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Up until this year, I never considered looking in the children’s department of some of my favorite luxury brands. Then earlier this winter I was editing one of our weekly installments of Closet Confessionals when I noticed that a Gucci Kids Fanny pack made CC 96‘s owned list (though upon further research I recalled that Elle Fanning also shops in the kids section). I liked that she settled on a mushroom supreme printed bag and I thought how fun and kitschy it was. While character bags aren’t something I could see myself wearing, I’ve seen floral and fruit printed bags that I’ve often really loved but couldn’t justly the price tag of because they’re such a novelty. I thought how smart CC 96 was to shop from the kids section but truthfully I forgot about it until last week when I was poking around on

Everybody has their thing, a kind of weird obsession that you can’t really explain but just can’t seem to get enough of. Or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, my closest friends and family know how obsessed I am with bananas. I can’t get enough of them, and not just eating them, but wearing them too! I’m even planning to get a banana tattoo in the near future so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock to you that I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this playful banana print sitting atop Gucci’s iconic GG Supreme print.

As part of Gucci Ouverture the brand collaborated with artist Nina Dzyvulska on a special collaboration of children’s bags and accessories, as well as a diaper bag. Defined by an adorable banana print that also forms little hearts, I adore this cute take on Gucci’s classic print. This belt bag would bring a fun, quirky vibe to any outfit and I’m obsessed. Retail is $490 via Gucci, which which is more in line with what I’d like to send on a novelty bag that’s not for the everyday. Overall dimensions are 10″W x 5.5″H x 1″D, and truth be told I was worried about the sizing of this, so I consulted YouTube and found a few reviews of Gucci Kids bags worn by adults.

Have you ever shopped from the kids collection?

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