Gucci Belt Bag

This week I found it hard to find a new IT bag because there are so many but the Gucci Belt Bag is a classic IT bag. I think this bag should be called Madonna because its re-invented itself so much. Gucci have re-invented it again for their Cruise line with bright vibrant colors blue and pink. I know that lots of tPF members favour this bag and I myself have it in denim from a few seasons back. I love just walking around not having to hold anything. It is such a popular bag that you have to have one, I bought mine after seeing Carrie from Sex and the City with hers. It can even be worn across your back like a messenger. I find it useful for everyday use and think itÂ’s a steal at $395 for the smaller version. The Gucci belt bag has Front pocket with Velcro flap closure, front pocket with zip closure, rear zip pocket and adjustable waist or shoulder strap. The smaller version measures 9.5″ x 5.1″ and the largest version measures 11.5″ x 7″. This bag comes in a fabulous range of colors. Available on

Written by Guest Blogger: Steven Curran

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  • Milly Anderson

    EWW! This bag is ugly. It looks like a fanny-pack!

  • karen

    It is a fanny psck and very useful and fun to wear when your on the go and not consumed with grabbing your bag. far from ugly…very cute

  • Morten

    Since I’m a european, you propertly can tell my sex of my name, so let me just say: I’m a boy ;)

    I find this bag very usefull and stylish, but is it for boys, you think ?

  • Rona

    i love this gucci mini belt bag… it’s so handy when you’re going out shopping!

  • Milly Anderson

    Okay listen ladies and boys … :lol: … if you want to look younger you shouldn’t wear fanny packs or purses that go across your body …….. they make you look older… sorry. :wink:

  • Lee Lee

    I love this belt bag I wish Coach would make one :mrgreen:

    • MrsZ

      Coach does I have seen them at the outlet in Myrtle Beach.

  • honey2thebag

    Please help me out biting my nails lips and hair out trying to figure out if this bag is really worth the value. i only want it cause its soooo stylish but is it worth buying only to carry change my cell phone and my pen? I’m going to open my baby boutique very soon and i thought it would be great to have as an accessory on me almost at all time since i can just slip out of the store for coffee and ill always be carrying money cell and well…a pen. Can someone help me make this decision, my husband is still gettting his head round the fact that i recently brought the speedy for $600 and change by LV.
    If there is somewhere i can buy it from say secondhand maybe but in very good used condition, and please no one tell me to buy a fake from china town thats just not me or anyone who’s signed up here in this webpage.

    • Erin

      yeah you can buy mine if you still are looking I have it in black and in the signature print w/ the green/red strap. I have never used them… haha! lemme know!

      • Jade

        i’d love to buy it from you erin

      • Linda

        do you still have your Gucci Waist Belt to sell :?:

      • Linda

        opps, just noticed the date…. UM, nevermind :???: :???:

    • Raina

      OH my god… i think you are me. I have been dreaming about the Speedy 30 LV bag for $600 but I haven’t bought myself to buy it as i could use the $600 for other stuff…but i really really want it. I have been dreaming about the belt bag also. Do you love the LV bag? Is it worth it ..Help me out!! I have been so tempted to go on a “designer” website and buy it for cheap …but i don’t want ot pay momney for an LV bag or belt bag and it looks fake. Help me… I have never owned a designer bag before and i want ot make my firt purchase worth while. canI get afgood knock off where noooo one will be the wiser or am I asking for too much. HELP!!!

  • cgr

    love to own the pink belt bag! gucci had it on-sale online … someone got to me first :sad: … lucky you! :grin: good luck with your new belt bag :!: hope to own one someday and hoping to buy it on sale :mrgreen:

  • sharon

    I have had this belt bag for 2 years now and it is great especially when you are out with the kids. It is also great for travelling and shopping. It gives you a free hand and one less headache of keeping a close guard of your bag.

  • Alex

    Erin are you sure yours is real? i just bought mine from Gucci and mine is black as well but it does not have the green and red belt mine has a black belt.

  • laurie-ann

    u ppl chat shit because were i am the gucci belt bag is in fashion :angry:

  • ellen

    March 11 gucci trunk show! Neiman Marcus Natick they are taking orders! 508-620-5700 ask for Mari or the manager in handbags! they are great over there!

  • katrina

    has anyone seen it in silver, it’s gorgeous but I can’t find it for sale anywhere :cry :cry:

    • donna

      Silver?? Where did you see that? Sounds fab!!

    • Angie

      Hi: just saw silver Gucci belt bag today and fell in love with it – Holt Renfrew on Bloor Street in Toronto

  • SexceeEbo

    I just purchased the red and blue gucci belt bag last weekend. I wanted a different color because I didnt want the same brown one everyone has . I love my bag

  • Amy

    I just went to the Gucci store on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach and they showed me a catalog that had a silver belt bag and when I asked if they could order it for me they did a search and said that it wasn’t available at any Gucci store in the country. They said that Gucci didn’t order it for their stores and that I should try Saks or Neiman Marcus. I tried both and neither had it. Too bad because it’s really nice:)

  • Tabulous

    I cannot seem to find the classic Brown/red/green Gucci belt Bag. Does anyone know where they are?

  • Griss

    I just bought one at the Gucci Store in SF!

  • Yuna

    I have a black one i purchased at neiman marcus and never used. I lost the receipt because I was moving and everything was crazy. If i had the receipt I would just return it at neiman’s but i can’t. I’m thinking of putting it up on ebay but if anyone is interested in buying it please email me at

    It’s never been used and i still have the bag that it comes in.

