I can scarcely remember another handbag that’s incited as much controversy as the Givenchy Rottweiler Tote when it made its debut several seasons ago, back when Givenchy was still new at putting eye-catching graphics on its bags and T-shirts, and now the bag is making a comeback. Considering how quickly the bag sold out on its initial debut and how many proud owners of the bag I still see toting it around New York City, it only makes sense that Givenchy would want to capitalize on the continued demand. After all, if the brand does, someone else will.

Matches Fashion currently has a placeholder page up for the tote, which doesn’t allow you to pre-order the bag but does allow you to sign up for an email alert to be notified when it becomes available. The page also sets the reissued bag’s price at $782, which is the benefit of buying from retailers based overseas – Matches’ price includes duty and still come out lower than the $860 price tag on the original tote or the elevated $975 price tag that Bergdorf Goodman has for their pre-order. The tote is PVC, so keep that in mind when evaluating what might constitute a fair price for this piece.

Alternately, if you’re part of the not-insignificant group of people who totally hate this bag, here’s a good opportunity to buy one and burn it for the good of humanity. (I’m perceiving the intensity of your loathing correctly, yes?)

Buy through Matches Fashion for $782 or Bergdorf Goodman for $975. Your choice.

Small, But Mighty

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