I feel bad writing bad things about Gucci. Sure, their Cruise collection…ain’t cute. To put it mildly. But I already wrote about the bag I liked least, so now I want to give them a fair shake and write about the bag I like best. I’m guessing it wasn’t the bag I was supposed to notice, but I quite enjoy the Gucci Sukey Large Tote. Sure, it’s not revolutionary. It’s just a canvas tote with some cream leather trimming the famous Gucci monogram fabric. Maybe a bit played out? Sure. Logo bags aren’t nearly what they used to be. But still, compared to the other Cruise offerings, this tote is entirely unoffensive and beautiful in its lack of adornment (particularly its lack of odd tattoo-like adornment). For a Gucci bag, it’s price is relatively low, and I’ve always loved the cream leather combined with their signature fabric, although I’m not sure why it stick out to me. The shape is nice, it’s entirely functional, and it’s not at all ugly. Buy through Saks for $850.

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  • scoobiesmomma

    Me like! I am typically not a fan of the screaming logo, but this bag has simple clean lines and looks to be a classic!

  • charmed05

    I agree this looks like a classic! I love Gucci totes and this one looks like the perfect comfortable everyday bag. The cream leather trim is my fave with the gucci canvas.

  • Wendy

    I have to agree with Amanda. I don’t NOT like it but I’m not overwhelmed. And if I’m to spend a bunch of cash on a bag, I want to REALLY like it. Obviously some do really like it tho!

  • Merve

    Anything new Gucci?

  • Anilu Magloire

    I really like the shape. Too bad it’s all splattered with logos….

  • mette

    Well,why not? The price isn´t frightening for an authentic Gucci and the white leather looks fresher than the brown. Gucci has had it´s canvas line for ages and there are lots of people who like it. Burburry is strong with it´s familiar check. Why bother to change something that works well for both brands!?! The only thing that disturbs me is that there are so many copies of both brands and copies in general of all successful bags.

  • mina

    this bag stood out to me as well, i ran to the nearest gucci store to check it out but they did not have it in stock yet. I found out on gucci.com that they come in leather as well as python or snake skin….but the canvas one should be more comfortable and lighter…

  • baglv

    any one knows if this is new bag model??

    can’t find on Gucci web site


  • charmed05

    Yes, it’s a new style not on the Gucci web site. I see Saks is sold out, but this recently happened to me with the Gucci Full Moon Hobo. It seems some of these bags go to Saks or Nordstroms and some are in the Gucci boutiques, but not online. I called Nordstroms and they located a bag for me. You may want to try calling Saks and they can check all the stores. Good luck.

  • RK

    Beware my purse-loving friends of buying a big Gucci purse like this – I bought a very similar purse to this last year at nearly $2k and it’s fallen apart depsite very little use. While they make these beautifully styled large bags, the quality and workmanship doesn’t hold up to the weight of carrying around a lipstick and wallet.

    And after shelling out this money, they want to charge $20 to asses IF it’s repariable..and god knows how much more to repair it. I mean call me crazy, but stand by your work! Cute styling, poor quality products and awful customer service is what I have found to expect from the Gucci name. Sad, I grew up with a mom who was brand loyal and so was I until this awful experience….give me my Louis and Chanel any day.

  • Mishelle

    I love this bag!! I purchased it on Saks.com…and it will arrive in April. The bag is sold out. I too do NOT like the logo splattered all over a bag, unless it’s LV…but the bag is comfy. Great handbag to go shopping in with a pair of comfortable jeans. I give this handbag 4 stars.

  • anna

    hi! i would like to know if the strap of this bag is long enough to wear carry over the shoulder… thanks!

  • kae

    yeah, you can wear it over your shoulder. i was on the waiting list, and picked mine up yesterday.

  • coco

    are the straps comfortable to wear? because I am afraid the straps might keep slipping off my shoulders when i carry it. (also i tend to carry around a lot of stuff in my purse.

  • MA

    I have a question. The way thi sbag is structured, it seems the bottom would sag once you put all of your things inside. Has anyone every seen this happen with a Gucci handbag?

  • Jennie

    The bag comes in 2 diff size: the larger one: 17Lx6Wx11.8H and the smaller one: 15Lx4.7Wx10.2H. I bought the larger one from gucci store and returned it b/c it’s quite large (for my 5’2″ profile). The smaller one is exclusive for Hawaiie store (was told by Gucci personel) but can be order on line (along with the larger bag with BLACK trim (online exclusive). I went to Sak and bought the smaller size bag and like it much better. Hint: you can get a 10% off at Sak if you open their credit card. The smaller bag costs $100 less (vs. the larger size). You can wear it over the shoulder and the straps are comfortable to wear but it’s not really a shoulder bag ….more of a tote. Gucci stores also carry an off white leather bag as well….however, it’s more heavy.

