I actually took a class on review writing in college. Yep, they teach you that in journalism school. If you’re lucky, anyway – it was pretty hard to get in to. We reviewed all kinds of things, from restaurants to plays, and did lots of exercises to make us better reviewers – things like reviewing oranges and writing TV show reviews the length of a Twitter message. And the one big takeaway I got from that class was this: reviews of things you like are hard to write. Reviews of things that suck? They write themselves.

Gucci Original Backpack

Which is why I feel like I’m cheating by writing about the Gucci Original Backpack. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. I mean, look at this thing, y’all. It’s been out for a while, I’ve seen it in personal multiple times…and I just don’t think it’s cute. At all. It’s oddly shaped and confusing to look at and I haven’t wanted a backpack as a purse since mini-backpacks were in style when I was approximately nine years old. I had a pleather one, and I wore it to school very excitedly. But that was 1994, and this is 2009, and I feel like we should have progressed since then. Gucci is trying to hold you back – don’t let them! But if you must, Buy through Saks for $2590

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  • renee

    Looks like a 2600.00 diaper bag. I can just picture whipping a pacifier out of one of those front pockets. It would keep your hands free.

  • Dee

    So now we know that a time machine costs about $2590 + tax.

  • the_bagaholic

    Tsk, tsk,tsk… What a shame! It seems that Gucci has been experiencing a bit of a “designer’s block” lately… I hope they snap out of it soon!

  • Otter

    oh so bad. will be seen worn by Kanye West soon enough.

  • Free

    I’m with Renee, This totally could be a diaper bag. You have to admit though, this would be a big step up for those finally choosing to retire their fanny packs…


  • ameliamasniari

    ugly.. and definitely too expensive esp for USD 2590

  • fuchsiafury

    It’s a bag that can’t decide whether it’s a backpack or a hobo, feminine or rugged, and it’s precisely this bipolar nature of the bag that turns me off. And 2600 for a bag that is mainly monogrammed canvas – no thanks!

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    Ugly, fussy, and USD 2590 for this backpack – no thank you!

  • 19yearslater

    Truly hideous, unclear shape, it looks more like the “Coach” bags Target sells than a nice designer item.

  • Cherie L.

    you know kanye has better taste than this. he’ll be out with vuitton, and a custom made one at that. not this overtly decorated and zipped up “backpack”.

  • TH

    I stared at it, almost turned my computer up side down to see how you could wear it. Still haven’t figured it out.

  • Amanda

    I don’t know who would pay that much $ for that.

  • urooj

    I’m with otte can’t wait to see that ha. This bag just doesn’t make me feel good when I look at it, its actually kind of frustrating to look at. I think gucci should come out with e fresh new twist on their logo but never, on any bag shaped like this. Yuck
    This bag just, doesnt

  • Merve

    I have to say that for the first time in my life im stumped. Which way is it supposed to go and what is it?


    Not fond of the whole backpack look. So 1990s and way over priced.

  • Brianna

    I thought it was the ugliest thing on earth until I seen someone actually wearing it. I found some images online with Rhianna and other models with it on. Here are the links:

    The backpack on RHIANNA:



  • Terryl

    Amanda, I love you. “Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.” HILARIOUS. My boyfriend’s a pilot, and he says that all the time. Never gets old.

    Anyway, you’re spot-on; this bag is UGLY. I can’t stand those teeny logos, and having it emblazoned all across one’s back is a bad, bad way to go. Ick.

  • Fashionputitallonme

    Im sorry this bag is patheticaly disgusting. My god who in their right mind would buy gucci. I mean do you not see anyone buy gucci anymore The last time I saw someone with gucci was back in 1989 Thats when Chaka Khan, Aretha, were rocking the gucci duffels. I mean im sorry this lable has not really produced anything in with buying I mean their fragrances Smell nice They can keep with that. Its just like Emilio Pucci Some lables should just maybe stick to one thing and not produce handbags.

  • pbdb

    I don’t like the one pictured because its a mish-mash of material. But I do own the all black version of this gucci backpack and I must say I love it because the leather is so beautiful and the gold hardware perfect for this.
    I personally do not want to buy any bag thats has logos/labels all over so the all black one is just perfect.
    I actually love this backpack because it’s an elegant travel bag instead of a handbag so that is exactly how I will use this one.

  • beanyce126

    doesnt look like a backpack at all. (ipad)