Gucci Crystal Evening Bag

It has been quite a while since I last discussed a Gucci bag with you. The problem for me is that lately every single Gucci bag has been heinous. I really despise the Gucci Monogram pattern, while I am not much of a monogram fan in general, the Gucci monogram makes me cringe for some reason. Luckily, there is finally a little accessory I do not have to click the X out button really quick on. Purple or black patent leather pulled tight make the Gucci Crystal Evening Bag a stunning accessory. I absolutely love the purple patent leather. The color reminds me of fresh juicy grapes right off the vine. There is a Gucci script detail in the bottom left coroner which is the perfect touch. Another surprising factor is this evening bag is affordable in the world of designer handbags. Pre-order at Saks for $695.

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