  • Mika

    I love the Sukey in black Guccissima – I really totally fell in love with it XD – it’s classy yet practical and I can wear it over the shoulder but it also doesn’t look weird at the crook of my arm … only it’s a little too expensive for me x3 NO!

  • stylish09

    thanks for all the reviews! my friend is going to HI this weekend. she’ll be picking up the Sukey for me! i can’t wait to get it!…=)

  • elizabeth

    its a classic bag. i think its great.


  • Jessica31

    I must admit, along with the comments good and bad, I became very interested in this bag and was fortunate enough to get it thanks to Neimans tracking one down for me. At first this bag seems pretty big but when I compared it to the smaller one, it’s worth the extra $100. Great bag for work and the weekend.

  • Jackie

    What do you think about the bag in the blue metallic trim?

  • Heather V

    I just purchased the Large Sukey w/ blue metallic trim and love the color. I’m not sure if it is too large. Does anyone have the medium size and like it better than the large size?

  • DG

    Just got the last one from Saks, Bev hills for my wife. i gave it to her at our baby shower today and she loved it. Wanted to get her a gift as all of the other gifts are for the baby, and he hasn’t done anything yet. I read this site and it helped me decide on this bag. I figured a new mom could use a big new bag to put her stuff in and the price was right…

  • DC

    great everyday bag :)

  • jax

    My manfriend just bought me this bag and I found to be TOO BIG so I swaped it out for the medium and I love it!!!

    @ DG……nice gift for the woman carrying your child!

  • Chaise

    Just got the Sukey w/metalic blue trim form Gucci in Vegas…love it as a everyday bag. Was wondering when this bag came out, late 2008 or was it earlier??
    BTW, the price of approximately $900 was a welcome break, two weeks earlier I bought a $1600 LV bag.

  • Jennie

    Wow….the blue metalic trim looks good. I guess the bag is such a big hit that Gucci decides to make other colors. I bought the medium with off with trim and love it. However, I am hesitate to buy the matching wallet since the inside of the wallet is also off white (gets dirty with all the black magnet on the credits).
    $100 is not much to buy a larger size, but it’s TOO BIG for me. :)

  • Brina

    I just saw this bag online and in the Gucci store inside Nordstrom…I want the black leather trim(they found one left at another Nordstrom). I can not wait to get it. From all the reviews – looks like I will be very happy. I love my big size bags.

    • Chris

      Is the quality good on this bag. Some people have said it doesn’t hold up very well. I don’t want to spend $900 and then have it fall apart 6 months later. Does anyone that has it have any comments about the quality? Thanks!

      • Jack

        Hello,I ever went to the purses website: leadpurses.com,the price is cheap,but the quality is very good,you can go to see it.

  • Alexa

    Well my husband bought me this bag its very big but its so great i can put everything in it especially when i travel. It holds up. Might sound funny but the bag sags a little of you put too many things in it just like the lv bag that i have so what i did was cut out a a piece of a box that was i had and it looks great :)

  • Treanna

    I’m really interested in the sukey tote. However, I’m a bit torn when picking out which size I’d like best. I really want the size that can fit comfortable over my shoulder….I have a ton of bags like the LV Speedy that you can only carry….so should I go with the large size sukey or does the medium fit over your shoulder as well?? I also don’t want something that’s going to be HUGE. HELP! thanks!

  • rene portanova

    I am interested in the Sukey….also torn between the lrg and medium size…like it in the off white trim but is it a has been….looks like it has been around for a few years…?!?!? Thoughts?? Also, why is the off white a pre order when it is not a new style?? And what about the sites offering it at a substantial doscount? Are they authenitc and how can they have the off white when , again, it is a pre order on Gucci.com???

    • mashi

      i like it as well, but has been around for a while. looks like fall has a redish color one. it fit nice when i tried it on…but i am also torn for that amount of $ can i get something more current. Oh, those sites are bogus!

  • msnicole

    Ladies this bag is FABULOUS! I saw it on the website in the brown trim and went to the Gucci store in Chicago to look at it. They only had the bag in the white trim, and it looks soooooo good in person. I haven’t worn it yet, but this is a classic. Pictures do not do it justice.

  • Bibi

    I just bought the medium black guccissima and I love it! The large was too big for me, but if you like large bags, its definitely worth the extra $200. The website says you have to pre-order it, but I was able to buy mine at Saks. The medium can be put over the shoulder.

  • baglady

    hi this is a question for bibi…
    i am looking to buy the medium black leather guccissima you’ve got and wanted to ask what the linning inside is like (it doesn’t show on their official website). i live in the uk and am not sure if they are avialable in the shops yet. how much did you pay at Saks? it is £820 on the uk Gucci website. thx

  • ang

    Ok, what would be better for everyday, ma with kids but also travel. This sukey or L.v neverfull, galleria?

  • Jenny

    I love mine (I bought the one with the brownish trim). It goes with everything, and it holds so much! I’m 5’8 so I bought the large one. Definitely think that if you have the $ you should go for it! Classic for sure!