Gucci Logo Weave Shoulder BagI’m sure you’ve been taught about the early ancestors of the modern homo sapiens sapiens either in biology or later by watching the Discovery Channel. I’m sure also remember from Kubrick’s 2001 the 35 minute intro where the ape people eventually discovered the true functionality of large and heavy animal bones – to beat the others to pulp. There is a point that I am trying to make, so bear with me. You see, sometimes there is just that one bag that I can imagine awakens any female’s primal instincts, specifically the most basic of them all – gaining the edge over the next woman and showing her who’s the boss! Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbor’s.? Screw the bitch, gimme my bag. Beat it for what it’s worth! Either way, my point is that I can see many of you ladies just going ape sh*t over the Gucci Logo Weave Shoulder Bag. Yes, this is the bag that makes you disregard potential jail time!

Expensive, shiny, bamboo, gold, Gucci. Held in tan, brown and gold, this Gucci shoulder bag features the classic Gucci logo-weave canvas with leather accents and magnetic snap closure. A large bamboo shaped ring adornes the front, leather detailing appears in front and back and the double handle, gold-toned bamboo shaped chains measure approximately 15½” in length. Dimensions: 13” wide x 8” tall x 1” base depth. Price: 2,239 dollar American. Where:

Disclaimer: No females, umbrellas or boars were hurt during the making of this blog post.

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  • Elyssa

    I like it very much it has a casual but elegant style.

  • billyjoe


  • Naggy

    This is a hot bag that I can take to Las Vegas and not be shy. (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)