  • George

    I’m from Athens, Greece and I’ve been trying to find gucci, belt bag in its silver edition and I can’t. I noticed that in the official site for the U.S of gucci it’s included in the a/w 2008 collection. Is there a possibility that I order online from that store? I think not… Can any of you help me?
    I you think you can be helpful please e-mail me…
    Thank you.

  • Laci

    so i honestly think Karen is an idiot ….

    the above bag is so useful … i am 22 and living in jamaica and its very much instyle and considered classy here….

    i find it to be extremly useful..the above was the one i wanted ..however, i had to settle for a coach … as the person that got it for me ..coud not find the above anywhere in NY …..

  • Jamisha

    luv it!!

  • shoegall

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag- I have it in black and am considering getting the new vershion in brown. It is very expensive but well worth the money. I use it on holiday, nights out and shopping- the days of sore sholders and dancing round your handbag are gone for me. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • bert

    Stfu its 2 nicew meeeen!

  • Angie

    Yuna- I know its a far shot but do you still have yours for sale. If not does anyone else have one for sale? did anyone find out where you can get the silver one?

  • SUE B

    For Erin with the Gucci bag in black and signature…are you still wanting to sell it??? let me know. Sue b

  • Smart-Blonde

    HI! I recently purchased a New Gucci Belt Bag from

    I’d recommend them to anyone in search of a Gucci Belt Bag. I think they have all colors availale. Great Price & Excellent Customer Service!

  • Kim

    they look so nice on that page, but are they really for real??? it’s so cheap…

  • Amber

    The bags on are not real, trust me I learned the hard way. You can take it to any Gucci store and they’ll tell you.

  • Melinda

    Can anyone please tell me how to verify the belt bag is authentic please? It is the traditional brown/beige with red green strap, large one… Please help!

  • Marisa

    I am really struggling whether to purchase the belt bag as I see other people are. I LOVE it but I wonder if the bag is truly worth the price?? I see Coach makes something kind of similar but let’s face it… is not Gucci. My husband thinks I am crazy but I just think I will have this bag forever and it will be so practical.

  • Dee

    I want this bag for a Christmas gift, i think i want the larger one. Does anyone know any wed sites that are selling it and are authentic? Im worried about getting it from anywhere but Gucci but would like to try and catch a deal. Any advice?

    Happy Shopping everyone!!

  • Marisa

    Hi Dee…. I searched for awhile online and I don’t believe any websites that are selling the belt bag less money. I have read bad review after bad review regarding sites that claim the bags are authentic and the horrid stories about trying to return the bag. First of all, you really don’t even know if the picture these sites show online is actually the bag you will receive- in other words, they can post a pic of the real gucci bag but then send some crappy knockoff. I thought long and hard about what to do and I finally decided to purchase the larger belt bag from the gucci store. Additionally, I LOVE the bag- it is MUCH larger than I expected and it really does hold a lot. I think it is definitely worth buying the authentic bag from gucci and it is a bag you will use for the rest of your life. Trust me, I am not someone who drops 4450.00 on a purse that easily. I am very happy with the bag but just buy it from gucci.

  • Marisa

    correction from the above post- $450.00 not 4450.00!

  • Wendy

    Hi, I really really would love to purchase this bag but they do not sell the mini one online anymore. Does anyone know where I can get it or if they would order it for me at the store? Thanks! :D

  • welshy
  • wtsy78

    anyone interested in buying my Gucci Fanny Pack? its authentic and I guarantee your money back you can pay me thorugh paypal!!! Im looking to get at least 350 for it I paid 610 CAD that is :)

  • hannah

    its not ugly unless you no how to wear. you prolly got no dress game so dont hate on it..

  • Jackie

    I wanted 1 for vacation…boyfriend ended up buying me 2 in different colors..1 from Neiman Marcus on-line and 1 from Gucci. greatest invention ever…especially if u are a fashionable mom on the go!!

    • Catt

      lol..i have 2 as well. I bought myself the first one in year 2000 when there was a waiting line like 200 something people in Gucci store in when I flew back to SFO, one day when I just hang out with girlfriends and surprising found it lies in the glass cabinet in Neiman Marcus..needless to to get it right there and then. No regret!

  • Denim Jeans

    I love those. Pity I’m not a lady and cannot wear them!

  • Ros

    OMG! That is funny because my husband bought the LV speedy 35 for me also. Unfortunately, i returned it and purchased the gucci belt bag in brown with plain brown strap. Being a mother of 2 toddlers, i believe i have my hands full. So I LOVE my gucci belt bag. One less thing to worry about. Yes it is a fanny pack! But a stylish one ;) mothers out there, this is a buy! :)

  • CharminChic

    i have been wanting to get one, but just never got to it. i bought other bags instead thinking that the need for a fanny pack will die soon, but guess what it didn’t so finally still not decided on what color, I had asked my husband of what color he thought was the nicest of all. He didn’t say much that day, but came home the following day with a bag from gucci and in it was the brown fanny pack with the red and green gucci color strap. needless to say, i was speechless! so went online and founda matching wallet to it. I COULD NEVER BE MORE HAPPY!!!!

  • Gio

    I hope you all know that this bag is for boys!!!!!

  • sasan

    can a guy wear this? plz reply it is so nice! some people say its for wanna gangstas but fuck it its nice. i want to wear it like a messenger bag!

  • Vikki

    I so want a Gucci bum bag for when the summer come so no strap marks. lol the only trouble is it sooooo expensive. Love this back but given the choice i would buy it in black

  • Naggy

    It works at an amusement park. (ipad)

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  • shen

    is this available in the philippines? pm me the price pls..