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These online exclusives just dropped on

A few years ago, I was gifted a Gucci Flora Tote, a bag that was an online exclusive (with the green leather trim) and as I began to carry that bag, it wound up being one of the most complimented bags in my collection. In fact, a mom friend of mine last year bought something from the line after seeing me at school drop-off with the bag, and she was just one of many people who hunted down similar bags because of that single bag I owned.

If you don’t want to miss out, a new rendition of Gucci Flora Items just dropped, and these play off of two of the House’s most distinctive designs. The unexpected manner in which Gucci is able to recreate items never ceases to amaze me, and this is born from the archives of the historic Flora motif. This Motif was first presented by Vittorio Accornero in the 60s and is updated by being layered over the GG House monogram. One thing that Gucci helped reinvent and make highly covetable is the connection between past and present, and this mini-collection shows that beautifully.

With Alessandro Michele leaving the House, imminent change may be upon the brand, but this signifies a major part of the brand’s design philosophy: a modern spin that infuses past elements of the storied House.

My Favorite Items

There’s something that feels very Grandma-chic about this Ophidia Flora Mini Bucket Bag. I feel it’s the right amount of quirk to work really well with much of your wardrobe, and you can dress it down or use it with other patterns to stand out.

Gucci Ophidia Bucket Bag

This is the tote, the tote that made me fall in love with Gucci’s Flora additions to GG monogram bags in the first place. It’s light, fits over your shoulder, and shows off the pattern in such a neat way.

Gucci Flora Tote

If you want something a bit smaller, I love this Gucci Ophidia Flora Pouch. It’s large enough to show the Flora design and can be added inside a bigger bag or placed under your arm to carry.

Gucci Flora Pouch


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  1. Hervé Avatar

    I don’t need any of them. Thanks.

  2. Sam Avatar

    When I see comments about “Grandma’s” it’s typically the definition of floral designs. Also, it’s reminiscent of someone’s childhood memories of their Grandma carrying a bag that looks like a plastic, floral tablecloth, like these do.

  3. Klara P Avatar
    Klara P

    I am getting the loafer

  4. Jaime Avatar

    I got the Flora pouch in 2020 with yellow leather trim, easily my most complimented bag.

  5. Passerine Avatar

    IMO, Gucci’s Blooms and Tian patterns were much more appealing. The flowers in this new pattern are mehhh and the big fat stripes are jarring.

  6. Yazi Avatar

    The pouch or wallet would be a good choice.

  7. Sara Avatar

    I usually think Gucci monogram mixes so well with florals (Blooms and Flora collections were gorgeous) but this color palette is very drab. It looks like a 1970’s sofa pattern.

    1. Sara Avatar

      i realize this collection is also called Flora – I meant the previous Flora collection with the bright flowers and yellow, red or white leather trim was beautiful.

  8. Jerri R Avatar
    Jerri R

    I am not used to the design yet. It is a bit rough-looking to me for now.

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