, please call or email me and I will ship it to you for free! :grin:

  • Michelle

    shopamelie.com has a great selection of lamb handbags and wallets

  • Samanatha

    I don’t like these bags as much as her LeSportsac ones, but I still think they’re cute! The only reason why that one unnecessary and rude comment was left by an “anonymous” person is because they know that they’re comment is uncalled for and we true Gwen fans don’t take that sh*t from people and they don’t want us knowing their name because they’re wussies! If you’re going to be a jerk about things, at least have the balls to say who you are!

  • Leah

    I have one of the new L.A.M.B. handbags and am obsessed with getting. I have been looking at them in the stores, and they are wonderful!

  • Leah

    I have one of the new L.A.M.B. handbags and am obsessed with getting another one (or more). I have been looking at them in the stores, and they are wonderful!

  • Wendy

    Hey guys the new LAMB bags are at Saks Fifth Ave. They are HOT!!!

  • Kat

    :???: hmm, i do think they are really cute, but i don’t think they are worth the price. i’d much rather spend the money on a more timeless piece from gucci or louis vuitton.

  • lydia sharp


  • NORA

    I love my l.a.m.b handbag I HAVE THE BLACK AND GREY, SO I’am VERY “HAPPY”

  • Laurie

    i just got my first lamb bag and i’m in love!! i got the rasta colored satchel and i am now obsessed with getting another one!! the construction is awsome and the bags are hott!!

  • Kim

    I have 4 of Gwen’s old LeSportsac bags and LOVE her new ones. I just ordered my first “new” bag by Gwen and cannot wait to get it in the mail. Cheers to Gwen for being such a wonderful designer!!!

  • Mia Amanda

    :smile: :roll: :razz: Ok well I love these bags so who ever says they don’t you should be a shamed of your self…..(this is from a teen.) :lol: :arrow: LOL!!!

  • kristen

    love the lamb handbags…. ive just purchased the black capri and it is GORG!!

    totally unique…

  • i just bought my first lamb bag its white and leapord its soo worth the price. all my stuff fits inside and its very unique im sooooo happy with mine

  • johanna

    i have a l.a.m.b and i love it it has crazy colors red yellow and green but that’s why i love it so much alot of people hate on these purses but she is unique with her designs lamb purses are like no other..i will keep on purchasing

  • angeliemonette

    I just got the chain plaid and wallet today..OMG so cute ive gotten so many compliments already… I LOVE L.A.M.B!!

  • Val

    I loooooove Gwens L.A.M.B. handbags. I have 2 and want more. I love her new tye dye one being sold at Nordstrom. I did buy a RockSteady Satchel I think its called when Nordstrom had the anniversary sale. I love it but the only problem is that within a month the leather looked so worn that it looked 2 years old. It wasnt worth the 500.00 plus I paid for it. I love it though just wish it wouldnt have gotten ugly so fast. I do take care of my handbags so I know that wasnt the case.



  • Alexandria

    I love her bags!
    they are beautiful and diffrent in their own way
    her bags are like my fav!

  • p.

    I have Gwens signature lamb hand bag first edition and first season:) the one that started it all. The tan colored with the color just like her cd. When she hooked up with le sport. Its the duffel bag hobo one. Im proud to say i have an original and first class piece!this is where she started was with these first types of bags.I just wanna know how much it is worth now.

  • Angie

    I am a die hard LAMB customer. I own 6 of her bags and each 1 is made beautifully. I wondered when I first bought these the signature stripes would stand the test of time, but most of these bags are cut in a classic silhouette so I would say “yes”. I get lots of compliments every time I carry her bags. My favorite bag to date is my Music hook satchel in black.

  • DA

    I just bought the Lambert. It’s my first LAMB. I’m concerned about how it will hold up. I can’t seem to find any reviews other than here. Any comments/suggestions?

  • tapeka

    these FUNKY.!

  • Naggy

    That white one is hot and cool. (ipad)