Introducing Gucci Vault

A new online concept created by Alessandro Michele

With sustainability at the forefront of consumers’ minds, coupled with the return of 90s and early 2000s fashion, vintage bags have been on the rise for the last few years. While vintage-inspired designs and archival revivals are seasonal occurrences these days (and no one does them better than Gucci), there’s nothing quite like the original. But with so many places to shop and questions of authenticity being a concern of luxury resale shoppers, hesitancy can be expected. However, everybody wins when the luxury brands themselves join the resale market, and Gucci is helping to pioneer the movement.

Vault is many different things at once: a time machine, an archive, a library, a laboratory, and a meeting place.

Recently, Gucci launched Vault, a new experimental online concept space imagined by Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Vault is a full consumer experience meant to foster an inspiring dialogue that transcends the confines of time and space. Shoppers can poke around the Vault and explore vintage pieces, capsule collections, and more. Curated vintage RTW, bags, shoes, and accessories are the main event, but Vault is so much more than just a shopping experience. There are stories to be read, games to be played, and of course, bags to be eyed.

Vintage Suede Shoulder Bag, 1970s ($2,000)
Vintage Leather Handbag, 1980s ($3,000)

The naming of Vault is said to be inspired by an air of magic with precious objects that represent a love for beauty, dreams, and passion. Overall, Vault is a discourse between the past and future but always rooted firmly in the contemporary—everything that’s old is new again. The user experience is incredibly cool and very Gucci, with highly stylized photos, bright colors, and bold graphics. As for the products themselves? Each vintage piece has a story behind it, with consumers purchasing more than just a new (to them) piece, but a part of Gucci’s rich history too. The final aspect, and one of the coolest parts of Vault, is the focus on the exposure of a new wave of designers. Customers can learn about and purchase products from a range of independent designers. Click the link below to discover more from Vault.

Discover Gucci Vault


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2 years ago

I really like this idea. A place you can buy vintage items and authenticity is not an issue! More designers should get on board!

2 years ago

Very interesting concept ❤️