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  • anon

    Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the bag in #6???

    • Marry

      Its a Loewe bag.

    • Yuri J Kim

      Loewe Amazona :)

  • PJGambler

    Would also add that handbags carry our personal belongings, sometimes secret stuff, they are close to us, almost like carrying a beloved pet.

    • Nini Kaferle

      So true! Almost like security blankets, too!

      • Jill Terrell

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    • Joanna Jj

      Hell yeah! :)

  • Rashmi

    True that sista!!! amen!!

    Hilarious, yet every statement has the truth in it!

  • Alex R

    chocolate tastes the way Mulberry NVT smells <3

    • Immodest Goddess

      My Mulberry Bayswater does this for me every day I pick it up and leave for work

  • Sandy

    I really love this post…and so true!

  • Amazona

    SO right&true! Just today, I was feeling like I wanted a bit of luxury to my workday so I split my things between my Le Pliage and little Coccinelle bag – I LOVE the Coccinelle and it just makes me so happy to see, feel and carry. A nice bag is like a dear friend, I always get happy when I see a bag of mine and even cried when one of them got badly damaged. It was horrible. It’s been over 6 months ago and it still feels horrible to think about.

  • Stina Sias

    I love the sicily bag you chose for this post, I almost purchased it but I don’t think it would go with anything I wear regularly :/ but my blue leopard sicily is my fav bag of all time

  • Barbara

    Beautiful post! I recently bought my first brand new Chanel bag, and every point of the post rang true to how I feel about my new bag :)

  • Mousse

    What a fantastic post. There is something so special about a bag to treat ourselves. My Mom shared this passion with me years ago. Before she passed away she gifted me her Coach bags that were made in NYC. She cherished those bags. I remember Mom’s delight when a new bag came home. It wasn’t a thing about adding possessions; it was the pleasure of treating herself for raising 6 kids. I still have Mom’s Coach bags that I will never give up. My treats these days are BV bags that are my gratifications for work/personal accomplishments. My newest BV is the Large Nappa Crystal Cabat. She was the last one available on the planet, #175 of 500. She is so edgy but so BV. I will be carrying her this week. She just makes me feel so good!

  • Karisma

    Wonderful post!!! Yes those who don’t LOVE handbags don’t get a post like this. I have a friend who could care less about her bags but eats out several times a week. If you add that in a month for the years and years she”s been eating out, it comes to thousands of dollars in addition to all the weight you can put on and in the end it’s all down the drain…literally. Give me my fat free, calorie free bags any day!!! My favorite from your post is that they don’t need to be broken in. Right out the box, dust cover or whatever, it’s ready to go sometimes the same day. I know it’s still a few days early, but Happy Handbag Day to us all!

    • Jess

      “it comes to thousands of dollars in addition to all the weight you can put on and in the end it’s all down the drain…literally…”
      love that :-)

      • Sparkletastic


  • box5angel

    All of this is so true. I love #4 about carrying the same bag is fine. But wearing the same dress, a big no no. Lol

  • Great article Amanda!

  • Jess

    What a great post!

  • crescent

    I woud add that bags can be carried by people of different body types. You can be skinny, voluptuous, tall, petite, apple-shaped, pear-shaped but you can all carry the same bag. Unlike clothes where you have to be a certain body type to carry certain styles, bags don’t discriminate.

  • Great stuff Amanda. I really don’t know about the national handbag day. Quite silly :) Now come to the point. I completely agreed with your point to how to clean our handbags and take a good care of it. I’m die hard fan of handbags and I always choose handbags according to my dress and shoes colour. Because handbag it’s my passion. I Loved IT!

  • LTT Leathercare Ltd

    Great post but please please don’t use baby wipes on your leather handbag – they do far too much damage that will be costly to repair. Use tested products which wil prolong the life of the leather rather than ruin it!!

  • Paola Labaki

    I just love this post. It makes me feel like its ok to own many expensive designer
    purses even though i am only 18…. I just love handbags soo much !! i feel so proud and protective over my collection .

    • Paola don’t ever feel funny about what you own. We all spend money everyday on all sorts of things, it’s our choice what we choose to spend it on.