Gucci 13I look through a lot of fashion shows and various accessories presentations. It’s an occupational hazard, particularly at this time of year, and it can be a little hypnotizing after a white. Click. Belted shift. Click. High-waisted trousers. Click. Oh, a cropped jacket. Click.

If the show isn’t wow-worthy, it can be easy to flip through without really absorbing what I’m looking at, much like I did with my textbooks in high school (and, let’s face it, college). But I looked through Gucci Handbags Spring 2010 twice, with rapt attention – not only is this Frida Giannini’s best collection of clothing since her era at the brand began, but it’s also the strongest lineup of accessories that I’ve seen from the brand in years.

The collection’s clothes have a way of being minimal and ornate simultaneously, and that’s the only way to describe the bags as well. Even the lean, angular clutches are fashioned out of candy-colored crocodile skin that makes me want to say “I’ll take one in every color,” hand over my credit card, and not look at the total on the receipt.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s texture galore by way of exotics like crocodile and python and Gucci’s signature logo embossing, and a few of the company’s classic details, like bamboo handles and horse bit hardware. The collection was varied and nuanced, containing a little bit of something for everyone; it was perhaps the most wearable, beautiful bag collection I’ve seen grace the runway in several seasons.

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  • papertiger


  • Merve

    HAve to agree with u Amanda, its been a long time since i have seen such a great collection. The clutches are simple and elegant. Cant wait to see them for real

  • Lourdes

    Cant wait to see the bags —- got me excited!!! Thanks Amanda!!

  • weaslgrl

    I was also loving the Gucci collection this season. The gray croc bag with the bamboo handle is swoon-worthy enough, but did you see the motocross jacket in the same material? I die!
    But what really caught my eye were the new Bottega top handled croc bags (bright green! bright blue!), and the new Fendi peekaboo spring styles. Amanda, please please write about those!

    • Megs called dibs on Bottega, but I’ll take a look at Fendi for tomorrow’s posts!

      • weaslgrl

        Thanks Amanda, looking forward to it!

  • Jane H.

    Gucci did goooood…

  • LDJ

    OMG!!!! I want that brown croc hobo bag. And the clutches are nice as well.

  • Handbag Lover

    Those bags are hot! I love Gucci can’t wait to see the clutches in person. :)-

  • Suzanne Marie

    always to fie for!!
    love them all!!!
    Ive fallen in love today, like eight times, this is one reason, this is another reason (lingerie freak)
    kiss kiss

  • Michael St. James
  • Sarah

    I must have the croc satchel and that grey top handle. LOVE it

  • Paulina

    WOW. I love them all.

  • chirpy_gal

    Clutches are simply AWESOME !!!!!!! ……….. Gucci just keeps on getting better and better!!!!!!…………… Awesome collection of handbags ! ……….. :)

  • Sweet Pea

    The clutches are STUNNING!!!! My favorite is the Orange!!!

  • hect

    have to agree with the liking its not brilliant but its gucci and i feel that someone finally got the message that well we miss tom ford so go for a more fordian style and well i personally find the collection alluring and that comming from a brand that just has not been out there as much as it used to is alot for me o and by the way people at gucci if you cant get him back at least try making the stuff you know is good like the people at chloe ……………………..hmmmmm any way i like the collection

  • citichick

    orgasmic! the brown crock

  • Arsenialevie

    Ithink that croc skin purse is just perfect for Arsenia Levie she only 23 years old that would be a good chrstmas gift for me or my birtday. My roommate calls me the purse queen.

  • rachelguccilinks2

    I love them!? Do you have more pics of this bag? The gucci bags are amazing for the same season.
    you may interested in cheap gucci bags,gucci boston,gucci tote bags,gucci wallets

  • Mici vanterpool

    Now this is a TRUE Gucci creation. I could not help myself from coming back to this purse after seeing this new Elephant/Snowman item.

  • Lara

    yea,truly honestly agree with you Amanda,even i was hypnotized while watching the collection and having the same condition of not caring about the bills but just to have all of them in my ownership,they are simply astronishing.

  • Great post, Gucci bags were always great passion of mine! Btw your blog looks awesome in mobile version